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hobbit park

Posted by dave 
hobbit park
March 27, 2003 12:12PM
i went to play yesterday pretty course
but had trouble finding the T boxes.

dave the rave
Re: hobbit park
March 27, 2003 12:16PM
i am going to play hobbit again monday
maybe someone could show me all
the T boxes.

Dave the Rave
John Kittrell
Re: hobbit park
March 27, 2003 01:48PM
To get to hobbit turn left off Springhill immediately after going through florida street. This road dead-ends into #2 tee-box. Now that we have a point od reference...

1 - to the right of the dead end road at the base of the slope past the playground equipment. About a straight 350ft hole , the basket is in the open.

2 - at the end of the dead-end road is the tee box. Yopu throw slightly down and striaght or with a slight anhizer, basket is @300ft

3- go 45deg to the left down @20 ft path to the next tee. You trow over a concrete culvert the basket is @350 to the left, can't see it from the tee

4 - go straight past #3 basket @ 25ft. The next shot is @360 sraight or hizer shot, the basket is by the waterway

5 - back track down 4 fairway @ 50ft got to the left. #5 is @350 shot to a basket by the waterway before the concrete culvert you threw over on 3

6 - go across the concrete culvert to next tee along the waterway. #6 is about 550ft along the waterway

7- past #6 @30ft from waterway. you are throwing from the waterway up the embankment straight up @370ft

8 - go to the left from #7 to another dead end road. Tee from the end of the road to a basket in from of the waterway. Its an anhizer shot @280ft

9 - got to the left of the basket for next tee. Your throwing up the hill again. @300ft hizer shot between to trees to a basket in from of a fence

10 - go to the left of #9 @25ft. Throwing off an elevated tee down to the basket over a bunch of trees with disc catching vines on them. The basket is by the waterway @340ft

11 - go to the right of #10 and then backtrack toward #10 tee box (you'll see the fairway of #11 cut out of the growth from #10 tee box) It's a straight shot @260ft. It feel like you're throwing out of a ditch.

12 - go straight past #11 basket along a fence. At end of the fence take a right the next tee. This is @330ft low straight shot. There is a road that runs on right side of basket

13 - past #12 basket @25ft. The next basket is along the same road it's @360ft slight anhizer shot

14 - go past #13 @30ft. Your throwing a low straight shot @300ft to the next basket. The waterway is directly behind the basket

15 - go to the left of #14 @40 ft. The next shot is along the waterway. Its @500ft hole the basket is about 75ft from the waterway

16 - go past #15 the next tee box is beside the waterway. It's @280ft straight hole. The basket is by the waterway about pin high with the fence you went past to get #12

17 - go along the fence toward #11 basket take a left before basket to the next tee. The hole is a shot @220ft hizer shot through a cut out fairway. There is a road @30ft past the basket

18 - take a right from #17 add go at a 45deg to the next tee box. #18 is @330 straight shot through a cut out fairway. the basket is beside a huge tree next to the road which ran behind #17

That's it - hope it helps. It's a great course. Have fun...

John K
Re: hobbit park
March 27, 2003 03:51PM
@#$%& John, get a job that keeps you busy. Doing a great job Bro'. Thank you from all those who know the dedication that you have for our sport.
John Kittrell
Re: hobbit park
March 27, 2003 04:14PM
Yeah - today is a pretty slow day at the office...
Re: hobbit park
March 28, 2003 06:11AM
Where is the course?


John Kittrell
Re: hobbit park
March 28, 2003 08:10AM
Hobbit park is located in Mobile, AL. It is east of I-65. Get off on the Springhill Street exit and go east towards downtown. About 2.5 miles you'll come to Florida Street (there is a nice church on the right) Go through the light and take an immediate left. I'm not sure what the street name is but the road dead end at #2 tee box. go to top of this thread for directions around the course. It has Rocks as tee markers....
John K
david spencer
Re: hobbit park
March 28, 2003 12:13PM
thax john for info it looks to be one of the best coureses
also is hobbit park the same as hobbit hill

dave the rave
John Kittrell
Re: hobbit park
March 28, 2003 12:59PM
Yes -
The hobbit Hill tournament in november is a two day tournament the first day at the cottage hill course and the second day at the hobbit park course. Nice to see your still playing disc golf Dave...
John K
Re: hobbit park
April 18, 2003 02:58PM
starting to get back in to it

so advanced masters watch out
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