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LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge

Posted by teams? 
John Kittrell
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 03:16PM
As of now myself and the #1 bag tag holder, Jimmy Cutler, are teaming up. Look out for the boys from Mobile...
John K
brad, it is only for six holes... it forces you and your partner into a pressure situation.... variety is a good thing... if willT wants to experiment... most folks are willing to give it a chance... compared to some funky doubles format-- it could be worse :^p

the last six holes @ highland and greenwood are not that brutal-- from the orange AM tees. (the worst shot "area" of holes)

jeez-- i am glad there is an old fart division. the pro teams are shaping up into some superteams...

it is too bad blessed lettuce can't attend. he has shot -11 at highland by himself...
R. A.
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 04:07PM
FYI, Robin Adams and Lori Metzger are teaming up in the pro women division, and we need some more pro women teams! If you know any pro women, please encourage them to find a partner and show up, we really need some more pro women to compete with!

but robin, you heard those teams from mobile are playing :) that's not enough competition for ya?
Thanks for all the responses. The main reason I asked the question in the first place, is Jim said that "both made "putting can kill friendships, so make sure your partner is a GOOD friend (or someone you can blame easily).

As far as I know, John Fowler and I will be trying to defend our title (although if TB and SH would've played pro last year they kicked our butts)
but he has been a no show lately, so ?.....

Bring it one Mobile, and Fox, see if Lea can find a partner to battle for the women's division.

I'll try to get off of work early on Friday, and will go to GREENWOOD Friday to do some early sign ups, and try to get some more practice from those pesky Reds.

Microtel Inn and Suites will let us have the same rates that they will give us for the SNDG Chps, so if you need a nice relitively inexpensive place to stay, call Chris LeBlanc at 225-291-6200.
Single rooms 39.95 / Double rooms (No extra fees for more than four people per room) 49.95 / and Suites with kitchenettes 59.95
Just say that you are with the Southern National Disc Golf Tournament.

See ya'll soon,
Willy TD
Worst shot isn't worst shot without both having to putt out. On those holes you just have to play for par. But I think everyone is missing the real point here, which is I DON'T HAVE A FRICKIN' PARTNER. It is very hard to find one when you don't really have a home course, and closest thing you have has a bunch of novices, one pro who would play with me but has to coach his sons' basketball game, and NO ADVANCED PLAYERS. So I am now reduced to campaigning for myself. Upsides to playing with me - I can throw over 400' (advantage at Highland), my putting is solid inside 30, and I am a good strategist. Downside to playing with me - I don't bring beer to tournaments, and I don't smoke anything. But maybe that's an upside, more for you. Grayson was going to play with me, but he is a little whipped and can't make it, so I am stuck in Biloxi. And my dog still hasn't come back, so I am ruling him out as a partner, which is too bad because he throws a pretty good roller.
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 05, 2003 10:44PM
try Bilbo
Crow you need to move to West TN or North MS to find you some Advanced players to play with. ;)

R. A.
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 06, 2003 07:48AM

Did I miss something (probably!)? What other teams? Pro Women teams? Please, do tell, I'd love to hear that there is actually another team.
Also, a belated thank you for the great job you did running the Rivendell tourney, Ronnie and I had a blast.

See you soon,
r.a. yes you did miss something. glad y'all had a good time at MGM03.
R. A.
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 06, 2003 10:50AM
Mikey, what did I miss? C'mon tell me what you know...I think your just messing with me! I'll harass you next time I see you :)

Will T., we got your message the other day, sorry for not calling you back, pro women play whatever tees the TD tells us to! My only concern about the long tees at Greenwood is hole #11, I'm pretty sure I can't reach land from there, but all the other long tees are cool with me, but again, I'm flexible, if you think orange tees are good enough, then that's cool with me as well, whatever makes your life easier, normally, the pro women play orange/orange at both courses for all of our tourneys, is there a particular reason why we should play the long tees, other than to make us try to throw further/better (which is a good reason)?

See ya,
Robin :)
okay robin, i was saying that kittrell and cutler and riv and fox were coming from mobile to play pro ladies with y'all. does that help?
R. A.
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 06, 2003 12:00PM
Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, your so crazy! That would be TO MUCH competition for us! I could sit here and talk some trash just for fun, but I need the disc golf Gods on my side, thank you very much :)

See you soon,
Robin :)
Yo Mr Wizzard. Not to get your hopes up, but I still haven't heard from John F, so maybe while you are on your hot streak, I'd concider you, I guess. Just to let you know, last year he did the same thing to me, and showed up the morning of the tourny, so if I were you, I'd find a Mobile/ Laff ringer. Where's a coullion when you need one?

Where Are you partner?

Willy BT
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 06, 2003 09:47PM
The Zinger has Andrew as a partner.

Any other Advance groups coming? Please respond to give us an idea of how many are going to come.
Tony Bass
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 06, 2003 10:30PM
Yes Terry, there will be at least one more advanced team coming. After hearing who some of the teams from Mobile are, plus Mikey Mike and Doug W. teaming up, Steve and I have decided to defend our title as advanced champions! Nah, just kidding! I am ecstatic about some of the pro teams, Rivers and Jon, Jimmy Jam and Kittrel, Will and whoever it may be! I can't wait for next weekend! It is going to be so much fun for us to compete against teams of the best players in the south! I think the turnout it is going to be much better than last year's. Hope our scores are half as good. We'll see everyone next weekend!
I HAVE HALF A FREAKIN' ADVANCED TEAM RIGHT HERE! I can't find the other half. If anybody knows anybody looking to win the Advanced Division from Terry on his home course, tell them to email me ASAP.
Hey Crow,
I'll check around here for a local Adv player for you, But off the top of my head I can not think of a really good one.

You may have luck in Mobile this weekend, so keep the faith brother!

Willy BT
I can't go this weekend is the problem. I don't need a really good one. Just one that can throw halfway down the fairway in a straight line.
Mikey Mike WE ARE ON. I am in. Will be leaving sometime early FRI
to play thru the courses. Once there how am I or where shall I hook up with you??? Looking forward to some DUbba dubba doubles.
See ya'll then.
frzbman, i'm so glad you didn't scare off the advanced champs from last year. i doubt i will be in B.R. on friday, until after dark anyway. i'm dropping you an e-mail with some secret information so check your inbox.
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 07, 2003 11:40AM
The Advanced Champions from last year are definately NOT scared.
Everyone else should be scared.
Terry and Andrew should be relieved we are moving up.
See ya'll there.
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 10, 2003 12:52AM
Will, could you give the entry fees?
the flyer says that the first round is best shot and then it says in the 666 format the first six holes are best score. Is there a difference between best shot and best score? Sounds to me like best score would be both players play the hole and you take the best score between the two.


dangerous don
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 10, 2003 10:28AM
Best score is when you and your partner shoot from your own lie. If you birdie and your partner pars, then yall would take the birdie.
They're all best shot, as I understand it.
Hey, thanks for such a quick response, it is good to know that other people have time to surf the net when they should be working.

see ya'll there

dangerous don
The Zinger
Re: LA Doubles - March 15, 16 - Baton Rouge
March 10, 2003 10:32AM
Goby, first round is best shot, the first 6 in the 666 is best score. At least this is what Will explained to me on a road trip the other day.
This format rocks. I played something like it once in a non-tournament setting, and it was a blast. It really makes you think strategically. Of course, I will be strategically thinking about which buffet to eat at in Biloxi on Saturday night if I can't find a partner.
Cool, TZ, thanks for the correction. The format is even better than I realized. Sorry Dangerous Dan for the misinformation.
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