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LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge

Posted by teams? 
well frzbman, are you gonna play for sure or what? let's team up if you are definitely going.

so, we are playing the rounds in reverse order of your typical B.R. tournament, that's a nice touch there.
Not enough pros in BR! Local seeks partner!

im still not sure if my AM Worlds partner, Todd Traylor will be in town. so im looking for a future Co-champion.

lets team-up and throw-down.
Errin, I would play Open with you, if my performance at Mardi Gras Madness doesn't scare you too bad. If it does, I understand, but I am still looking for a partner for either Open or Adv.
thanks for the offer Crow. i still dont know what Todds going to do. i herd today that Matt Aymond might need a partner as well. i'll keep you in mind.
is LA. Doubles PDGA sanctioned or not?
Maybe next year we'll get the sanctioning done for this one and which ever one of the Highland tourny's turn into a two day PDGA/ SN event. A long way away, but in the works.



Let me know what you think, although I do have the final say, this is the PEOPLES tour!

Willy TD
I say they both have to make it, but then I am known to be a malicious individual. I just think it adds more pressure that way, plus it adds to your strategy. I mean, if the first one bangs it from 60 feet for a deuce, does the second go for it, knowing that he could blow by and leave the two of them in trouble for the next shot, or does he lay up, guaranteeing the par?
I love it.
I don't mind having to make both putts for worst shot, but my partner might regret siding up with me (he's the better putter). We'll just focus on making our worst shot only 10 feet from the basket. =8)
John Kittrell
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 07:55AM
You have to make both putts, otherwise you should call it "mostly worst shot" Both putts - both putts - both putts - both putts...
John K
1 putt in and it's over is BAD SHOT. BOTH partners putting to end the hole is WORST SHOT. NOW do we play BAD shot or WORST shot???
If time could be an issue then BAD SHOT should be played. If time and darkness are not an issue then why not WORST SHOT...????
Makes me no personal difference.
invitations list...
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 08:23AM
both players miss the putt... (_!_)ugly shot?
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 09:02AM
What is the deal on the drives for worst shot?
Will it be decided on distance from the pin or the disc lie.(lye?)
If one person is 100 ft away from the pin and in the open and the other is 50 ft away from the pin and in some shrubbery which will be taken and who decides which shot to take?
Zpm, I think the other team on the card gets to pick the worst shot. I suggest getting them really drunk. =8)
In bad shot or worst shot the other team picks your teams shot.
You do not get to pick which shot your team plays no matter how disappointing that may be. So sorry......... NOT!!!
the good news is... it is only for 6 holes...

(_!_)ugly shot will be on the last six holes at highland and greenwood from the orange tees...

should'nt be too bad. (at least it isn't on the lake hole at greenwood)
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 09:53AM
I thought the 6-6-6 is being played from the Pro tees both days.
No, first round is yellow/red tees and strictly best shot. Second round is orange tees and 6-6-6. According to the flyer....
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 11:30AM
Orange Tees are the pros, right?

1-6 = best shot
7-12 = alternating shots
13-18 = worst shot

Is this the correct format?

Also, you say that the other team picks which shot you take, what if there are two or three other teams playing on the same card. Who decides out of those teams?

Are the course assignments the same as usual?
SAT = Greenwood, am tees round 1, Pro tees round 2.
SUN = Highland, am tees round 1, Pro tees round 2.

Which rounds will the 6-6-6 format be implemented, 2nd and 4th?

Thanks for all the Help,
(yes, this is different than the normal set up...)


rounds 1 (H) & 3(G)

all divisions (except pro ladies and AM2)
play the pro tees, best shot

pro women and AM2 will play the orange AM tees, best shot


rounds 2(H) & 4(G)

ALL Divisions play the orange AM tees in the 6-6-6 format
John Kittrell
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 12:32PM
This information is from the flyer Will T gave me last weekend at Highland.

Saturday the 15th - Highland
1st round - Gold (pro) tees for open, pro masters, advanced, and advanced masters (best shot)
Orange (am) tees - pro women, am men, am women (best shot)
2nd round - All divisions play orange tees ( 1-6 best score, 7-12 alternate shot, 13-18 worst shot)

Sunday the 16th - Greenwood
3rd round - Red (pro) tees for open, pro masters, advanced, and advanced masters (best shot)
Orange (am) tees - pro women, am men, am women (best shot)
4th round - All divisions play orange (am) tees ( 1-6 best score, 7-12 alternate shot, 13-18 worst shot)
Zpm, orange are the Am tees for both courses. Yellow and red are the long ("Pro," and I use the term loosely =8) tees for Highland and Greenwood, respectively.

I can't speak with authority but I sincerely doubt more than two teams will be on a card. That's the standard 4-player card. We'd need more than 36 teams to go beyond the 72 player limit. If that *does* happen, I'm sure our illustrious TD (or WillyBT, if the illustrious TD can't make it) will handle the situation admirably.
i know my opinion doesn't carry much weight, but i vote for worst shot to mean that both players must make the putt.
that is what it does mean... both team members must make the putt... during the "worst shot" portion of the 6-6-6 nightmare.

willT decided to make it a more difficult format... far more.

whoohoo, imo... go willT!

next: break out some string and make some extra OB areas! :^p

anyway...both days in the afternoon (AM Tees for most of us) is the 6-6-6 format... in the 2nd and the 4th rounds

(on holes 13 thru 18 from the Orange AM tees is where this "worst shot" nightmare will be in play...) not too bad... it could've been far more brutal fairways / holes / lake

this is going to be fun. i am sure in most instances a group will know when they are leaving the tbox area-- which "disc is worst" ... so flow-of-play shouldn't really be that much slower...
Tony Bass
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 02:27PM
I love the setup for this year's LA doubles. I've always wanted to play something other than just best shot. The only thing I'm not totally sure of, is during the "worst shot" round if someone was to hit an ace, does this mean that it will only count if their partner aces as well. (I mean it sounds pretty simple, NO it won't count b/c it is worst shot, but that would definately suck.) Maybe their should be some exception to the rule of "both people must make the shot in the basket for it to count". I was just wondering because it would suck to hit one and it not even count. Also what about the ace pot factor. If someone indeed hits one that doesn't count on the card (during worst shot round), do they still win the ace pot or what?????? Any info. would be much appreciated. Thanks

Tony Bass
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 02:33PM
Also I am curious to know what some of the teams are? So when reading this how about chiming in with who you are and who your partner will be. Steve and I will be there for sure! Will T are you teaming up with Fowler or what. John Kittrell who are you and the rest of the Mobile crew going to be teaming up with. Please respond!!

My opinion: Ace pot and tourney are two separate entities. If someone aces during worst shot, it would NOT count towards the team score (an ace is, I image, not usually the worst shot =8) but the person who shot the ace would collect the ace pot. Of course not using your ace toward the team stroke total would suck....that's the point. Almost everything will suck for those 12 holes. =8)
IMO Worst shot won't be very fun in doubles if you are going to do it even after a player has made a shot into the basket. Basically the team will play as well as the worst player...thus eliminating any "doubles" element.

This is especially true if you take away any shots that are made.

I can understand worst shot until a shot is made....but I can't understand worst shot even if someone hits.

By that reasoning, Brad, might as well not play best shot either, 'cause the best player will make all of the best shots, eliminating the doubles element. The doubles tourney is now reduced to 12 holes, the two sets of alternating shots.

I reckon that the two players on most teams will be pretty evenly matched in skill levels. Either can have the best or worst shot on any given hole. I doubt any one person will be carrying the team and I doubt any one person will drag a team down.

I know your point is about holing out. I'm just turning the tables a little bit. It's all for fun, and worst shot will challenge you to play your best game (so you don't drag your team down). For putting, the key is going to be turning off the pressure after your partner cans a 30 footer and it's now your turn. Step up and can the putt.
in past worst shot doubles that i have played, if one player on the team hits the ace, he would win the ace pot, but his throw won't count as it obviously won't be the worst shot.

i heard Rivers and Jon Fox are teaming up. hopefully frzbman's going to team up with me. don't be scared y'all. :)
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