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LA Open

Posted by Todd Traylor 
The Zinger
Re: LA Open
September 25, 2002 03:39PM
Boy i can't wait till this weekend!!!! Clear skies, cooler temperatures. Gonna be a great weekend.
Tony Bass
Re: LA Open
September 25, 2002 03:41PM
I was just wondering if this tourney will be a P.D.G.A. B-tier or a C-tier. I have heard both. Someone please clarify.
Re: LA Open
September 25, 2002 04:06PM
it is a B Tier and a SNQ!!!
The Zinger
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 12:16PM
I went by Highland road this morning. The course is ready to be played. Well what i mean is the ditch is not flooded over at all. Last night the ditch made it's way over the banks, but it drained by daylight. Of course it is wet out there, but no flooding.
I might go check out Greenwood later this afternoon. But i seriously doubt it is flooded. So come on down.
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 05:07PM
to everyone

the course are wet but not in bad shape we went out an did some work today so that we could get the standing water out of the tee boxes so they would dry out i think they will be ok still a little muddy but good enought to work with the sun is suppost to come out tomorrow so that will help in the drying and the wind is still blowing so that will help to so don't be afraid to come it will be a great weekend of discgolf
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 08:55PM
we played the red tees and cleaned them up as we went along. the tee boxes were in really good shape considering the rain.

does anyone know if the ET clinic is still on and what time it might occur?
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 10:40PM
one of the texans that are coming in wants to throw a round at greenwood, before we go to highland in the afternoon for preregistration if anyone is interested...
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 10:53PM
Louisiana Open 2002
September 28 - 29, 2002

Saturday: GREENWOOD - 10 AM TEE OFF <<

Sunday: HIGHLAND - 9 AM TEE OFF <<
Re: LA Open
September 26, 2002 11:24PM
Will Saturday registration be available for the tournament? If so, when and where?


Re: LA Open
September 27, 2002 12:26AM
On Saturday the TD will be set up at the Greenwood Course near Hole #8 and will be accepting registrations...

There is a pavillion nearby Hole 8 that they use for tourneys...

Also, on Friday (tomorrow).
Todd will be out at Highland Park in the afternoon and you could register then if you'd like..
The Zinger
Re: LA Open
September 27, 2002 01:20AM
< < <
[ ________________
[ ! sign up * ! ^
[ ! __! ^
[h ! ! ^
[w ! ! ^
[y _________!______________! ^
[ <-entrance to park >>>>>>

Sat. reg. is at Greenwood before 9:30(players meeting)
From either I-10E or I-10W, get onto I-110 N. Get off at Scotlandville exit, take right. The park entrance is the 3rd redlight on right once you've gotten off I-110. {1st light Fina, 2nd light Exxon, 3rd light Greenwood}
Follow the road to the back and go around the circle. You will see cars in the parking lot near hole 8. Hope the map up top will help.
The Zinger
Re: LA Open
September 27, 2002 01:21AM
oops, disregar the picture in the last post, it didn't post how I wrote it out. But I think the directions are good enough.
Re: LA Open
September 27, 2002 09:35AM
wow. this morning there are blue skys and much cooler weather here in BR...

quite a contrast from what we have dealt with over the last few days...

this cool front should really help dry things up.
Re: LA Open
September 28, 2002 06:41AM
thanks to the texicans that have donated merchandise for the AM division payout.

what it boils down to is there is over 700 in cash added to pro divisions and about 600 in donated merchandise that will be added to the AM division ON TOP of what is normally paid out.

BTier my eye... this thing is gonna pay out like an ATier... ;^)

thanks to all the folks helping Toad.

he keeps NO PROFIT at all.

pockets nothing for all his effots and pays out all divisions WAY over the call of duty.

off to the course...
Re: LA Open
September 29, 2002 09:41PM
john and todd are going to post round by round results, payout, etc as soon as they can-- but here is a quick look at the results

the open, pro master, grand master and adv divisions all played the AM & PRO tees at each course...

OPEN (5 dg'ers Qualified for the Safari)
Eric Tracy 198 20 =218
Rivers Sherrod 207 20 = 227
Jay Walsdorf 205 23 = 228
John Fox 207 21 = 228
Will TImmons 205 24 = 229
Jeff St Romaine 214
Kevin Pelton 218
Randy Fortenberry 219
Lee Deforke 225
John Kittrel 225
Mike Kernan 226
Matt Aymond 228
Jason Laughlin 229

Robin Adams was the only Pro Woman. She signed up anywho and played all four rounds with the Am Women... Thanks for always hanging in there Robin... Maybe next year we'll get some female competitors to attend...

Lavone Wolfe 213
Ronnie Adams 216
Victor LeBlanc 223
Rusty Banks 224
Jim Blansett 230
Joe Matz 233
Kevin Lewis 233
Kerry Brouilette 233
Paul Vogel 233

(i've never seen an event where 4 folks dfl'd in one division before :^p)

Willyc 231
Jet Towns 240
Richard Wallen 263

Tony Bass 210
Steve Heaps 216
Terry Zeringue 221
Errin Lewis 222
Matt Orum 222
Pat Fisher 228
Jason Lucky 232
Joe Latino 244
Paul Kainer 247
Corey Austin 248

Mike Taylor 213
Jake Walsdorf 226
Robert Vikowski 231
Rob Williams 233
Don Hill 239
David Robicheaux 244
Ching Lizard 256

AM (Intermediate)
Grayson Goodwill 225
Chris Lackett 226
Rick Pierpoint 228
Jonas LeForte 241
Mark Knoblock 244
Tom Dirkson 248
Brandon Borque 251
Nick Robicheaux 278

Deborah Brouilette 236
Connie Robicheaux 241
Joy Parker 248
Candi Latino 255
Terri Peoples 283

Adam Walsdorf 245 (2pete)
Brandon Vikowski 266

a local named Joey signed up as novice and threw with the juniors...
Re: LA Open
September 30, 2002 10:51AM
thanks! pat fisher and rob williams and ANYONE who sponsored the event,,, and to BREC! all the folks that traveled from texas, mississippi, alabama-- the shreveport, monroe and lafayette guys that showed up-- and the NO teamers, and a good turnout of BR locals.. toad for stepping up and running a SN & PDGA event. that is what helped to bring in folks like willyc from arlington-- (current PDGA AM World Champion Gmaster, that just moved up to pro Gmaster at the LA OPEN! and also folks like Lavone Wolfe and one of the TD's from Tx States, Ching Lizard!!)

btw, willyc birdied AM tee hole #1 at highland with a forehand... not thru the gap, but over the trees with a huge sky anhyzer. it is not impossible to birdy that hole but the route he took was AMAZING. wow. willT for stepping up and filling Jimo's shoes. good job SSWest!

--to john k for volunteering to be the points guru and bringing the current SN points in a printed format to the event. great idea!

thanks to goby for setting up safari holes @ highland that REALLY had risk reward. congrats on winning the ADV MASTER division. boooyah!

what a great event. watching the safari was excellent. (the first hole from #1tbox to #17basket over the bridge @#18 was a blast to watch!)

the texans i know that attended were amazed at the D the pros were crushing during the safari-- (and they say everything is supposed to be bigger in texas? :^p )

oh-- and thanks to the lake hole / pro tees @greenwood for not eating my discs.
Re: LA Open
October 01, 2002 07:24AM
Yeah, I echo what vl said...thanks to everyone who sponsored, helped out and showed up to play. Toad ran a smooth and *very fun* tourney. If you're ever in a group with one of the sponsors, let them know that *as a player* you really appreciate their support.
Re: LA Open
October 03, 2002 09:47PM
You guys rocked last weekend! Awesome courses with two different "personalities." I think I'd still have to vote Highland as your premier course though!

I have never played four consecutive rounds of worse golf since I started! I've been hammering out 2-3 rounds per day ever since.

I wrote a humorous story for our club newsletter about how badly I played...I hope my card-buddies of Don and Dave didn't get too much of the brunt of my crying about it! :-)

I posted another thread out here to let you some of you guys know about some C-tier sanctioned tournaments we're having over in Houston in December and January. Series of four tourney's "Gimp" Edwards is running similar to the Texas 10 format. Four qualifier rounds at 4 different courses, then a two day "final" event at Tom Bass.

Some of you expressed some interest in checking out some of the courses over here...(and if you need a place to stay...I've got room and plenty of floor-space.)

Good work on laying out that Safari-6 Goby! Wow! The last hole was the best of them! Only two guys made it past the schule!
Re: LA Open
October 04, 2002 01:23PM
i will be posting the results some time this weekend and thanks to everyone for helping and haveing a good time , look for us in may or march for la doubles it will be a c-tier and a snq

Thank you everybody for making it a great event and see you next year or at la states next weekend here in baton rouge

The Zinger
Re: LA Open
October 04, 2002 09:22PM
Todd, did you ever turn in the results from the last LA Doubles?
Re: LA Open
October 07, 2002 04:31PM
no i sure didn't but i still have them so i will do that when i do la open ones
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