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LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge

Posted by teams? 
LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 24, 2003 07:53PM
LA Doubles Baton Rouge, LA
Date(s): 03/15/2003 thru 03/16/2003
Contact: Jim Orum
Phone: (251) 478-0379
Greenwood Park
Highland Road Park

The Masters division is already shaping up... i know dangerous don and paul vogel are teaming up again to defend their title, ronnieA and rustyB decided to team up months ago, johntaylor & moi...

any other pro masters teams?
i'd tell y'all who my partner is but i don't want to scare away all the pros.
what's the format anyway? 4 rounds of best shot or what?
John Kittrell
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 25, 2003 03:16PM
I'd like to see best score, alternating, and worst shot thrown in. That makes it verrrry interesting. I better start looking for a partner...
John K
Tony Bass
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 25, 2003 03:53PM
I agree with John. I think something other than best shot every round would be verrrrrrrry interesting!! Anyway Steve and I will definately be there, playing pro.

Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 25, 2003 05:17PM
last year it was best shot-- but that does not mean it will be the same this year.

i'm open minded to whatever willT / toad decides on.
I haven't really thought about this one yet, since the March 1st tourny is next, and Toad will prob not be here for it again, so as usual, what ever the popular vote is I'll prob be game.

Will T
If we're voting, the best shot, alternating, worst shot sounds fun. By Sunday, I'm sure I'll have only my worst shots left anyway. =8)
ha ha careful what y'all wish for as far as worst shot and alternating shot go. they can really hurt your team if one player is weak. take it from me, i brought b.c(whitey) to national doubles one year :)
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 26, 2003 11:32AM
hey mikey, I bet B.C was upset he picked you then. Why didn't you play good enough for him. :) peace
yeah, whitey was so bitter he decided to go to nursing school instead of chasing his dream to be a pro disc golfer. i still feel bad about it.
I am looking for a partner for the Advanced Division, since the other player from Biloxi, who happens to be my dog Hyzer, jumped the fence yesterday and hasn't returned.
Will the first day be at Greenwood or Highland?
Greenwood, I would guess. All two-days I've been two here have started at Greenwood.
John Kittrell
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 28, 2003 10:02AM
Typically all the two day tournaments in Baton rouge I've gone to, the first day was at Greenwood. The decision is in the hands of mr sky southwest (aka - can't hold on to a low bag tag # to save his purple socks)
John K
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 28, 2003 10:14AM
oooohhhhh,,,,@#$%&. Go John!
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
February 28, 2003 01:00PM
Is it purple, or pink socks?;)
@#$%& ya'll are killin' me!!! (and they are purple, and no longer wearable)

First off the Doubles will be starting at Highland this year (have reds at G-Wood so...) and yes there will be a 666 fromat for the second round each day.

March 15:highland Road Park
March 16: Greenwood park

1st round all best lie (normal way)
2nd round 666 Devil golf
1-6 best shot / 7-12 alternating shots / 13-18 worst shot (and both players must make the putt!!)

As for your partner Mikeymike, who is it, ET?
All I know is with this format John Fowler may want to drop me as a partner
that's a good one, donation man! nah, he dropped me after we won the Buccaneer doubles last year. and as a matter of fact, my partner for La. Doubles has decided he's got to work that weekend...blessed lettuce. could you get a better partner for highland road than blessed? not likely! oh well, guess i'm a free agent now, and first place won't be locked up now. maybe i'll call up whitey. or if anyone else is interested, let me know...i cashed in every doubles tournament i was in last year so i'm not gonna lay on your leg.

so the second round at highland is on the gold, and the second round at greenwood is on the red? that worst shot will definitely be tricky.
Sounds most groovy, but I'm not clear on how alternating shots works. Can someone please enlighten me?
First round on gold / red ; second round (666) orange.
Sorry to get your hopes up Mikey.

Alternating shot, one person drives, his partner takes the next shot, and so on, alternating every shot no matter what.

Drive hole 1, birdy it, (or bogie) same person drives on hole 2. Make since?
Yup, I can see clearly now. See you Sat morning at Highland.
Am Masters look out: Goby (that's MISTER Goby to you)#17 and Rob Williams will be in the house .....
Well, I no longer have tag #17. I shouldn't say which number I have because it gets me in trouble with people who suffer from tag # envy. =8)

Hope there's a big ol' Adv Masters doubles field. Come on out to play!


Fri Early Registration at Greenwood, when ever I can get out of school, prob @ 4:00 ish

See Yall there,
Will BT
Hey Goby, slow down. You're already making it hard enough for me to catch you! :) Now I'll have to play that much harder next weekend at Tishomingo. Looks like several of you Southern Southern National guys have put me further back after Cap City.

Hope you and the others can make B'ham and/or Bud Hill so I can see how I stack up against y'all head to head. I might discover that coming to Hattiesburg would be futile! Congrats on your Saturday finish and good luck in the doubles. RwC
Thanks, Russ, but I ain't slowin' down; I'm just getting warmed up! Both Bham and Bud Hill are penned in (not penciled) so I'm guaranteed to be at both unless something unexpected comes up. Either one is only about six hours away, so worth the weekend drive as far as I'm concerned. I'll try to remember to pack my A-game. =8)

Coming to Hattiesburg won't be futile; it will be fun!
I would have expected no less! ;)

B'ham's a sweet course and there are some challenging holes. I hope to do better than I did in December when I had to play with the advanced, but it should be warmer in April.

What can I say about Bud Hill that hasn't already been said? Great course and I'm looking forward to two courses at Shelby Forest. Love those tight woody courses.

BTW, what's Paul B. Johnson course like? Thanks, RwC
The origional 18 are a good mix of 240' holes, water hazzards, some evil woods, it has an all around good layout for all shots. Just look at how quickly Heaps and Bass have improved, and I atribute some of that to the fact that that is their home course.

Now the fun part is that Jim O builds an alternate 18 holes in a different part of the park, that if form holds true, will be some of the hardest, yet funnest golf course one has played. Mucho risk / reward.

I think there is going to be a whole area where the 2nd course will be that has for a very low rate, a place to sleep, shower, and 3 meals (and I mean meals) a day at the bunk houses. If I understood Jim fight, he has reserved it for the weekend.

It is a must play for the Am SN championships, and a good test for all aspects of the game.

I'll be there to support any way I can,
Willy BT
SN# 24
Yo underparmike you still lookin for a partner??? I could be persuaded to make the drive down to BR if you're still in the need... and If I qualify to your standards. Just let me know 1 way or the other so plans can be made. Thanks for the consideration.
SN Tag # 14
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