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Group Playing Tomorrow(Thursday) at Tishomingo

Posted by Fair 
A group of us are meeting at Tishomingo tomorrow to play some golf. I think most are meeting at 10 a.m. to play, but I will be there around 8 a.m. because I have to leave at lunch time. If anyone is in the area come join us.
Oh yeah....all the practice in the world may not save you from 'lil Napolean!!! Never mind me, the @#$%& French are commin'!!!

May you shank mercilessly into the deepest quagmires and thickets!! Gotta get you loosened up for the Napoleonic Wars this weekend!!

I'll see ya Saturday morning! Griff
Can't say I've ever heard of a quagmire, and I had the highest average in my dendrology class. But from your tone, it seems not to be the best place for a disc to end up. See you Saturday.
Oh yea, how's the collar bone doing?
ROFL ummm Fair a quagmire is a swamp...not a tree.

And trust me...I know swamps, you don't want your disc to land then.....unless it's a casual swamp and then it might be ok but I'd venture you'd wanna call it a hazardous lie which would still cost you a stroke.

Well, Tish does have some trees IN quagmires. Let's hope the quagmires are kept to a minimum this weekend. Be careful driving in. RwC

Sure wish I could be there. .. first day on a new job in Alabama. . kinda gotta go. .you know!

We set the tent up yesterday, you can't miss it, it is a different one form the ones we have had in teh past!

There was still a little water standing in teh big field yesterday, we cot a little rain last night. . but that seems to be in until late Sunday. ..

You all have a good one. . . or two if you can. .. see you Saturaday!

DG Guy
That is too funny!! That's right, Lil' Nap is in the hizouse this weekend. I look forward to seeing you guys there.
A Swamp! I wasn't aware that there were enough different kinds of swamp to warrant them having multiple names. What is the difference between a regular old swamp and a quagmire?
quag·mire (kwgmr, kwg-) n. -- 1. Land with a soft muddy surface. (ex. the majority of the front nine at Tishomingo after it rains)
2. A difficult or precarious situation; a predicament. (like the ones I get into at disc golf tournaments.) RwC
The power of education....thanks Russ for the definitive answer!!

Guys, unfortunately Tish. has become a toss-up as far as my attendance is concerned. My wife's grandmother is VERY sick and as you all know family comes first. I really won't know if I'm able to come until tomorrow a.m.

This is a bummer for me(points race and all) but if I am unable to come, I wish all of you the best....if I am there, I hope you all(adv. players) suck eggs so I can put the whippin' on. Griff
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