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Open SNC's

Posted by Crow 
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 03:50PM
how many times must i repeat myself vic? i do not agree with everything the PDGA does, but i think most of what the PDGA does is great and valuable to disc golfers. your logic is faulty as far as La's renewal rate goes, it is still early in the year and so some people haven't renewed their PDGA i doubt it will be 17% renewal in La if what you said is even true which i don't have anyway of knowing. instead of focusing on the renewal rate, why don't you look at how many current members there have been from year to year, it goes up every year!!! at the END of 1997 there were 4247 current members, five years later at the END of 2002 there were 7494, that's a 70% rise in membership in 5 years, does that sound like an organization that is failing to you? i might be in the minority around this board, but certainly there are not 7500 members of the SN, and just because you get some e-mails saying the PDGA sucks does not make your case. thanks for doing the TD report, which i agree is tedious. now if you'd just lay off the PDGA for a while, i can get some work done. peace my friend
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 04:52PM
hey will truncated means "i'll buy you a beer in poplarville"

don't forget the windy hills open is march 29! can't wait to throw some discs instead of typing a bunch of doo doo about it.

griff i will buy you a beer in birmingham! and raise a toast to the SN !
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 04:54PM
mike you act like i walk around with picket signs calling the PDGA the devil spawn...

speaking of fuzzy logic, there are 22,451 all time joiners to the PDGA and only 5323 current members.

you do the math...

there are so few members that i've seen that actually ask real questions about the PDGA... a good number of the members seem to be yes men lemmings that merely attack anyone who does not tow the company line... or god forbid ask a real question...

i've actually helped talk up AM Worlds to regional golfers quite a bit.... and have helped PDGA TDS (LIKE YOU) voluntarily... and will continue to do so.

some of you "pro pdga" guys cannot see the forest for the trees, imo.

i can relate-- they had me convinced for a short while-- till i had experiences that showed me the light...

after spending time with PDGA powers that be at Am Worlds and Pro Worlds -- for hours on end... and attending the meetings at three different Worlds-- i got a first hand view of the PDGA powers that be "poser factor"... some were useless as tits on a bull, i tell ya... and are paid out the whazoo to boot. (from your membership fees, btw)

i tell ya if i heard one more legend in his own mind brag about being in dg for twenty years WHILE THE REST OF US WERE BUSTIN ARSE i think i would've hurled chunks all over texas...

That does not reflect on keith in miami or them there nice arse texicans or the grunt PDGA volunteers & TDs i worked side by side with... they are in NO WAY who i refer to... the powers that be that are pocketing a profit for dubious amounts of work-- are who i am talkin bout.

willT, more simply stated... an incomplete TD report-- on purpose-- so the 5$ fee total amount would be much much less.
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 08:36PM
"y'all crack me up on a regular basis with your hostility towards the PDGA."

WHAT HOSTILITY HAVE I SHOWED ON A REGULAR BASIS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Just because you think the PDGA is the best organization ever and I don't doesn't mean I am being hostile. Just because I am asking questions doesn't mean I am being hostile.

You keep bringing up statements about PDGA and sponserships for tournaments. If I went to a business and asked for a sponsership for a PDGA tournament, they are going to look at me and ask what the hell is PDGA. If I went to a business and asked for a sponsership for a SN tournament, they again are going to look at me and ask what the hell is SN. My point now is: to sell the sport to get sponserships you don't need PDGA since they don't know what it is anyhow. Sure you have such a great event down in New Orleans. Companies don't just come to you to be a sponser because you are running a PDGA event. It takes manpower to get sponsers. I am sure we could get big sponsers for a SN only event.

I know the PDGA has done some good. Look at the Poplarville course. The PDGA donated half the baskets with that package(don't know what it is called). That was a GREAT oppurtunity that turned out to be a GREAT course. Jonas couldn't have done this without the PDGA.

So stop talking about me like I've been saying all this crap about the PDGA. What I've posted on the PDGA message board was about 1 person. If you think the PDGA is made up of 1 person, then that is your problem. And the reason I posted was to get an answer for a question I had, but I guess you were blinded to see that.
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 08:55PM
oh,,,,,,please stop talking abou.............

forgot to say please
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 09:01PM
OH and Will

didn't want to start a new Topic, so I'll post under this one. Study these rules a little bit more before you take the test.

803.11B2 States: If no line is marked, the mandatory line is defined as a straight line through the mandatory, perpendicular to the line from the tee to the mandatory.

And the other one
803.03C states: Any throw from within 10 meters or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the hole, is considered a putt. A follow-through after a putt that causes the thrower to make any supporting point contact closer to the hole than the rear edge of the mini marker disc constitutes a falling putt and is not allowed. The player must demonstrate full control of balance before advancing toward the hole.

Hope this helps :o)
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 09:34PM
I'll be watching your feet with eagle eyes this weekend my friend. You had better show that balance that you say I don't, but I am always in control, and will nail you with this one day. (I had already checked my rule book, another plus of the PDGA!!!!!!)

Till Poplarville,
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 10:42PM
lol,,,then i'll make sure I tie rope around my feet and stake them down while I putt. But thanks for the heads up. I hope Shane puts us at oposite ends of the course.
Re: Open SNC's
March 27, 2003 11:51PM
OK. I just got back from the PDGA disc-ussion board, and I am disgusted. Man,, I just spent 30 min writing an appology e-mail to Bill B because of what was posted there.

I'm dissapointed in the way I reacted to his e-mails, but even more in my friend saying he was me on a public forum, and "posting" private e-mails without Bill B's consent.

Also Mikey-Mike, boy you just gotta stir the pot don't you. The way you're attacking Terry and Vic, I'm sure you'll convince them to be PDGA members real soon. That 's the way a regional coordinator should be. I don't think that we bash the PDGA as much as you bash the SN. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You really made me want to run your tournament for you when you start doggin' me on line about you not running it anymore, so the payout will suck, and what ever else you said, but I let it go until now.

I am not anti PDGA, but when humor turns ugly, and you can't see the persons face to tell if they are joking or not, it can be hurtful and doesn't help anybody.

And Vic, why don't you just stay off their disc-ussion page. You are not helping the SN any by attacking them. If you and DDD need to go somewhere and just duke it out, get it over with and let's do some positive things for disc golf.

Maybe if we worked WITH the PDGA, we could get some of these conflicting points taken care of instead of just calling people names. Grow up and understand that in any business, there will be things that you do not agree with, but we must keep striding forward to reach our common goal.

Will T
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 12:38AM
well put

rock on
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 12:00PM
will, i have already apologized for my comments about you TD'ing at mardi gras next year, although what i said doesn't seem all that bad anyway, but that's me, a big man with big opinions and a big booty and a big (see holmes thread). i don't take anything written on the internet personally and i still consider all who have posted here my friends.

friends can disagree with each other, and it's better to put opinions out in the open in a place such as this rather than talking behind each other's backs (which i am not accusing anyone of). i respect everyone's right to disagree with what i say, but don't expect me or anyone else not to correct or clarify misleading statements by others. i don't think anyone here or on the PDGA board really would get violent with anyone about something posted here, i know i won't.

most of you realize that a lot of what is posted around here is said in a humorous spirit, when i make jokes about y'all it's just that, jokes. i don't take myself seriously and i don't actually recall ever stating anything bad about the SN. in fact i will say it again, i appreciate having the Southern Nationals. i run Southern National tournaments. i play in them, i post incredibly valuable information in its forum (that's sarcasm, a form of humor for those who can't or won't recognize), and even try to get people from texas to come play at Southern National tournaments. i have said before and repeat now that the SN and PDGA should work with each other, they are quite compatible. not every tournament should be a PDGA event, i am not trying to convert any SN's into PDGA events, just want to inform people around here who might not be familiar with the PDGA that it is a great organization and to take a look at it before believing a bunch of garbage posted by a few people here.

Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 03:07PM
So I'm still your friend Mikey-mike?

Yo da man
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 03:39PM
Glad I could make ya laugh, under par.

wwwihumpkitties is a joke. He speaks of others having delusions of granduer...False prophet! It is TRUTH that the PDGA isnt perfect but let the first of you that is, cast the first stone. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, as long as you are not being a complete TOOL! I also believe that if everyone works TOGETHER, we have a better chance of making this a better place for all. I dont mean that everyone should agree on the same things but at least be realistic!
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 03:49PM
i don't know will, did you send in that sanctioning agreement yet? :) and don't forget you said i wouldn't beat you in poplarville, so i'm bringing some crystal hot sauce to help you wash those words down! (i'd ask you to bet me but we might get arrested there) :)
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 07:49PM
Let's play some golf and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 09:48PM
Dont forget! Buy the beer before you get there. Its a dry county and thy will have the eyes upon us all. SO drinkum before you get there
Re: Open SNC's
March 28, 2003 11:09PM
Discgolfdude, I have read the PDGA board and know you have a beef with Vic, but leave that crap over there. We don't want your flame battles on here.
Re: Open SNC's
March 29, 2003 10:04AM
Ok!! Group hug! Let's play golf...
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 07:15PM
This is Ronnie Cook who said that Will was the TD for Baton Rouge it started with me and my wife discussing the idea because I planned on being out of town for the couple of years. Talk to Will and Jim about the Idea, but it so happens that I'm not going to be out of town even though I let Jim Orum know that I would not step down as tournament director
until the first Southern Nationals was held in Baton Rouge. It seems like it has been taken away with SNQ but not BREC. So I have say to all disc golfers I am still tournament director under Baton Rouge through BREC. I would like everyone to let me know how I could better Baton Rouge because BREC is willing to listen. Please let me know so that I can possibily satisfy you guys. Thanks

Baton Rouge
Brec Tournament Director
Ronnie Cook

PS I have no intentions on sending the PDGA any money for the SN Tournaments....................................................................................
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 08:52PM
hey ronnie how ya been? is that really you?
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 08:59PM

Will has done a lot with Baton Rouge tournaments lately. He has gotten a hotel to give us disc golf rates for all of "Your" tournaments and is working on many more sponsers for all upcoming tournaments. Some of us has been fixing up the courses for the tournaments, including Will. Will is making a tournamet calendar. He is very actively involved with disc golf in Baton Rouge.

I think it is dissappointing that you are telling us this as I have not seen you do ANYTHING to help out with pre-tournament preparations.

I know you have done a great job in the past for Baton Rouge disc golf, but I think Baton Rouge is ready to step it up a notch and Will is ready to start doing it now.

But I will also say that we will still do as much as possible to help you get the course ready for tournament play as the tournaments do represent Baton Rouge.

See you at the next tournament!
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 09:33PM
UHH.. what is BREC?
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 09:34PM
BREC is the Baton Rouge Parks Dept...
houston disc golfer
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 10:02PM
man i think that post by ronnie cook is a hoax. notice how the internet location is the same as vic? put that spoon away vic.
The Zinger
Re: Open SNC's
March 30, 2003 10:06PM
I'm guessing that was a joke considering that you can see Ronnie's email is seen when you hover over his name.

All Bellsouth customer in Baton Rouge will have the same internet location.
Re: Open SNC's
March 31, 2003 01:58AM
thanks terry.

it is amazing how much of a newbie some folks are... whitey.

i wonder how the postal service would feel about all that personal use of the internet from work.
Re: Open SNC's
March 31, 2003 11:23AM
are you two confusing me with houston disc golfer? or does he work at the post office too?

well, if that really is ronnie, let me stir it up for real then. you know you're gonna call up will and tell him to run the southern nationals the night before, so why not save him the trouble ahead of time?

well i'll see y'all in lafayette if ronnie can take a joke, if not, i'll be at the hospital, but i think it's a hoax like houston disc golfer does.
will hack for food :^p
Re: Open SNC's
March 31, 2003 11:54AM

fyi: there are ways to determine if the "houston guy" and "underparmike" are the same user.

you still da man. you never go postal or anything :^p

Ronnie, please post the formula you use for dg tourney payouts. Thanks.
Re: Open SNC's
March 31, 2003 12:26PM
I'd be interested to know how you would determine if "houston guy" and "underparmike" are the same user without access to the server logs.
Re: Open SNC's
March 31, 2003 12:34PM
The whole point of the stupid thread was to get the PDGA to fix where the Southern Nationals were to be held this year. It still hasn't been fixed.

If we are going to have it again this year in Memphis please let us know. heh heh :P

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