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SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30

Posted by tdwriter 
Great time had by all!!

My highlight was not at Florence but on the way home Allen Raines, Bob "air" Lyle and myself hit Tishomingo...b/c we're helpless fanatics!!

Anyway I haven't beat Frankenarm in about 4 years and believe it or not I Babe Ruth'd hole eighteen for an ace on the last throw of the weekend to beat Allen and take his sweet numbers (SN and Memphis tags)...

that's right, I stepped on the box with the sun setting talkin' 'bout what a great weekend we had and stated..."wouldn't it be cool to toss an ace on the last throw of the day"....toss.......CHING!!!!! SWEET!!!!

We labeled it the 1st ace in the inaugrual "slaw headin' home classic"(note it was truly a classic!!! Griff
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 10:13AM
Oh yeah three more things.

One...Russ, I played with your son Will the first round Saturday. He's a great kid.

Two is mainly a question on AM payouts and more specifically how it happens. It's not just this Tournament but at some others, the AMs get a Voucher and then go pick out the Discs they want or merchendise which is great because it gives people a also creates kind of a free for all and a disadvantage to the guys or girls who finish in the top of their Division because if they aren't quick to get over to the stuff...the discs and everything else are picked over by the people who finished below them.

Not sure how to fix this except by either giving out the Player's Prizes or perhaps telling the people as soon as they pick up their voucher to go on over to the merchendise and start picking things out. That might be the best way to do it if you are giving out Vouchers.

Three...let me again say how nice the course was. Tee's were clearly marked. Fairways were nice and trim. Place looked great and the Tournament seemed to run very smooth. Great job! Oh and loved the big Advanced Turn out and was disappointed in the PRO turn out. :D

Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 11:21AM
As an Am who has run a tournament I find that both as a player and as a TD that giving out the plastic instead of a voucher works much better. If you want to help that cause out some for those who don't get discs that they want you can offer to do an even trade with anything in the for sale pile. I have also suggested that anyone who wants to trade off some discs meet in a spot after the meeting to swap discs. All of these ideas combined prevent the fight for discs that really just drives me crazy.

That'd be the best way as long as one's winnings are not several of the same has happened before, but the Parks and or our vendors are usually willing to trade for like values. Griff
It's all about satisfying the players. And the resources to deal with it! When just givving out the plastic (prizes) you have to deal with the fact that almost EVERYONE wants something other that what you gave them. The voucher solves 90% of this problem. The only downfall to this is the amount of inventory you have on hand. If you can afford to stock $5,000 worth of prizes (or are a major supplier like Jim O) you have way more than you could get rid of on a good day. . . but what do you do with what is left over? I don't know any clubs or individuals who can afford to sit on a large inventory until the next major event comes along.

I am not sure you could ever have enough of just the right stuff for every single player anyway, you get as close as you can to taking care of as many as possible and call it a good day.

We, as Disc Golfers, have been given so many choices in the last year, is it any wonder we cannot be satisfied with the same-o run of the mill stuff. We all always demanding bigger, better, more from our suppliers, sponsors, etc. It;s tough.

I personally think the voucher is about as good as it is going to get. Very few problems to contend with and just about as streamlined as you can get. After all. . most of us have to travel quite a distance just to attend an event, and it is nice to get the awards and prizes over so you can get home at a reasonable hour. And don't forget the TD & staff. . if they are lucky enough to have them. It's a pretty thankless job from what I have seen, on both sides of the issue. If you make too many demands, they are likely to tell you. . . go ahead, run teh next one yourself. . and take it from me. . and every other TD out there. . . it's not the walk in teh park some seem to think it is.

Anyway, had a great time. . hats of to Kyle and the SFC.
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 03:37PM
Well Bill I guess I need to jump in here and disagree with you. I've run a real tournament and attended more than enough as a participant and I don't think the voucher thing works at all.

You are right disc golfers have diverse tastes however I would say that most of the players do NOT get what they would really want when they are jumping into the fray after the typical voucher awards ceremony. That being said most don't get what they want when they are handed a pile of discs because the TD cannot hope to personalize each pile of discs. HOWEVER if the TD would take the time to make each pile diverse and contain a wide variety of discs and prizes you will find that most DG'ers are VERy appreciative and while they might trade some they will probably happily take what you give them and you've just avoided the voucher rush of 20 people on a VERY small stack of plastic.

Oh and as a side note for those that are going to take the extra time to give plastic to the winners and not vouchers, please don't give the winners a big pile of putters and a couple of drivers! They won! Unless they just drove every disc into the pin for an ace (in which case they should be playing for cash) they probably know how to putt and have a putter they are happy with.

Maybe since I am an Amateur player I take a different view towards Amateur prizes but I had alot of people come up to me and thank me for the WAY I gave prizes at my Ice Bowl, and just to let everyone know I will be doing the same this summer.

I agree with you Bill, when I was playing Adv. i was pleased when i heard i was able to pick out the plastic I wanted. I hated recieving what somebody else wanted me to have. If a TD has a certain order to go by the table woulnt be crowded. the players would be HAPPY! Why should you choose what a player will throw next? If its an Adv. player hes pretty much set in what he throws, and he knows what to look for. When he wins he doesn't want a stack of dx plastic your trying to get rid of. If hes a jr. let him decide what he wants to learn not what you think hell be able to throw. Ive been down south for a year now and have seen several tournys have the stacks already to go, and have NEVER seen very much satisfaction come out of it. Am players being able to pickout their own platic is the way to go! [unless you have the stack of dx plastic collecting dust] You shouln't be able to decide who gets what!

Kyle did a great job!

"The course looks better than ive ever seen it. The long tees were great. Thanks for thowing them into the mix. The florence crew AKA SFC, is the funnest group of golfers ive had the pleasure of meeting and playing with. I had a great time." Props to James for taking second.
Consider this. If you don’t have enough plastic for each winner to get at least something they want, the prize method won’t matter, some winners will get nothing they want. If you do have enough plastic for each winner to get only what they want, the most efficient method has to be fewer transactions, pick your plastic. If the TD prepares properly, in the real world, there should be enough for all winners to get at least some of what they want. The after ceremony voucher plan gives everybody the same chance to choose. If winners then trade, that is not a transaction the TD has to worry with, so the tournament is over more efficiently. If winners get stuff they don’t want they can trade, give away to newbies or better yet, play Holmes County with it.
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 08:31PM
But how about the people that aren't over agressive and get shoved out of the meelee that follows those vouchers AC's. They get stuck with a stack of 10 DX cobras and aviars that they don't throw. Atleast if you give the discs out you can govern how much premium plastic each prize winner gets, and not just give it all to the over agressive disc sharks out there.

Another perk of giving discs instead of vouchers, the better discs will be reserved for prizes and not all sold out to the pros and other people so that all the winners are stuck with are Dx junk. I've seen this exact thing happen, heck I've had it happen to me.

What if...

Everyone just went pro and collected cash?...

Just kidding!

From a woman's point of view this is what should happen...


Juniors and novice- Example:possibly a mixture of everything...after all we want them to keep playing!

Am and Adv.- Example: DX and candy plastic from all weights and manufacturers.

WOMEN!- Save the most of the light weights (150s and 160s) for us and have plenty to choose from!!

Maybe have a limit as to how many candy discs you can pick...
Example-1st place-3 Candy, 3 Dx
2nd place-2 Candy, 3 Dx
3rd place-1 Candy, 3 Dx
and so on....
Make the vouchers SPECIFIC if they choose to use them to purchase discs.
The Zinger
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 11:57PM
Maybe you could get some bags, shirts, metal minis, bumper stickers, etc. Then people can have a variety to choose from. And if someone doesn't see what they want, they can hold on to it and use it later. The sky bucks and sky south west bucks are used like this. I think it is much better than giving out plastic that someone doesn't want or might not need. After all, we do pay the $$ to enter, so someone should be able to pick what they want if they win.
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
April 01, 2003 07:43AM
My point wasn't that vouchers were that bad of an point was that it turns into a free for all once the awards are over which is not fair to the winners and high finishers of each Division. That's just my opinion, which I have many of! :D

I also didn't want this to turn into a voucher bashing Topic. The main point is that this Tournament was great. The course was great and it was run very well. People who couldn't make it missed out.

Another note for all you who play in tournamnets around the country. ..


Sometimes an event has only been drawing 40 or 50 players. . then one year, for whatever reasons. . they have 100 show up.

With your "normal" planning. . the TD never even dreamed that there would be so many people, so he has not ordered enough to cover the amount of people who have come to play. .AND WIN!

So. .Please. . . help those TD's out. . .Let them know at least a week or two in advance that you will be there. . . then you can be assured of lots of goodies.

I know that reality creeps in to all of our lives, things happen! You may not know until the last minute, or you may have a change in plans that lets you attend. . . these things DO happen. . . but that can be just the small part of the equation. If everyone would just put one tenth of the planning into their attendance that the TD puts into teh tournament. . .most of these problems would go away.

Oh. . yeah. . .Tupelo April Fool Fling is just a couple of weeks away. . . I think there are still some cabins left. . if you like Tishomingo. . you'll like Tombigbee too. . . LET ME KNOW!


No one is "bashing" the voucher topic in my opinion. This forum is set up for discussions and a very good point was made about the "free for all". People are just giving their opinions. And some very good ones on both sides. Maybe we should move this topic to its own thread...
(I started one!)

About Florence...
Great job Kyle!!! :0)
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