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Tee Pads

Posted by Shane Seal 
Tee Pads
March 05, 2003 08:41PM
This may have already been addressed, but I thought I would see how others feel about tee pad types. I personally like the natural tees. I have played on many courses with cement tees, but rarely have I found any that I like. The main fault that I had with most is that they were too short, and were usually raised a couple inches off of the ground which made me and my ankles a little nervous. I have played on the black pads that are put down on some courses, but not in the rain. I wonder how those are when wet. Anyway just my two cents.

The Zinger
Re: Tee Pads
March 05, 2003 09:38PM
If the black pads that you are talking about are the same thing used for some high-school track material, then they are great when wet. But then I never had to plant on that surface.
Re: Tee Pads
March 06, 2003 06:02PM
They are the same materials as tracks are made of. They are actually old used tires which are recycled, but it's pretty much the same thing.
The Zinger
Re: Tee Pads
March 06, 2003 06:15PM
I think they are great when wet. Although if a little mud gets on them, they might be more slick. I have no idea about this though, but it is something to check into.
Re: Tee Pads
March 06, 2003 08:03PM
I played on them at the 2000 worlds, in a down pour, (miserable) and that was the time that a guy I was playing with kept pointing out that I was "footfaulting" cause I was slidding off the end of the pads. But, they are better than the mud holes we have here in BR.

With my run up, youu don't have to talk to me about the raised tee boxes, they really are an ankle snap waiting to happen.

We are in the process of finally getting concrete tee pads here, thanks to BREC, and I have told them that there are certain specs that MUST be followed , like having them flush in the ground, and long enough. I am also a fan of the ones that flair out at the back of the pad, giving those with a side angle approach a wayto stay on the tee surface.

Growing up playing on natural tee pads here in BR, of course I was always against concrete, I played barefooted, and the concrete hurt!! But with as much play as our courses get played, the boxes wear out extremely fast, and we end up with multiple grooves all around the tee off area.

Well this is too much info, I prob wouldn't read it all either, so ...

Re: Tee Pads
March 06, 2003 08:21PM
We added cement tee pads at our course in Lake Lowndes just this last summer. While yes I agree the 2 inch ledge that they create on the back is a problem for anyone who wants a run up that is longer than the 8 feet long that they are, I still think they are better than the alternative that we had.

When we played during or soon after a rain before this summer, it was quite the messy experience and I was always terrified of slipping and wrenching a muscle. Now I just have to worry about skinning a knee if i slip.

While not perfect, I still think it is better.

Re: Tee Pads
March 06, 2003 08:25PM
As a whole, I like cement pads the best (haven't played the rubber pads yet). I like natural pads, but as Will noted, they leave grooves all over the place. Kinda mars the beauty of a park like Highland to see barren clay patches everywhere.

Will, sounds like you have the right thing going, dude. Flush pads, long and wider at the back. Great job, and a whole-hearted thanks!
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 06:23AM
I think that cement tee pads are great with one exception. A long course that is played during rainy conditions promotes the wearing of cleats obviously as your second drive you may want to still throw hard. Now you are in a situation where some are wearing cleats but teeing off on cement. That is not a good situation at all.

Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 07:37AM
Shane, you're right. During rainy conditions, though, I tend to wear my hiking boots. They're waterproof, they don't slip on the cement, but they still grab pretty well on the wet ground.
John Kittrell
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 08:54AM
I would much rather have concrete pads than natural. The biggest difference is in wet conditions. I played the bogue before concrete tees in muddy conditions, try teeing off of a big pile of snot and you understand the conditions. Concrete pads all the way...
John k
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 09:21AM
Speaking of slipping off of teepads....

When Jeff and I found out that the park manager had gotten in all 18 concrete teepads, we couldn't wait for the end of the work day so we could get over to Columbus and try them out. We didn't care that it had been raining that day and everything was soaked. We're talking about new teepads on our course here! We really liked them, even though they were a bit short.

About hole 11, Jeff steps up to the tee, lets loose a big ol' hyzer around the trees then slips and tumbles off the pad and lands smack on his ass. His wife and I were laughing so hard at Jeff's amazing arial display that we almost didn't hear the sound of the disc slamming home into the chains. It wasn't the first or last time that Jeff has had an amazing shot while doing acrobatics off the teepad.

Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 09:25AM
So a bionic arm is not enough???? Now he has bionic balance too!!

GEEEEEZZZZ!!! Good shot...I could almost hear the chains and laughter from here!! Griff
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 09:35AM
Another vote for concrete pads here, but I fully understand Shane's concern regarding cleats on concrete pads. Are the rubber-type pads cleat friendly?
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 01:35PM
I vote for the concrete pads also, but I do believe more time should be spent to either make the pads longer or dig deeper and put them flush with the ground so that we don't trip when running up. Surely it isn't that hard to get them flush. Plus if they are laid flush then parks can just mow across them and don't have to weed-eat them.
Re: Tee Pads
March 07, 2003 05:24PM
i like natural tees. i prefer concrete tees & will gladly wear tennis shoes.

cleats really start to hurt old feet after two rounds. :^p

shreveport has the nicest tboxs, i've seen.... hands down the mo' bestest.
huge... tapered... bad whammajammas.

nashville has very nice teebox areas too... concrete and grey granite walking areas near the concrete... and signs and trash recepticles at every ho' ... really stylin'

as far as flush to the ground... it is all in how you form up the slab...
and backfill... easy, with some elbow grease. :^p

concrete please! i volunteer to help!

or, i have always thought (finely ground) crush & run (grey granite stuff) would be just fine for tboxs.... a long "mound" & once it packs in-- it is perfect for a teebox... imo.
Re: Tee Pads
March 10, 2003 09:35AM
I was telling Shane about that gray granite stuff. I've seen it used in driveways and it packs great. It may be a cheaper option than cement.
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