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Bag tag ripped from my hand by an Alpha Male

Posted by Discd Daddy 1 
Yesterday, after not being able to go to BR this weekend, I decided to go play at paul b johnson. toney bass called and said lets go( play). When we(HCSV) play we have an unspoken rule that unless we say so the bag tags are up for grabs ANY ROUND. Sorry about yelling I just was one stroke off TB after one round with his girlfriend Amanda and Craig(hes got an arm) playing with us. Well I asked TB if he Craig had a tag and he said he didnt. I said good. After the first round I said tony I was only two strokes back (one with my handicap) -4 and thought I had a chance to beat him Which rarely happens around here. Well needless to say I went into the woods at -6 down wound up -4 and I think he was-2 so about 17 I was happy ( knowing that he could get it right back the next time we played. He refused to give it to me and when I turned my back because I knew whatever I said He was right and I was wrong, Because he is SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThe Alpha Male
Everybody write back and tell me about any of your good
rounds that have been ripped from your hands thanx

Advanced player Bilbo
The Zinger
Re: Bag tag ripped from my hand by an Alpha Male
March 03, 2003 11:45AM

For one, your lucky you were too scared to come to Baton Rouge This past weekend. I would have humiliated you. ;) But instead I took your buddy Steve's tag. I guess he was humiliated enough. See you next time I see you,

Well, Jimmy-Jam C claimed we didn't have an agreement at BR for the tags, and he got to go home to Mobile with #1. Till next time, I'll just try to hang on to #6 for a while.

Willy BTc
John Kittrell
Re: Bag tag ripped from my hand by an Alpha Male
March 05, 2003 07:44AM
I asked Jimmy about who had challenged him the last round (since I was playing with him and had an interest). He said the only challenge outside the group was with John Taylor because that's where the tag came from.
Hopefully you'll be in Mobile this weekend to have a shot. Later..
John K
What the hell is an "Alpha Male"? Since that's what I am, I would at least like to know what that is, Dilbo!
Oh wow Toney how long did it take you to comeup with that one. lol
Certain species of mammals live in societies where each of the members of the group has specific roles or chores. Gorillas, wolves, and elephants to name a few. Some hunt, some protect and feed the young, and others have the role of protection of the group. Generally the largest and strongest of the Males takes on the role of the Alpha Male. It is his job to protect his group at all costs, and to make sure that there territory and water supply remains theres. The alpha male is also usually the most agressive of all the animals in the group, and wins his spot as alpha male by fighting off all other males that might think they deserve the spot. With being the alpha male come many rewards as well as trials. The alpha male gets the pleasure of having his choice of the best females to breed with(sweet perk), and also usually has younger males hunt and gather food for him(also sweet). But along with these perks comes the fact that other males are always gunning for the chance to take the stronger more powerful alpha male out and replace him. There is always a young male biding his time and getting stronger every day, just waiting for the opportunity to kill the alpha male and take over the society. Every dog has his day!
I hope this long drawn out answer may help make sense of why they are calling you the alpha male. Sounds like one hell of a compliment to me!
Maybe a better heckle would be to call TB a Beta Female.
But then again we were ragging on his skilz not his looks.
Bring it on next weekend Team Beta Ladies.
And on the next episode of Jungle Fair, he explains the concept of an "elephant graveyard."
I guess I deserved that one Haydel.
What is an Elephant Graveyard?
A graveyard with a really good memory.
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