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SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30

Posted by tdwriter 
SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 18, 2003 11:01PM
I know there hasn't been a lot said about this event, but what can you say when you've been doing this for 20 years.

The tournament will be held at Lakeside Disc Golf Course in Veterans Park, Florence, AL., on March 29 and 30. There will be two rounds Saturday (at least 20 holes, possibly more) and a final round Sunday. There is normally a final six, but I haven't got word from the TD on that so don't hold me to it.

I will hopefully post the entry fees later if anyone is interested.

Of course, there will be an ace pot and CTPs.

We will likely move some pins around as well since we have eight movable baskets.

We will be working on the course so it will be in nice shape for all our visitors, of which I hope there will be many.

I made several "goodwill" trips last year and earlier this year to places I've never been and would love to see some of the folks I met here at the end of March.

Please take not that this could be the last Spring Fling-It since this park might not be here next year. We will have one or two more events here later, but this will be the biggest.

If you have any other questions, email me and hopefully I can answer them. Russ C.

Is it sanctioned? Rumor says yes but PDGA website says no. Just curious!
Also...Can you get Kyle to have Pro Women throw from long tees at LEAST one round?
Addie, all I know is what Kyle tells me. I also know he's kinda burned out running tournaments. He tells me it's going to be a C-tier event, but don't know if he's called the PDGA or what. From what I hear about running PDGA tournaments, It's too much hassle for too little return. If we don't get a significant number of folks for that reason, I doubt there will be another PDGA event here. I know I wouldn't want the headache when a SNDG event is much easier to run. To really know what's going on with the PDGA sanctioning, call Kyle. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. RwC

You always go above and beyond in helping promote disc golf. I am very thankful for the info you DID give me. Tell Kyle we are VERY APPRECIATIVE for all the tournaments he has run. I will help with any last minute stuff when I get into town. Thanks!

Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 19, 2003 01:29PM

I personally would be more inclined to come to the Tournament if I knew for sure whether it was also going to be PDGA. I know its Southern National and thats great! But I am not able to make a lot of out of town Tournaments and being PDGA entices me a bit further.

Just let us know if you find out anything and thanks!
I'm in, PDGA or not....just lookin' to improve my DFL finish at the Florence Ice least I got to see the back-2-back aces in my group for my Chief prototype CTP!!

Here's to straighter flyin', more controlled chaos in my game!! And yes, it's in from the right, followed by one in from the left!!!....and with that, I was DFL!!!(but still smilin'). Griff
I can now answer your question Brad. NO, the event will NOT be PDGA sanctioned. We missed the two month deadline to register a PDGA event (another reason NOT to run one). It will remain an SNDG qualifier so tell the rest of the memphis crew to come on!

I'm being informed that we WILL seek sanctioning for the W.C. Handy Memorial tournament scheduled for either late July or August. It's held in conjunction with the weeklong W.C. Handy Music Festival. More on that as it develops.

Thanks for the kind words Addie. Just trying to make up for lost time!

We'll be working on the course Saturday and during the week before the event so the course should be in great shape.

Lots of last minute decisions to be made. We may return to a four 18-hole format for this event and utilize the pro tees and alternate pins more. Basically, we're just going to surprise everyone who shows up! RwC
The word I have heard is that most aren't interested in a two day C Tier. Lower points, lower money, but you have pay for a hotel.
Well Brian, I guess it really doesn't matter since we waited too long to get PDGA sanctioning, so as it stands now, it's simply an SNDG qualifier. Hopefully we'll get a good crowd of Southern National golfers trying to beef up their championship points. RwC
Just to let everyone know...

We were in Florence Sunday and the course looks GREAT!!! This is going to be a tournament you don't want to miss!!!!

See everyone there!!
Thanks Addie, Several of us worked really hard Saturday and Jack and Kyle will continue with it this week.

I can tell y'all that there will be three rounds of 14 holes, two Saturday and one Sunday. Not sure yet about a final 6.

Entry fees are as follows: Open Men $47; Master, Women and Grandmaster $37; Advanced and Advanced Master $27; Amateur men and women $22; Novice $15.

Please show up early. The players meeting will be at 9 a.m.

Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 24, 2003 08:31PM
Am I reading correctly 3 rounds of 14 holes? Or is that a typo?

Thanks, yes. it's a typo. It should read, three rounds of 24-holes. Thanks, Dave. (But you were reading it correctly ;-)
how far is Florence from Lower La?

I know I haven't played in Florence, yet, but was curious as to the time to get there.

Will T
Well, Will I'm not sure. I've estimated it will take me about 6-hours to get to Hattiesburg from here. How far are you from there? We'd love to have ya. RwC
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 24, 2003 10:49PM
Sorry, Will and the rest of southern Louisiana have been claimed for Saturday.
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 24, 2003 11:17PM
will has been claimed for sat but he wont be bringing that ole #1 tag
What? For one day of golf as opposed to two? Two rounds as opposed to three. Pearl River's brand new, Crow. Our course (and the entire park) could be pulled in a year or so to make way for "progress." Will and all of southern Louisiana are welcome here. RwC
Jack, Kyle, and the SFC gang have done a great job in prepping the course, anyone missing it will be missing a great event.

Jack, if you are monitoring this forum. . . give me a call at work! I have the SFC bag tags & the temp hole signs done, you can get them any time! I keep leaving your cell # at home when I come in to work.

See you all there. . .

DG Guy
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 25, 2003 07:52AM
Sorry, man, you should have been there when we held the draft ;)
Actually, I am sure that if anybody had the gas money and the inclination to drive 450 miles or so they would pick a two day over a one day. If the tournament this weekend was anywhere else but our course, I would probably pick Florence, using the whole baby-niece-in-Huntsville thing for an excuse like I did for Tishomingo. Good luck with your tournament, and I hope to see ya'll at Rocket City in May.
Thanks Crow. It's a lot closer for Louisiana golfers to drive to Pearl River than to Florence, and from the way it sounds they have a sweet course there. I really only figured we'd draw from north and northwest Miss., but you never know. I don't see the two events affecting each other's turnout.
Wish you could make it. This course is a lot different than Tish. And I do hope to make it to Huntsville in May, we we'll see ya then. Good luck this weekend. RwC
Hey Florence..anyone who is interested....I will be bringing about 10 of the Memphis DGC bag tags...they are pretty sweet. They are $20 (which includes membership in the Memphis DGC)....These babies are hot (see our website) and all tag holders will have a hey day at the upcoming Memphis Dogwood Classic in May.

Also keep in mind, the Memphis tags are for the calendar year 2003 so there are many tourneys that they will come into play. Proceeds are helping us buy baskets to expand the Shelby Forest courses to 36 holes(so its not like your money won't be utilized for the betterment of our disc golf community as a whole).

Prizes at the May tourney are TBD but we are giving great stuff each Memphis Tourney and certainly a the end of the year.

AR, LA MS, AL, FL & GA come on and join us!!! lol Griff
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 28, 2003 04:26PM
Brad and Dave's Adventures along with the tag along Brian will be arriving in Florence Alabama tonight!!

Along with the Counselor being there, the Advanced Division Rocks!

Memphis plans on taking this Alabama Advanced Title back home!

We'll see about that!!!

(Spoken on behalf of my Huntsville boys!) :o)
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 28, 2003 07:30PM
Not so fast memphis! A last minute sub at work has allowed me to make plans to play tomorrow. See you guys there! Fair
Great to hear this guys, but we've got a ringer in the advanced division that's going to give you guys a run for your money. You can find out who it is tomorrow! Personally, I'm remaining in the advanced master division until the points season ends, then look out! RwC
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 28, 2003 08:50PM
Russ, email me directions from Tupelo if you don't mind. Also, do you guys have camping available and if so how much is it? I can't wait to play your course this weekend.

Well, we had a fun Saturday of golf. 48. Temps were in the mid to high 50s with a little wind, gusting pretty good at times. The sun came out here and there so overall it wasn't a bad day. Above all NO RAIN.

We're teeing off our third round of 24 shortly after 9:30 a.m.

Turnout is not what we expected, 59, and I hope we can remedy that in the future. I was really hoping for a better turnout from north Mississippi, but I appreaciate those who showed up.

It's going to be cooler today, but what the heck, the sun's out and it will be fun. RwC
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 30, 2003 09:52PM
Great tournament!! The weather was nice, although a little windy and cool today. I really enjoyed playing the Florence course. If you haven't ever played it, get there before it gets removed. All the locals were great hosts and showed myself and the other visitors a great tournament. The highlight of my weekend was taking a 5 on number twelve because I was trying to play the hole to the wrong basket. I threw a big hyzer that got air and went deep into the woods. Second shot was a panner into another large bush, and after throwing a spectacular kneeling cut roller out of the jungle that circled the basket, I realized that I was throwing at the wrong basket. Two strokes later, and a few fowl words, I secured a double bogey that could only be called humerous if nothing else.
Awesome time!
Re: SFC Spring Fling-It March 29-30
March 31, 2003 08:45AM
Great Tournament in Florence. I really like that course a lot! That one ranks with Enid in my book. I just wish I hadn't blown up on Sunday. :(

I am sure your Tournament was enhanced Fair by mooching off of our hotel room and eating all of Dave's Onion Blossom at Outback!

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