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Posted by Shane 
March 11, 2003 06:58PM
Wondering what peoples thoughts were on the wasp. I find it a little more stable than the Roc, with not as much glide. It does fly about the same speed though.

The Zinger
Re: Wasp
March 11, 2003 07:00PM
I have heard good things about it. But I've never thrown one since I have 6 rocs in my bag. I'll try one once I start losing the rocs(which seems to happen sooner or later).
Re: Wasp
March 11, 2003 07:21PM
I've been throwing a Z-Wasp for a couple months and really love it. For me, it flys a lot like the Roc, maybe a little more overstable. But I really haven't experimented with it on straight shots. Most of the time I'm "practicing" during doubles, so I rely on discs I know well. I've been using the Z-Wasp for right to left doglegs and it plays a lot like a new Roc. Don't know what a beat one would do. Don't know if you can "season" Z-plastic like you can a good DX Roc. Overall it's a great disc whose profile is almost exactly like a Roc. RwC
Re: Wasp
March 11, 2003 07:41PM
I have 5 rocs in my bag, and I consider the z wasp to be one of the rocs. Mine is 177 grams, and It flys much like a new max weight kc roc, but with not quite as much glide. The flight is actually alot like one of the new 03 ce rocs. They hook hard left if thrown with hyzer, and fly straight for 80% of their flight if thrown flat. If you turn it over, it will fight out of the turn and finish with a nice s pattern. I use mine for open shots to the pin from 200 to 260 feet, and on medium distance holes that require a pretty substantial left fade at the end to make it to the tee. If thrown with a high hyzer with alot of spin, the z wasp will get a good skip and bounce because of the tourque and the z plastic. They are really a great overstable midrange disc.
Re: Wasp
March 12, 2003 02:07PM
I think Terry just has alot of sand in his bag, not rocks.
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