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Windy Hills Open lost discs

Posted by Jonas 
Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 01:18PM
We have located several discs. There are more to be found. I will keep this thread updated. If you can tell me where the disc was lost at, you'll get it back. This is just to keep punks from trying to take your discs.

White DX banshee w/green foil stamp 174 grams w/John 837-2036.

Clear ZXS w/Ice Bowl stamp -Mason Hudson 489-8951

Yellow CE Teebird -Bill Owensby 225-278-2823

Orange Firebird- Matthew German 'Fliz'

White Banshee-Griffin 504-416-7985

Fly Dye Whippet-Bee 228-466-9009

I will be in Lafayette for the tourney this weekend, so if anyone wants me to bring their discs let me know.

Note: Phone numbers are more useful with area codes attached to them.
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 01:28PM
The Mason Hudson disc is a 662 area code and I am fairly certain either Zack Hudson or Kenny Collums would be who tossed it.

If you are looking to go swimming there is a nice blue Proline Firebird in the center of the pond on 12 and a nice orange Proline Firebird in the pond from 17 pro pad (although I don't expect that one back.)

I still have an orange KC Gazelle and a X-cyclone that I pulled out on Monday that I forgot to leave there so if you are missing either of those discs from a previous excursion tell me and I'll get em on to you.

Jonas - I lost a 10-time KC Roc in the pond right of #15. My name and 800 # are on the back. Great tourney, man .... you and Shane and everyone involved did a great job on the course and the event. Many thanks to you all ......

Rob Williams
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 02:27PM
Thank You Rob, couldn't have done it without your help.
jonas bring that white banshee to lafayette, it's john little's who got us 18 baskets for free at rivendell...great tournament/bad hair :)
The Zinger
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 04:07PM
Jonas, Bill O. is from Baton Rouge.
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 06:20PM
What are you trying to say Mike, you don't like the 'do'?
jonas- this is bill O from Baton Rouge. You can either mail it to me and i will send you postage, or give it to terry. Whatever is more convienient for you. Thanks alot. Excelent course and great tourney.

Thanks Again
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 08:04PM
I'll bring it to Lafayette this weekend, Bill.
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
March 31, 2003 08:09PM
as windy as it was on saturday there are probably discs just coming down now :^p
love the do, jonas...actually i was thinking about getting my back hair dyed the same way.
Jonas- Terry might not be going but erin lewis is going for sure. Just give it to him if terry doesnt make it

Hey Jonas, I lost a yellow ZXS on hole 12 and another yellow ZXS on hole 15. they are both visible from the shore and if you get them out let me know via this forum. I will probably see you one saturday morning up there. thanks for a great tournament.

dangerous don
Take your time, Jonas .... I need to take Don's bag tag before he gets his main drivers back ...... ;-)
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
April 02, 2003 12:18PM
Found: 1 fly dye KC Pro Eagle/ Josh Wolfe 455-4002
Brand New KC Roc, 179, with nipple. Second time I threw it, SPLASH!!
Re: Windy Hills Open lost discs
April 08, 2003 11:47AM
With all this rain we're getting hit with, it may be a little while before the water goes down enough to look for discs. I'll get in there sooner or later, though.
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