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La. representative at USDGC

Posted by underparmike 
La. representative at USDGC
March 12, 2003 10:59AM
greetings Louisiana golfers,

as your elected PDGA state coordinator for the state of Louisiana, I have been given the privilege of awarding one Louisiana disc golfer a spot in the US Disc Golf Championship, disc golf's richest and grandest tournament. i would like to know if any Louisiana golfers would be interested in attending the USDGC, and if there are more than one, please suggest how we should decide who gets the Louisiana spot. you must be a PDGA member to play in the USDGC and Will T. already has a spot since he is the TD of the Southern Nationals Championship. i believe that the spot will be held until sometime in June, i will go look that up now.
okay, the spot will be held until August 1. my personal suggestion would be for all the eligible players to play at a Louisiana tournament somewhere and take the best score and send that person to USDGC. i think the Acadiana Open (april 5&6) would be the most centrally located tournament for this purpose, although we could do it anywhere with a tournament before August 1.
Mikey, in a word, yes. In three words, I'm very interested.
Your idea seems reasonable, Mike. A two day event is good and Lafayette is centrally located. The only problem might be getting the word out to potentially interested participants in all corners of the state during the next couple of weeks.
The Zinger
Re: La. representative at USDGC
March 12, 2003 11:24AM
Well if Will's play in the USDGC last year indicates how hard it is and how easy it is to go OB, then... well I too have five words for you: I don't have enough discs!!!!
nah, it will be easy, since there are only about 10-20 PDGA members in the whole state. i'll see if i can get a hold of kevin pelton in shreveport. anyway, if they miss out they can try to qualify at the SN Finals. i just don't want to let this opportunity slip us by as it did in 2001 and 2002.
you would judge how hard a course is by will's play? insert joke here!
Here's an idea for future (2004 and beyond) decisions:

Create a state series, similar to the Fabulous Florida tour, based on state PDGA events and use that to decide the winner. Not too many events to choose from now, but it's enough. For example, whoever has the lowest combined scores from the (currently) three state PDGA events: MGM, LA Open, and S'port City Challenge wins the honor. The winner has to have played in all three events, must be a current PDGA member, and, of course, must be a state resident. All divisions that play the same tees (e.g., Pro and Advanced) would be eligible for consideration. If more PDGA events are added for the state, as Will is talking about doing, they could also be included in the series.

If an Advanced player wins the honor, they will be given an "I Am A Bagger" shirt that must be worn at the USDGC tournament. =8)
Come on, just let Mikey-mike elect himself this year to go, just so I can "insert joke here" see how many times HE goes OB. Oh yea and don't forget those 2 strokes for the Wrong score, and those 4 strokes for sleeping past hole #1 the last day. Boy was I dumb!

I have also been thinking about combining the scores of all the "Major" tournys (1 from each City in La) and having a "State Champ" from the combined scores.

We can have them all be PDGA sanctioned (maybe) and have a rooling ace pot for those tournys, and oh my, my head is moving faster than I can type> Blow out!

Has anyone else noticed that Jon G Fox has passed up Mikey-mike by one stroke for third in the points race in the pro division! The suspense is killing me!
Re: La. representative at USDGC
March 12, 2003 08:39PM
Thanks Mike for considering our Spring Tourney for the USDGC Tournament spot.

We're working hard to finish our new holes (only one left to cut) at least a week before the tournament. That would at least give the players a weekend to play the new holes.

We won't have the new signs up but I'll make some dinky laminated cardboard ones for the tourney so nobody will get lost in our new Jungle Course...;-p

Basically here is how the new course layout will be:

Hole #1 remains the same - the 2nd hole will start across the road that goes to the campsite and wind through the woods back to what is now #2 (which will be #10)

Hole #18 on the "Jungle Course" (that's what I wanna call it) will be where #10 is now.

The first hole on the "Swamp Course" will be the old #11 and the last hole will be the old #27. There will be one hole added between the old #16 and 17 or between #17 and 18. That's the one we will be cutting this weekend.

The baskets are due in this week and we'll be doing some tee boxes this weekend.

If anybody understands all this, explain it to me will ya'? ;-)

I'll keep everyone posted in here so you'll know when the new holes are ready to play.

Joe T
i will earn my spot in baton rouge in august, if i don't get the spot for winning the Worlds in AZ two weeks before that!
Re: La. representative at USDGC
March 12, 2003 10:50PM
Baton Rouge it is!
i spoke with kevin pelton and he agrees with the rest of us that it's a good idea to award the spot at a Louisiana tournament before July is over. if Lafayette is too early for everyone, what are our other options? should we vote on a tournament? what Louisiana tournaments are there between now and then?
There are two one-day tournaments in Baton Rouge and that's that. One in April (Greenwood) and one in May (Highland). If it can happen, the two day Acadiana tournament should be the one.
Sorry, misread your message. Add two more tourneys before the end of July, again both in Baton Rouge, one at each course. Boy, we have a lot of tournaments here.
isn't there a june tournament in west monroe? and i think there's a 2day tournament in july in shreveport. goby, would you consider playing for it at one of the one day tourneys in B.R. ? i think the shreveport guys like highland road's open fairways, it's close to n.o. and it would give you b.r. guys home field advantage and we all know you need it :) just kidding.
i vote for acadiana, close enough to home for me. lets see a show of hands. dont they have internet up there in north LA? its 3 weeks away.
Mikey, I found why I overlooked Shreveport in July....according to the SN tournament listing, it's in Shreveport, Mississippi! (BTW, is the S'port City Challenge a PDGA event this year?) So, yeah, Shreveport has a two day event in mid-July. I can't make it as I'll be heading for Missouri to visit relatives, then play in Am Worlds. If Shreveport works out as a good tourney to make the decision, though, then go for it. Monroe's not listed in the SN list.

I'd try to qualify here in Baton Rouge, or anywhere else. Yes, I *do* need home field advantage, along with lot of good luck. I probably don't have a real shot at it, but I'd definitely give it a try.
Re: La. representative at USDGC
March 13, 2003 10:10PM
We are talking about Louisiana here. Invite all the LA PDGA members to Rivendell, everybody does two shots of whatever per 50 pounds of their body weight, and then you play a round for the bid. Being from Mississippi and not a PDGA member, I will come and supervise the event. And drink whatever booze is left.
Re: La. representative at USDGC
March 13, 2003 10:45PM

Unless it is different this season, the S'port City event has been a PDGA B Tier in past years...
I see it is not on the list but there has been a 2 day tourney in June in Monroe for the last several years. Last year it was the week before the MS States. Mike Pohlman where are you? I’m not pitching Monroe, since I’m not an LA resident. I’m just saying Kernan the Barbarian is correct. BTW, watch out for him and DW this weekend at the LA doubles.
vl, yeah, I know the S'port City Challenge has been sanctioned in the past, but it's not even listed this year, let alone already sanctioned, on the PDGA schedule. That can change, of course. I've tried to contact Kevin Pelton to find out, but the e-mail addresses I found for him were invalid.

Kevin, I'll definitely defer to you and Mikey. I was only reporting what was listed on the tournament schedule (Mobile, Columbus MS). Their November Gobbler event isn't listed either. The weekend before MS states already has two tournaments. (Wouldn't matter to me, as I probably will be in the field that weekend).
since this spot is awarded to a PDGA member, when we have the deciding vote only PDGA members votes will count. hurry up and renew, chainsmoker, if you want to vote! A spot in the USDGC, another benefit of the PDGA...
Chainsmokers unite!
no sweat big dady-o, i plan on renewing this week. sorry that you played like crap this weekend ;)
after discussing this with disc golfers from around the state, it seems the most popular choice for the competition this year would be at the Cajun Classic at Highland Road in June. reasons given:

1. gives people time to renew their PDGA membership if they want to compete
2. the course is long like the USDGC course
3. Shreveport people don't have to worry about trees like at Lafayette or Rivendell Farm
4. it's a one day event

i now open the floor to debate...if there are no objections by the end of March, we will award an invitation to the USDGC at the Cajun Classic June 7, 2003. peace out.
>2. the course is long like the USDGC course

But wide open (no punishing OB), unlike USDGC. =8)
goby, do you like being punished?
Hey Mike, I like the idea using the Cajun Classic for selecting the representative. It gives everyone a chance to get early notification and be there is they are interested in playing at the USDGC at Winthrop. Rememmber you have an open invitation to come to Dangerous Acres. We play on Thursdays at 5:00 pm. You know the way. Since you have been there last we have made some changes to make a few holes longer and harder. Also, I believe Rob Williams extended an invite to Goby, so Goby if you read this, you should make an attempt to come also. Average hole length is over 300FT. The property is called Dangerous Acres because in a three year time period the property has been robbed three times and hit by two tornadoes. The last tornado took out over 20 massive oak trees.

see ya,

dangerous don
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