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1 or 2 day tournys?

Posted by will t 
1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 11:57AM
As I have been looking at the tournaments for this year, I've noticed that there are alot more 2 day tournaments now. I was just curious if most people that travel to play SN qualifers like 1 day or 2 day tournaments better. And if two, does it help if there is only 1 round on that Sunday. (plus a finals)

I had gotten accustomed to 4 rounds with a 2 day tourny, but when work calls Mon morning,I'm usually beat like a steel drum.

Let me know what you think, and I'll see most of ya'll in Poplarville (happy Aniv. Yo Dad- how have you kept Laura for sooo long?

Will T
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 12:13PM
I love the opportunity to play 4 round tourneys, but I'd agree with the feelin' slow on Monday thing. I think the key is where you are pulling the majority of your players from. Up here in Memphis, the Tish., Tupelo Wall Doxey etc. tourneys are all close enough for 4 rounders and most still make it home before say 8:00 pm.

I'm sure it is similar with the Baton Rouge, N.O., Mobile distances. an example....I made it down for the Capital City in BR primarily because it was a one day event(thank God for my sake, my ego couldn't handle much more of a whoopin'--thanx and congrats to the Zinger)...but if it had been a two day, I probably couldn't do it unless I was off the following Monday.

Perhaps a key would be $ rounders on "monday is a holiday" weekends??
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 12:30PM
If I am not mistaken, we keep the Memphis Tournament in May at 3 rounds with one on Sunday because so many people are coming from out of town and need to get on the road. I think this is best for the Tournaments that bring a lot of out of town people.

I personally hate 4 round Tournaments for that reason that your entire weekend is consumed with disc golf and traveling.

I also enjoy 1 day Tournament for the reason that it does not take up your entire weekend.

The Zinger
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 01:03PM
The only 4 round tournament I have attended has been close enough for me to sleep in my own bed. I really enjoy the 4 rounders, but for someone who has to travel a good distance, I see where 3 rounds would be best. Although if the prize $$ is a good amount, I feel that we should play 4 rounds.

I would like to see a 3 day tournament. Maybe a holiday. Fri, Sat, Sun. Five rounds with a final 6. SNC maybe?(not this year of course) I know this would be hard for people, but if we all knew about it about 8-9 months ahead of time it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

All this said, 1 day tournaments are alot easier to attend. I prob wouldn't attend more than 3 or 4 two day tournaments a year because of $$(entry fee, hotel, or if not hotel then gas, food, skins when I'm gettin my butt kicked ;o)
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 01:31PM
I prefer 1 day tourneys because there is no hassle trying to find a place to stay, or having to campout or something. I play my golf then I can commence with the after party.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 01:48PM
I enjoy the ablity to play all weekend, but I would like the ability to go to church services on Sunday.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 01:59PM
2 day events are twice as much fun as one day events.

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 02:28PM
One day events are great during the winter. I don't care to be out in the cold any more than I have to. Three or four rounds events give players more opportunities to make up for mistakes and have a good finish. The good thing about Mississippi courses, Florence and Memphis, is the fact you can camp on site, thus saving money. Motels are high, but they can always be split between several players. I know that's not possible sometimes if the wife and kids come along. RwC
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 08:12PM
I know for a fact that many out of town players were staying away from our Lafayatte tourneys (1 & 2 day) because of the 27 hole rounds and the late finishing time.

I'd vote for the single round on Sunday plus a 6 or 9 hole playoff for the pros on the two day events.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 10:35PM
ive not participated in too many tourneys (2, 1 singles, 1 doubles) but from just logically thinking, 4 round tourneys seem that they should filter out the inconsistency of some players. the more rounds the more the players show their average playing ability
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 26, 2003 11:54PM
I find that the 1 day-2 round tournaments leave me wanting more golf. The 2 day-3 round tournaments are fine for the most part, but sometimes watching the pros play the final 6 or 9 I think to myself "there is still time for more golf." I am probably in the minority, but I don't get much out of watchng the pros play the final holes. Yes, I have seen some pretty spectacular moments, but too many times it is just a 500-600 foot hole with a crushing drive, a long upshot, and a par.

I have only played in a few 4 round tournaments--I agree that the late travel can be a pain, but as long as you aren't driving more that 3 hours or so, there is no reason you can't make it home by 8 o'clock or so. The 4 rounders give a better result as to who are the better golfers. I think that is a good thing.

There are formats that are a compromise. I have played in a 2 day tournament with one 27-hole round each day. This worked out pretty good. I am planning on going to Florence this weekend and play three 24-hole rounds in 2 days (equivalent of 4 18-hole rounds) I'll have to see how that works out.

One format I have not seen is a 1 day 3 round tournament. This would probably have to be in the summer when the days are longer, but it seems like the best of both worlds. You get plenty of golf, and you might get home a little later, but you have a day to recover, or go to church, or play in your local club, whatever. Has this format been tried or is it too much? It seems like it would be especially difficult on the TD's.

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 07:37AM
Dave, It seems like we did this once years ago, probably when our couse was shorter, but I'm not sure.

Jeff Haydel is planning one, the Iron Man Challenge, at Columbus in the fall. That's a great course to do that type of event at. I think there will be a fourth round on Sunday as well. You could do that at Tupelo with ease, I would think. See ya this weekend. RwC
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 11:27AM
i like one day tournaments, and would like to see a few of them held on sundays. peace to all the hyzering hippies on the disc golf tip y'all. for real.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 01:16PM
one day tourneys are nice to play.
two day tourneys are great when you want to stay.
short play off rounds seems to be the way.
grab your disc and lets go play!!!!!!!!!
Laf. tourney April 5th & 6th bring your skills. and watch out for the garilla.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 02:19PM
I just may.
How about I eat some hay.
Then I'll go play.
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 03:33PM
This looks like a great forum to present an idea I am tossing around.

I am going to try and new format for the Lake Lowndes IronMan in Sept this year, but I haven't yet decided what that format will be.

I am tossing around either a 3 round Saturday followed by a 2 round Sunday for an amazing 5 rounds of disc golf, or a 3 round Saturday followed by a 1 round Sunday and a 6 hole playoff. As you'll notice, either way there are 3 rounds on Saturday.

Comments, ideas, or opinions?

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 04:12PM
I say do a one day 4 rounder on August 2, 2003. It will be hot as a mutha and 8-2-03 doesn't have any other Tournaments. That will be a TRUE Iron Man. Don't even stop for lunch. Next round starts when the last group gets in. ;)

If that doesn't fly, I say the 3 rounds with 1 round the next day.

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 04:24PM
whoop whoop I'm in on all sufferin'!! Just like my scoring lately shows...what the hell I'll give it to ya---3 rounds saturday with the third round bein' a first ever night golf tourney round(in an iron man), then follow it Sunday with one round all divisions from Pro tees with a final 6 or 9 to follow for the top Pros. You could call it the "Crazed and in the Dark" ironman version!!! Mind you Pink Floyd is playin' on the Pig while this disc golf brilliance showed itself!!

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 04:33PM
While I am going to suggest that EVERYONE carry glowbies for that last round, b/c darkness will NOT be a legitimate reason to stop a round, I think a decent schedule with a tourney running on time can finish 3 rounds with daylight left if run correctly and during the daylights savings time of summer. I guess we'll find out this Sept.

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 06:24PM
Jeff, what no dinner breaks with mandatory pitchers of beer prior to the night round??? Now that'd be a true ironman--gotta include some breakfast of champions in there somewhere!!! Griff
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 06:32PM
at AM Worlds in Miami there were no lunch breaks... two rounds back to back for four days straight...

they did it this way-- so the golfers would have all afternoon off to be tourists and gawk at the nude women on Miami Beach. :^p
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 07:08PM
What I thought about is a tad different but should allow for food to be found.

If the first round is teed off at about 9:30am Saturday and the 2nd round is tted off at about 45 minutes after the last card in the 1st round is turned in you could play two quick rounds of mixed division golf rather quickly. After that we could have an hour and fifteen minute break or so with CATERED food that would be part of your entry fee. This last part is key as there really isn't food nearby to get to and get back from quickly.

I was leaning towards a local BBQ restraunt called Little Dooeys that does good pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw that I've used to cater other things before. This could be done fairly inexpensively per plate so as to turn around less cost to each DG'er.

This SHOULD allow the 3rd round to get started no later than 4PM with Divisional play on that last round.

Whatcha think?

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 27, 2003 09:47PM
Boy we got some hardcore golfers here in the South!!!

Please let me know how it turns out (if I can't make it from BR). This sounds quite interesting.

and Jeff, I think even the second round should have same division cards. People like competing against their own caliber of golfer, and I know that I play up or down to my card members ability (so put me in the best card you can for Poplarville JL)

The final 6 holes are designed to "show off" the Pro's abilities, and gives them extra incentive to go to a tournament.

That 's all for now,
Willy BT
Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
March 30, 2003 02:19PM
Will check with BREC they don't particularly like to have 2 day tournaments, thats why there was only 1 or 2 per year because Sunday's BREC would like the parks open for the public.

Re: 1 or 2 day tournys?
April 01, 2003 04:12AM
Not all tourneys need to be nor should should they be two day events; with that said, I like two day events. I'm more likely to travel to events more than three hours away if they are two day tournaments.

A few things could be done to speed up play and allow people to hit the road earlier on Sunday afternoon (based on the Gator Country Classic in Gainesville):

1) Start earlier on Sunday (9am or earlier tee time).

2) Start on time (for all rounds).

3) Limit announced winners to top five in each division. Calling out the top 20 places in a 40 field division is monotonous and time consuming. Let places 6-20 collect their winnings after standings have been finalized but don't announce them.

4) Have a board with all relevant information. Players, read the board. This allows the TD and volunteers to check scores, prepare prizes, etc. instead of repeatedly answering the same questions.

A single round on Sunday is OK, but I'm usually just beginning to fall apart. I need a fourth round to complete the process. =8)
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