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Am I trying too hard?

Posted by Printice Kincade 
Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 11:38AM
I recently have decided to play more and try harder and my game has gotten decidely worse. I was shooting 4-8 under at my local course. Well I have been doing well.. and trying real hard to finish even the past 2 weeks. I have changed my drive approach and am hoping that it pays off as I learn to see the basket when I drive, but I might as well have my eyes closed. My acuracy has dropped to nill. Anyone got any i just went through a perioud where i tried new throws or approach and things worked out for them, because i swear I am discouraged. LOL
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 12:04PM
i have the same problem maybe we can play a round to see if it is just us.
when i think i am getting the hang of this game every thing goes grazy.
booty call
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 12:44PM
could you post in the english language in the future?
wish it was that easy.. sorry that I dont have to time to check my grammer.. nor my abilty to finish one thought before another one beg....uhh what was I saying... something about hitting a tree...well there goes the phone..maybe that what wrong.. cant concentrate.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 09:53PM
Be the disc. You need to find your center of gravity, and go from there. To increase your center of gravity, try Dairy Queen.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 09:58PM
Seriously, though, where do you play? I would suggest finding some local pros to play a round with. Try not to learn things from people who suck. And thus have I negated any advice I could give you.
zen and the art of dg
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 25, 2003 10:15PM
i think a golfer can try too hard.

placing too much pressure on yourself can't be a good thing.

at a tourney-- i once heard a texican tell a dg'r (that was trying too hard and kinda tweaking out)...

"don't be so hard on yourself... we're all trying to beat you-- why beat yourself?"

(in a boomhower voice) sheeetmanwhattyatalknboutman.... sheeeet)

anyway, after you decide what disc would be best to throw-- disengage your brain and let form do the work... both for putting and driving...

in my opinion that works better than overthinking it.

there is no such thing as a bad day of golf.

well, in theory-- anyway. :^p

hurling plastic is probably the least stressfull thing on the planet. enjoy it.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 06:39AM
I am going through the same thing! I have been playing terrible lately.

Some advice given to me during one of my frustrated rounds was...

"Relax...Yes, that was a bad throw but you HAVEN'T FINISHED OUT THE HOLE!"

This is SOO true!! If you loose your focus on the PRESENT shot because of a PREVIOUS shot you're only hurting your game.

Don't focus on the negative shots. They WILL happen. It just makes you a better golfer. I know when I shank a disc it's hard to focus on my next shot, and I seldom give it my all. If I did this then I'd save a par instead of getting a bogey!
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 07:41AM
Know what you throw. . . and throw what you know. .

Does not ALWAYS work, but , hey, it's a thought. . .

As your game developes, parts get left behind, or forgotten, or you "grow" out of certain discs. . .and have to learn new ones. . . YOU change, your skill, confidence, it is a never ending cycle!

I feel you establish a relationship with each disc you throw. . that relationship grows. . or diminishes, depending on all of the other things going on in your game, and how long you are able to keep the disc!

I once overheard a friend say, after a failed tomahawk went into Bear creek at Tish. .. "I would rather have lost my wife than that ROC"! I am sure he didn't REALLY mean it . . . but you DO become attached to those little round things that bring so much joy and happiness. . . and frustration, into our lives.

Disc GOlf.. . . ain't it GREAT. . . .

DG Guy
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 07:48AM
I think you should take about 12 years off. That should cure you.

Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 08:13AM
All this is great, but this guy's problem might not be mental. There might be some fundamental flaw in his form that needs fixing. Check out <> for some tips from the greatest player ever, or <> for some tips from one of the greatest. Maybe find yourself a Scott Stokely throwing clinic to go to.
Yeah, I am sure there are some fundamental flaws in my run-up. That is the part I am trying to change. I am going to focus this time and try and explain what I am doing. My approach has been to completely turn my head and back from the basket, reaching back completely on all of my shots. The courses here in North Mississippi are pretty short and as I have progressed, so has the length that I am able to throw. I am now able to reach most of the baskets. So now to improve my asccuracy, I am trying to keep the basket in view as I make my steps on the T-box. This approach feels very awkward and it has made me less accuarate. I threw for about an hour yesterday trying this approach and the biggest problem seems to be wrist angle as I release the disc. I do understand that it will take time. Thanks for help and tips everyone. I dont *think* that my problem is stress. I am a pretty laid back guy. Another big problem seems to be when I "let off" and try to finesse the disc. Anyway enough of my problems. Thanks again guys.

PS I tried to check my grammer. Hope that my ramblings are at least understandable and "No, Fair I wasn't stoned" LOL
The Zinger
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 09:49AM
Even on wooded hole I still turn my head and back towards the fairway I am throwing down. The only way I can do this and be accurate is if I go at it in a straight line. In other words: The point which I start my steps to the point when I release the disc, is a straight line to where I am aiming. Before I take my steps though I aim my disc toward the fairway. I put the disc about chest high in front of me(standing both shoulders facing the fairway). I try to keep the disc exactly where it is and when I take my steps, I step past my disc until I am turned around, and then I throw.

I know none of this makes sense. And I know some people might make fun of me about what I wrote. But it seems to work better for me.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 09:52AM
Hey man, I actually recently went through the same thing, but I am really making progress now. When I ripped it, I could rip it nice and straight, but backing off for the shorter shots was killing me. Since the closest course to me is 25 miles, I went to a local park and found two trees to throw between, about 7 feet apart. I picked a target, which I wasn't really trying to hit, beyond the trees, and focused on that. It has really helped. At the course, instead of focusing on the basket, I have been focusing on a tree or something straight ahead, and then selecting the proper disc to go whichever way the basket is. Unless it is straight ahead, of course, then I focus on the basket.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 11:02AM
Get a fingerpop.
LOL...yeah my fingerpops and lefthanded shots are more consistent than my RHBH.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 11:19AM
forehand, backhand, roller, etc... ya need all that stuff in your bag.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 26, 2003 12:06PM
how do i get this forehand,backhand , to fit inside my bag.
all i can get in my bag is disc. also my approach shots are
my best shots
kincaid - "trying to see the basket upon release"

sounds like you should try to find a target (imaginary)
closer than the basket. ive herd this from Cam Todd and Brad Hammock. i sometimes forget to do it and suffer. this works on alot of shots out side of 25-30 ft.

picture a window about 30 feet in front of you and if you hit that spot on the right angle, with the right speed, the disc will do the rest.

also changing your run up will definatly take sometime to get used to.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 09:00AM
Well some of your tips helped. I shot 8 under yesterday using some of the mental tips for a window. I had started using a new style of putting the last couple of months and had not thought about the tip on Climo's site. He spoke of not using much spin, as that would cause the disc to kick off the chains. That helped some as well. Thanks again for all your support guys.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 11:28AM
Think of Caddy Shack....
Chevy Chase...

na na na nanananananana.... be the ball...era disc..
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 12:09PM
when i am putting i think of shaking hands with the basket
it seems to work for me . but i am not a pro , so don't listen
to me .
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 08:01PM
Harness the power, block the bad. Harness power, block bad.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 08:09PM
I tend to think about my late great aunt when putting. Man...what a pair of legs.....
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 10:19PM
dueling banjos
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 27, 2003 10:23PM
brads last post needs the deliverance soundtrack as background music-- or what?

Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 28, 2003 09:14AM
Print and everybody else,

Check out this article on distance.


I've been working with it this week and the techniques have given me more consistant, longer drives. However it does take some time. I'm still having problem releasing the disc angled upwards. But, my throws are longer when I can keep the disc down, and I'm breaking the 400' barrier more often than before.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 28, 2003 10:07AM
Kary showed me that link a while back and I started with it from scratch (I was exclusively a forehander before this) and it really has helped me become comfortable with a backhand throw quickly. I'm not pushing 400ft backhand yet but I really do feel that such a goal is achievable with these techniques.
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 28, 2003 02:04PM
Thanks for the link. It is sometimes hard to find good articles about the techniques that others use. I am pretty excited about trying some of the tips, so I am gone out to play. Hope you all have a good time at Windy Hills, I wont be making it. My mother-in-law is moving tomorrow, so I being generous have offered to motivate and coordinate the move;)
Re: Am I trying too hard?
March 28, 2003 09:32PM
Focus good. Block bad. And watch out for the FBI agents that have good grammer. They'll bust you for not using your prepositional phrase or dangling participles correctly. For real though just layoff for a while and only putt.. When you go back just drive as usual, but remember to use the basics remember technique only it might not make your drives as long but your just in a rutt
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