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La Doubles

Posted by Sky South West 
La Doubles
March 16, 2003 07:53PM
I'd like to thank everyone that turned out this weekend, some how the weather missed us on Sunday (for the most part), and I am sunburned from Saturday.

Mobile, S-port City, Monroe, W. Monroe, NO team, Lil' Rock!, Crow's town, Jackson, HCSV- H-berg, and us local yokels had a great time. 62 people (31 teams!) and drama till the end.

Enjoyed it you @#$%& Monroe boys! Now that is golf!!!!!!

I'll have the results posted tomorrow, but I did want to say thanks to all who showed, and to all who helped!

Lil' Rock- I'll see ya'll at the Ark States!!!

Will T
Re: La Doubles
March 16, 2003 09:40PM
All you weenies who stayed home this weekend missed out on some great golf. And I am not saying that because I had a brief Moment of Greatness either. The 6-6-6 format adds a whole other level to the game. We went from lead, to second, to dead last, and back to second over the course of the tournament. Speaking of Greatness, you also missed Will's partner acing in the playoff to win the tournament! It was beautiful.
And I must say, no offense to the North Mississippi and Pensacola folks (all of whom were noticeably absent) but it was nice to play a tournament where almost all the Advanced players could CRUSH, and had to, and did.

Now I would like to challenge whoever is running the Mississippi State Doubles to take up this format and make the tournament really interesting. Especially on a course where almost all the players can reach all the holes, this makes it a whole new ballgame.

And oh yeah, two weeks to Windy Hills. See you there.
Re: La Doubles
March 17, 2003 11:56AM
congrads to willy BT and john, what a comeback.

since i'll never be able to get a partner for doubles again, i would like to announce my retirement from doubles disc golf! apologies to frzbman.
Re: La Doubles
March 17, 2003 03:11PM
hey mikey ease up. i had some moments of glory this weekend but also some embarrasing ones to.

alternating shot greenwood, lake hole: my partner put his upshot mabey 15 ft from the pin and i managed to hit one link with my putt.

worst shot greenwood, hole 13: we were both 12 feet fom pin and Ryan donked the top of the basket. leaves me with an 11 ft lay-up. oh yeah!

last putt of the day at highland, hole 1: i nailed mabey 30 fter for bird in best score.

last putt of the day at greenwood, hole 3: Ryan bangs in a 35 fter for duece to tie us for last cash!

i hope its not your last doubles show because i enjoyed the hell out playing with you and doug for two rounds. i have never laughed more in a group in my life!
Re: La Doubles
March 17, 2003 03:24PM
What happened out there? We didn't keep you up past bedtime Saturday did we?? HA-ha!
Re: La Doubles
March 17, 2003 09:25PM
Yo Mikey-mike -- At least you hit the ace right after Jon G Fox was raggin on you. And by the way, Blessed wasn't there, or the Laffayette croud, so maybe they won't find out that you helped Doug so much, and partner up with you. Then there is always Marc LaBorde. He should be playing Pro by then huh?

I'm Going to try to do the pay out and final payout/standings then transfer them to here so good bye for now.

Willy TD
Re: La Doubles
March 17, 2003 10:40PM
Here we go!

2003 La Doubles
March 15 -16

Open Pro :
1) John Fowler / Will Timmons -20 $120/ea
1) Jimmy Moak / Toby Trichell -20 $120/ea
3) Jon Fox / Rivers Sherrod -15 $ 65/ea
4) Tony Bass / Stephen Heaps -14 $ 13.33/ea
4) Errin Lewis / Ryan Clark -14 $ 13.33/ea 4) Bill Tyler / Ricky Martin -14 $ 13.33/ea
7) Mike Kernan / Doug Williams -13
8) Kevin Pelton / Paul Lawrey -11
9) Jimmy Cuttler / John Kittrell -8
10) Matt Aymond / Adam DiBenedetto -6
11) Dave Griffin / Jennifer Griffin DNF

Masters :
1) Ronnie Adams / Rusty Banks -11 $70/ea
2) Victor LeBlanc / John Taylor -9 $35/ea
3) Don Perkins / Paul Vogel -6
4) Kerry Brouillette / Rob O’Dell E

Pro Women :
1) Robin Adams / Luri Maxwell +22 $40/ea

1) Andrew Godley / Terry Zeringue E 55snc/ea
2) Crow / Hardy Eastham +6 30 snc/ea
2) Cory Austin / Bill Owenby +6
3) Toad Traylor / Robert Vikowski +6 (crippled team)

Adv Masters :
1) Mike Taylor / Rob Williams +11 43 snc/ea
2) Pat Hallman / Dicky Maxwell +15

Amateur :
1) Chris Adams / Mark LaBorde -5 45 snc/ea
2) Jason Lafoon / Danny Reeves +7 35 snc/ea
3) John Little / David Schere +9 30 snc/ea
4)Gary Thronson / Bobby DiBenedetto+13 20 snc/ea
5) Kirt Holder / Scott Ford +29
6) Jeff Plaisance / Craig Plaisance +33
7) Brandon Borque / Chris Marsh DNF
8) Jason Bourgeons / Randy Stockstill DNF

Am Women :
1) Joy Parker / Selina Stepp +53 25 snc/ea

31 Teams
Awesome golf, miracle shots, and fantastic finishes
Just wait till next year!
Peace – Willy TD
Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 10:52AM
Just to let you know, the video of the tournament winning ace shot is on it's way to John in BR. The idea was mentioned to put it on this site. Were gonna try an do something with it up here in Monroe. That's the first Ace I have ever filmed, an John makes it look easy. Anyway, congratulations !
I had a blast and am looking forward to next years tourny. Later.

Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 11:17AM
danny, there's a guy named johnny B who goes around the country trying to film aces, i will call him and see if he is interested in your clip, he might put it on "Hot Shots Volume 2". On "Hot Shots Volume 1" there was a very handsome disc golfer who aced a temp hole in Hattiesburg to get on that video, now he is recognized all over the country by hot disc golfin babes who often request him to, well, i can't really say here without offending some people, but let me tell you, it's a good request. :)
Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 01:27PM
Does the person who filmed the shot get the babes too!?! :)
John Kittrell
Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 04:16PM
Just wanted to say thanks to Will T for running another great tournament and letting me stay at his house. Although I didn't play as well as I'd like I met some new people. If you haven't herad of Jennifer Griffin in SN circles you will. Her and her Dad played pro open and Jimmy and I played with them. She can crush. On gold #12 at Highland she drove within 25 feet (past me and my partner who shall remain nameless) Had a blast. Later...
John K
Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 05:20PM
You named him right above your saying you're not going to name him.

Already working on next years format, with even more suprizes!

See ya'll at Poplarville (a plug for ya'll over there) since I'll be working in the yard this weekend, since there is NO tournament!!!!

Thank you to everyone who showed up.

PS- Laff was working on their course to have it ready for their tournament in April, next year will be even bigger!!!

Willy TD
Re: La Doubles
March 18, 2003 06:34PM
Right you are Will...lots of work going on in Lafayette. We did "doubles" work duty last weekend. ;-)

All holes are cut, the baskets are in and the basket sleeves are down. Now if we can just stay dry we can get the tee pads finished.

As soon as the new holes are playable (concrete or not) I'll post it in here.

Joe T
Re: La Doubles
March 19, 2003 09:17AM
hey danny i tried to call johnny B but his cell phone was disc-connected. if i see him at a supertour i'll tell him you have an ace on video, i'm sure he'll be interested.
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