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putting preference

Posted by Printice Kincade 
putting preference
February 21, 2003 05:41PM
Whats your putting preference? Straight at the basket or falling slight hyzer. Any tips of stance and grip? I have been experimenting with pulling the disc up with arm locked and flicking wrist to flatten disc with a power grip while with a stance where heels line up with basket. Whats your technique? Just interested, I promise I wont steal your mojo.
Re: putting preference
February 21, 2003 08:57PM
Many people putt with their forefinger on the rim instead of using a power grip. I do, and I find it gives me more control. You can check out <[] to see what The Champ has to say about it.
Re: putting preference
February 21, 2003 09:27PM
there seems to be two schools of thought on putting.

the ron russell style

the ken climo style... i'd guess most folks would vote this as the "best" way to putt.... those 11 world titles do speak volumes...

the RR type putt is more directly at the heart of the chains or even an understable "run" at the chains... and you literally turn perpendicular in the stance and fully extend your arm just about at eye level on a line to the chains when you release. you most certianly want to hit chains for if not you'll blow by...

the KC type is what i think most folks immulate-- or try to.... the stance is facing the basket with a straddle type stance. the true benefit for us mere mortals is when we miss the come back is a gimmie usually...

i watched climo REAL closely at Pro worlds during the warm ups before the event and that dude is frigg'n amazing at putting (duh)

he hits the SAME EXACT SPOT in the chains regardless of where he putts from (99% of the time from what i witnessed)

crow makes a good point about griping the disc. i too do not power grip but i tuck my forefinger under the rim and use a "fan grip" (also on mid range drives)

i can't make a putt if i use a power grip

i overheard a pro at worlds say:
putting is easy... making em' is the hard part :^p

practice. muscle memory (or consistency of form) and confidence would be the three step program to becoming a successful putting machine would be my guess.

mr wizard is quite the putt'n maniac. ronnieA too. matt orum is quite amazing at putting... keep an eye on folks who are good at it and learn from them might be a good idea.

putt the thing, sergio :)
Re: putting preference
February 21, 2003 10:21PM
I think if your drive lands anywhere inside a 15 foot radius around the basket, you shouldn't have to putt. That would save me many strokes in most rounds.
Re: putting preference
February 21, 2003 10:35PM
Fair, I certainly didn't see you miss any of those at Tishomingo.
Anyway, there are actually many schools of thought on putting. Find a grip and stance that feels comfortable for you and practice, practice, practice.
The Zinger
Re: putting preference
February 22, 2003 09:27AM
Certainly don't watch me putt because first you'll be laughing, and second I'm not a good putter to learn from. :)
Re: putting preference
February 22, 2003 09:56AM
i find it doesn't matter how i putt. i have tried many different ways, and i still can't putt worth a @#$%&. i can be 5 feet from the basket and throw the disc short or right (even in tournament play). i agree with fair, 15 feet is a gimmy. you know what they say, drive for show and three putt.
Re: putting preference
February 22, 2003 10:35AM
I'm not one to give advice either, but I've really worked on my putting since last summer and practice certainly has helped. What really helped was having practice baskets at home to throw at. I would take about 10 putter and go back and forth between two baskets about 50-70 feet apart and just practice various shots. I'm still not consistently hitting 40-50 footers but I'm making more of them than I did and it's carried over to tournament play. Basically I have a lot more confidence putting and that's key.

Don't hold yourself to one stance either find one you like and stick with it, but develop a good straddle putt you feel comforatble with becuase it can come in handy when you're behind trees, in the woods and such.

Of course, find a putter you really like and get more of them. I've started using gateway soft Wizards and Chiefs after using soft Omegas for years and really like the Gateway putters.

Good luck and see (most of y'all) at Tish! RwC
Re: putting preference
February 22, 2003 04:19PM
Actually, Ron Russell's style is more of an anheizer putting style. The disc turns over and kind of dives to the right and downward to the center of the chains. When he misses, the disc is still diving somewhat so it doesn't pass the basket as much as you might imagine. He has often said that his style is not one that people should imitate, however.

Straddle putting is effective for a lot of people, but you have to remember to get a full, deep backswing to generate the desired velocity.

Most people putt with a forward stance (one foot in front of the other). For me, the most important factors to consider in association with this style are the backswing, a good push with the back leg, and the follow through. These three elements give the disc velocity and direction. Velocity comes from a combination of backswing and the back leg push, eliminating the drop factor. Direction is achieved through a combination of the back leg push and the follow through.

Obviously, I am emphasizing the back leg push. To me, this is very important. I stand on the ball of my back (left) foot, using it to lunge forward toward the basket. At the point of release, my back leg and putting (right ) arm form a straight line, pointing toward the target. My right arm is still extended after the point of release, almost as though I'm reaching out toward the target.

Whatever your style, the best advice that I can give you is a tip that I got from Wally Free years ago that I have passed on to many others since. When you are preparing to putt, don't aim at the entire basket. Pick out a single link in the chains and fix on it. If you are slightly off of that precise mark, you will usually still make your putt.

These tips have really helped to give me consistent accuracy in what used to be my highly erratic putting game.
Re: putting preference
February 22, 2003 05:07PM
You are so correct to emphasize the back leg push, Blueboy. I suffer greatly from the drop factor which can also be known as hitting the side of the basket or the pole from a makeable distance. This putting style does require a good strong leg push plus a good folllow through with thumb up and pointing toward the basket. If I know all of this, why oh why, am I such a horrendous putter.
Re: putting preference
February 23, 2003 12:57AM
When I have a good putt, my back leg is usually off the ground. I have a few putting styles I choose from. My best style is the facing putt. I throw the disc, with spin from my wrist, level into the heart, just above the rim. This keeps me from flying past often.

However, from time to time, that is just off. I then fall back on my rookie putt. i throw a hyzer putt at the basket. That putt is dangeous at it can cutt through or fall short or long easier, but it does not take much thought to get it there. It is more like a throw. Of course, I have played with Brad Hammock and he sort of mixes those two putts. He has a forceful put like my main putt, but the disc flies with Hyzer. Kenny is similar. The disc flies with hyzer.

I also work on my straddle putts and will go to them if behind stuff, or on hills ot in the wind. Very little hyzer break on that putt for me. That can be good and bad.

For those in this area, Randy Fortenberry in Bham is a great putter. For him, it is all about repetition. He has 3 baskets in his backyard. He putts every day. He hits more than less inside of 100 feet. He uses the jump putt outside of the putting range. Todd Branch taught it to him when the Winnicrew came through here a couple of years ago. I remember, we had a putting contest in the backyard that year at Randy's. Todd won. He putts lights out with every variation you can think of, accept the turbo. My putting claim to faim is that I gave him an H in horse with a 20 ft. turbo putt.
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