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I had my first ace at Lake Lowndes today!

Posted by PB 
on 7. It was a sweet shot, nothing but chains. Cha-Ching! Lake Lowndes is an awesome course, any other Mississippi State Students ought to head over on Wednesdays about noon to play with Kevin Irwin and me. It is awesome.
Lefty, Righty, Sidearm, Tomahawk, Hyzer, or Anhyzer? Sweet Ace man! Tell that Disc to remember the smell of the chains and it will take you there again.
yes it was an impressive ace. i couldn't believe that it stayed in the chains. i have to give it up to you. but who kept the tag? whahaha im still number 1.
awesome pb. I love that course but I rarely get a chance to play there anymore... i'm gona have to make plans to play there next week some time...

Fair: It's probably safe to say that your discs have a better sense of smell than a blood hound....
Hal, when are you coming down to play on our home turf?
Kev, the tag will be mine soon enough.
PB and Kevin,

I assume you are either MSU students or Faculty/Staff? This is the first time I recall seeing anybody but me and Jeff from State on here. Cool! We'll have to meet up sometime out at LL for a round. Nice Ace! My first and only ace was on hole 4. Jeff has hit 11,12 and 14.

i wanted to go play with yall yesterday, but yall go so dang early. If yall would wait and go later i could be you both Pb and Kevin. Naw, just kidding. I wish i could have seen your ace but i guess you will have to do it next time we play.
The Zinger
Re: I had my first ace at Lake Lowndes today!
March 06, 2003 12:35PM
Hey PB,,great job on the ace. Doesn't it just make you feel more confident, well at least until you make your next throw. The hole after I hit my first ace I threw my drive into someone's back yard.

great job

ps. watch out for stick,,i mean tree in the fairway, he might tell you that you are a sandbagger for throwing an ace. just a heads up. :)
Next round I threw OB.
PB how did you throw OB on #8 at LL? Did you shank it that bad into the road? I ask that question but Kary has tried to decapitate an 8 year old girl riding her bike on the road before on that hole, so I can say I know how it is done.

#7 is a good ace. Get in touch with Kary or I sometime. We will start playing out there in early April once or twice a week after work.

PG, Kevin and Jay,

Jeff and I are staff so we don't get out to LL except on weekends and after 5:00 in the summer, so we don't have a good idea of how many students play since they can go during the day in between classes. There was a student organization for disc golf that never got off the ground as far as I know. Jonathan Sledge was the driving force behind it and I think he graduated. Last I heard it was approved by the Student Senate but never went so far as to actually have meetings and such. Do y'all know anything? Would you be interested in getting a MSU club together? I know Jeff and I would like to pursue getting a course installed on campus and having an official club with student and faculty/staff would help.

I'm all for it. There are a good many student that play; we usually see at least one other group of students when we are out there on wednesdays. I think there would be a good bit of interest....A course on campus would be sweet. 30+ miles one way to LL gets old fast....How exactly would we go about getting the club started up?

I threw OB on 7 on the second round. Shanked it really bad. Overconfident.

I am not a student right now at state but i am usually in starkville on most weekends. Kevin and Pb are students here and we are all good friends. I will be at state next fall and i was thinking we could get a club started. Like i said i come to starkville alot and would love to play at lake lowndes more. Actually i am from tupelo but i am in starkville right now. Anyway i would like to get a club started sometime.
Hey Pb,

Wanna go to the grill tonight?
Do any of you know Jeb Cade or Neal (I forget his last name, Stephenson?)? They were friends with Jonathan and they might know more about the club that they tried to get going. If not, we could always start over with one.

You guys should get in on the tournament scene. The SN series is a lot of fun and you meet great people. If you haven't played Tishomingo, you should come up this weekend. I don't know your particular skill level, but there is novice division (you get 2 discs and a mini or a small bag usually) for first timers. It's a great way to step your game up to another level.

At any rate, we'll meet up sometime soon at LL for a round or two.

Just to let ya'll know I'll be running an SNDG tournament on June 21st and 22nd out at Lake Lowndes. Our turnouts have improved for every tournament I have run there so far, so if that holds we might see as many as 60 or 70 people there. If you are around this summer you might try and come out and take some prizes on your home course. I paid out close to 100% last tournament because of a screw up on my part (ended up paying the $2/per player SNDG fee out of my pocket) but I try to maximize payouts and make an extra effort for all the Amateur divisions.

We have in past added two extra holes for the tournaments and Kary and I are working on some longer tees to stretch the course some for some of the better divisions. The tournament should really be alot of fun.

Yeah, call me later. Are you in SVegas right now?
I played the Ice Bowl at Tishamingo. I also played to two worst rounds of disc golf in my life. Not going to make it saturday, but I want to play the tournament in Florence, AL(03/29/03 I think). Are there any others close by in the next few weeks?
Yeah Pb, I am here. I will be here all weekend.
All the tournys you can handle:

hey kary and jeff, i am all for a club too! no clue how to get it started though. i have played in two tournaments. jeff, i played with you at the ice bowl tourni at tishomingo. i was the guy in the maroon msu sweatshirt. pb and i play every wednesday at lake lowndes, we will have to get in touch and play sometime on a weekend. i have your business card that you gave me. i will give you a ring sometime.
Ah yes, I remember my last ace like it was yesterday. I remember listening to my new Van Halen tape on the way to the course. I think it was the Diver Down album if that tells you anything.
So, you are the "brian" from web site.....
Heh...I didn't know you could drive when you got your last ACE Brian.
Let me clear that up. I had a walkman and I was driving a Huffy. It's nothing that I'm proud of.
I did the math, and was it really 17.7 years ago? I was 2 years old.
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