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How are doubles points awarded in the SNDG point system

well.. Things seem to be heating up. I am really sad that I took so much time off, or I could be in the heat for some advanced action, however I got some serious time to work until then. If for some reason i dont move up before then, guess I could make another run at the ams. I got a couple of newbies, but they are learning. I dont have a cool nickname, so peace out from t-town. By the way anyone looking for a partner for ams, let me know.
I dont want to talk to much trash, but I am expecting a free bag this year.
All the trash is piling up and I'm having trouble seeing.
A big group of players are meeting at Wall Doxey at about 10 a.m. on Sunday Morning to play. If anyone has the day off and wants to join us, you are very welcome to do so.
I know it is a little late now. But I would hope to see some of yall down here in Baton Rouge one weekend. See yall soon.
geeze my sundays are always booked. Maybe one day I can join yall at Wall Doxey.

Although i'm new to tournaments, I'm going to try to make it to the doubles tourny... and as always, i'll be playing to win...
We can just call it a kilt. That's what this sport needs, more kilts! I will still respect you Kenny.
Yes, I am a redneck, but only on one side of the family. I have many relatives down your way. We get together every year or two, and frankly, some of the offspring that I have seen come from this near branchless family tree amaze me. Little red ass coon necks running around everywhere. Like my cousin Skeeter nose for instance. He was born without a lower jaw and he has a long pointy nose to go with it. This gives him the mosquito or woodpecker look, which is most unfortunate. I have, however, been trying to get him involved in disc golf. I don't think he understands how good he is. You see, one of his other deformities, is on his right hand. He has eight fingers!!!! On one hand! This allows him to generate amazing spin and 450 ft. throws are common. Last time I saw him I gave him a cyclone and Roc. I recently talked to him and asked him which disc he liked more. He proceeded to tell me, with much drool I might add due to the lower jaw thing, "Ah lak ta chunk that roc more better cuz ah have killed more squirells with that one." So the wheels instantly started turning. I went out and purchased one of those target practice squirells and a velcro strap from the local Wal-mart . Before each hole I'm going to strap this varmint to the top of the basket and start counting the deuces, laughing wildly all the way back to the clubhouse. Yes! I will rule the disc golf world as we know it!!! (only in doubles of course) You better look out!!!!! HAAAAAAAAA HAAAA HA!!! I need more cofee. Later.
You're lucky Brian, most of my relatives are Yankees! RwC
Yeah.....I BET thats what you are going to do with a fake squirrel and a velcro strap.

Sounds like a Phillipino dirty movie to me.

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