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How are doubles points awarded in the SNDG point system

Hello everyone,
We were wondering how the doubles points are awarded to the players according to the SNDG format. The reason for this Question is that we are working out next years ICE BOWL. Playing the first day of indivual play, then the second day as a doubles qualifier with an additional fee and prizes being awarded. Any comments will be welcomed on having a doubles qualifier the following day.
John Kittrell
Re: How are doubles points awarded in the SNDG point system
February 25, 2003 03:20PM
For the points in doubles each team is treated like an individual. If there are ten teams and your team comes in first each person on the team would be awarded one point for each team they beat and 2 points for playing. So each person would get 11 points. Hope that clarifies things. The points guy...
John K
We appreciate that information John. How do you feel about having the Ice Bowl in this format. Also we want to schedule this tournament for February 7th & 8th, 2004, With both days being a SOUTHERN NATIONAL QUALIFIER. Will you lock us down on this date for next year.
Thanks for the info. . . perhaps future doubles at Tishomingo will be SNQ also!
If Fair claims Kenny(Adv. division), then Griff is requesting a response from my boy, Kary...ya out there??...let's pair up and roll them bones!! I'm in.

If all you jokers have partners or are movin' up lemme know. Griff
Psh...who would want to play Doubles with a guy who can't even drive straight. ( PUN INTENDED!!! ) can't request partners a year in Advance! ;)

I drive straight just fine, it's the @#$%& road that keeps turnin'!! Griff
quite humerous my friends!!
or maybe humorous?!

So I'm your third choice, huh? How flattering. Sure you don't want to ask some more people first? ;-)

If for some reason Jeff "bionic arm and now toe" has other plans, I'll play with ya.

Heh, Jeff is an action figure. <announcer voice> The Jeff Haydel Disc Golf action figure has a titanium, teflon coated shoulder and now he comes with an all new bionic toe. Not for small childern. Discs sold separately </announcer voice>

You'll have to ask him to explain about the pie-tin toe covering.

Kary, you left out the Jeff Haydel signature shorts. RwC
Advanced Division is the fun Division! Oh and Russ you are ok too. Come join us in the Advanced....Jooooiin uuuss......Jooooooiiinnn uussss.....
Brad, you could very well get your wish. If I keep doing well in Advanced Master, I will likely incure more wrath of some of those folks (like the guy at Wall Doxey) who accuse me of sandbagging. Ha! Me? A sandbagger? I'm coming off a 21/2 year hiatus. Just lucky, I guess. But if the luck continues and carries through to Hattiesburg (where I hope to be in August) I'll make a move. Not ready for Masters. I'd rather make a horizontal move to Advanced since you young guys are still beating me. Should be just as fun and not as expensive! I'm commmmmmmmmming!
Hey Kary, not a third choice...just the reality of trying to to break apart the Tup-Dox connection could cause a rift in the disc golf time continuim and thus shatter the ability to....well, let's not go there. If you and Jeff are a team that's cool...perhaps the return of team air is on the horizon...for my sake I hope not!! Griff
If I happen to move up to the advance division in April. I will need a new partner. Lyle doesn't think that we can compete in that division. Had I known you didn't have a partner during our Ice Bowl Tourney. I would have stepped up and been your partner. If you will handle the putting on the long holes I will drive. You handle the drives on short holes, I will handle the putting. Kenny and Fair would finally have competion at the North Parks and Memphis.
Valkryie180g or Benny
Sounds like a plan!!! If ya jump to Adv., let's do it! Griff
I will let you know after the April Tourney. But when you come over to play, we will try to get our strategy down like me and lyle have now. If i'm not working.
Watch out now! A certain Bionic arm will be moving up in May and once Kary and I team up you can't ever count us out. What he can't throw around I just throw through and with that there isn't a green we can't reach. (Now if we could just get a third partner who could putt...) but hey each team needs something to work on.

Yep I'll be a full fledged Advanced player come May and Kary and I plan on stomping all over Kenny and Fair, that is unless Fair starts tossing Kenny in the air in some sort of silly cheerleading stunts, then we'll just stomp on Fair and drop Kenny when he comes down.

Bionic Arm and Tin Toe
I suppose that having everyone talking trash about beating Kenny and me is the greatest form of flattery. But if you guys think that you are going to whip up on us with ease when we are a team, then you better pack a lunch. Kenny is a lefty, and I'm a righty. Nothing is better than having a hyzer route to every hole on the course. Also, my boy Kenny can putt all those long 15 footers that I tend to miss in tournaments. Sounds like a very fun advanced am doubles competition is mounting. I can't wait!! And as for tossing Kenny in the air in a cheerleading stunt, I better get on the juice and start working those Deltoids. Kenny weighs a little more than most of my cheerleading partners in college, and I'm not too sure how much respect he would get from everyone if he wore a skirt to the doubles tournament.
Oh bah! What's the big deal of you being a righty and he being a lefty. I got both of those in one package. Ask Kenny, my back-hand is starting to stretch towards 300ft, and accuracy is a REAL focus right now for me in the field. Kary and I are gonna tear ya'll up, and we'll even do it with one hand behind our backs. =P

I'm not one for talkin' the trash (unless it's Jeff, but he's my partner this time). You never know how it's going to end. I could see F&K smokin' everyone and I could see it being a tight race. Last year it came down to the final hole between me/Jeff and Fair/Print and Fair/Print came out ahead by a stroke. Of course Tim came from behind and beat all of us.

I'm looking forward to it,

Kenny and Fair who??

I don't remember either being a factor in the competition the last two years where Dave and I and then Brian and I finished 1 or 2 strokes out of first. This is my year with anyone I pick up. ;)

Jeff, while you are building yourself up for this big run at the adv. doubles you need to ask yourself who is holding the 1 and 2club tags not kary not jeff not griff and not benny. Instead of worring about me in a skirt, you need to worry about me and [blackie] the omega putting your candy asses completely out of the tourny.If you sssmmmeeellllll what kenny and the cheerleader is cooking..........If your really feeling froggy come to Doxey and try to pick up that 1 and 2. We have an open door policy. Just don't let it hit you on the way out....
Oh man!! Kenny C talking trash! Hmm.....Kenny C...Kenny G.... Kenny C.... Kenny G....

Long lost twin brothers?
It takes alot to get him going, but once he starts watch out. My boy Kenny makes some very intersting points. And Brad, the reason no one worried about us as a team the last few years is that first of all Kenny had just started playing Advanced Am around the time of the Doubles Tournament last year, and Second, I had only been playing about six or seven months at last years doubles tournament. Unlike you guys from Memphis, we didn't start playing disc golf when Michael Jackson was still black.
I hope all you fellas talking trash will show up at our tourney at the Windy Hills Open . We plan to have a great tourney for our first. You North Mississippi rednecks will make it so much better. Don't take offense, I'm just a little coonass, so I could call you'll rednecks.
Man it hurts when some drunk cajun living about 600 miles SOUTH of you calls you a redneck. That's really sad. :)

Jonas, I am going to try to make at least one Louisiana Tournament this year. Just need to break out my Swamp Buggy, overalls and straw hat.

I am going the other way though if your TD looks at me while I am registering and says.... HUH HUH....U shore gotta purty mouth.


p.s. Crow got a taste of the North MS Advanced players when he played Tishomingo. Sorry Crow that our courses arent just a bunch of 600 ft no tree's Bayou. Let me translate for you. "Gots ta lernin u sum accura...gots ta lernin u sum aquara...gots to learnin hows to shoots straight"

p.s.s. Just kidding guys! Any state in the Confederacy is alright in my book. ALL of you need to be at Bud Hill first weekend in May!
Sorry to let you down Brad, but there won't be any alligator rides at this tourney. The Windy Hills Open is in Poplarville, MS and I'm the TD. I guess you can call me a redass or how about a coonneck. Check out the Windy Hills Forum, it will give you a little more info.
Hah! When you said coonwhatver, I of course thought first of Louisiana and Crow and that bunch. ;)
Hmmm as I ponder the current owners of the number 1 and 2 tags I can't help but wonder who came out on top the LAST time a tag challenge was to be had at the course at Wall Doxey. Funny thing is I don't seem to remember either of the current owners carrying away the number 1 tag. Oddest thing, I think Kary schooled all of ya'll, but then I'm known for my bionic arm not by bionic memory so I could be wrong.

Either way it's looking like Advanced is going to be THE Division to play in this summer.

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