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what does BR discgolf need?

some of us want some changes done to our courses. some of us want new courses.

i'd like to here some suggestions and also get some hard facts from BREC about teepads and a third course.

i think Ronnie Cook and Will Timmons working together with BREC is a great start.

it seems like this might get ugly, so please be courteous with your posting.

we are looking for feedback from out-of-towners and locals.

Tree- we already know that you dont like highland road park. i doubt the locals here will make it shorter.
Ascension Acer
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 07:29PM
Obviously the more courses we have in the BR area the better. I would eventually like to see new courses not located in the slums (ie. Greenwood and new proposed BREC course near Scotlandville). Highland is in a safe area as well as the new Ascension course.

Let's throw out some good locations for courses and get proposals to the powers that be in BREC and Ascension!!!
greenchain smokewood
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 07:47PM
@ highland:

the tee boxs of holes 3 & 8 could be adjusted so there is less overlap / delay in tourneys...

erosion control on hole 7 at the hill near the basket... and near 18's basket.


@ greenwood:

a new course added behind the lake in the 100 Acre Woods, as opposed to scotlandville. :^p

that area is beautiful old growth. HUGE trees, a hill like rivendell (just wooded and has cypress bayou behind it) and would be a true wooded course...


excellent topic, btw... you putting machine...

oh, also-- the tee box colors could be the same at both courses for continuity.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 09:01PM
Please mention the course and where you are located so people browsing these forums will know what and where you're talking about.
Thank you!
houston disc golfer
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 09:24PM
what does BR discgolf need?

more foxy ladies on the tennis courts at highland.
for those of you that dont know where greenwood is- Baker, LA aka north baton rouge.

highland rd park was mentioned in my second post of the topic, is also in baton rouge, LA

what does Baton Rouge discgolf need?

if anybody has played Redan Park in atlanta, GA they know its one of ATL's best courses. before the course was installed the park was a haven for crackheads and hoolagins. the park has made a dramatic turnaround since then. its still a bad area but (most) locals know not to leave valuable stuff in there ride.

i think with good communication with the authorities it would be safe as greenwood. i have seen police patroling the scotlandville park a couple of times as i drove by.

assension parish and BREC are two seperate organizations. i dont see why we cant get a course (or
try) out of each.

v- hole 3 and 8 will be reworked. i wanted to consult the gods of h-land (ardvarkians) on a saturday morn. before i did it. i was considering moving the basket on 7 down the hill towards the road to make room for a hole new design of hole 3. this would leave hole 8 as is.

so many tournaments latley i havent had time to start this. it will take a cutting torch to move 7's basket. then a welder to secure it once moved. the ground is rock solid and the footer is like 2-1/2 ft wide with roots wrapping around it...dynamite would take days.

any welders in BR?

Ronnie Cook- should we consult BREC about this?

we need a date and also a scheduled work day to do it.

btw - MIGHTY MIKEY suggested the new configuration. thought it might improve the flow and make h-land more challenging.
lets just call it a work day not a date.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 10:26PM
good ideas mr wizard... trying to get all the aardvarks to agree shouldn't be too hard.

you mention some good ideas, imo.

as far as erosion control, that should be BRECs project-- it seems...

hole 7's basket area will only get worse... and another HUGE tree will be lost... regardless of how the course is designed...
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 11:35PM
im with the other guy from houston, more girls

The Zinger
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
March 31, 2003 11:46PM
Well it seems that someone has already moved hole 8 teebox today. So I guess that blows Errin's idea of asking.
not sure, but the cross country females must be starting soon!
great- mabey they will move the basket on 7!

1,000 dollars says it was our famous course pro, the Toad.

oh well.
The Zinger
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 01, 2003 12:06AM
idea about basket 18 at Highland

There has been some talk very recently about building a little box around the base of the basket, but if I understand correctly it's only going to hide the concrete that is showing. I was supposed to get done today, but I hope it hasn't because I don't think that is a good idea. The whole purpose should be bringing the basket down to ground level. It is going to take a crap load of dirt, which I don't think BREC is going to give within the next few months. So my idea is maybe rebury the basket. Maybe 10 feet toward the creek, or exactly where it is.
Any changes made to any park in Baton Rouge should always be pass through BREC, but man call me at 273-1221 or e-mail me at this way I could talk to Misty about the changes to see if BREC would do them. In the event that they would approve the changes but can't do a work order, then we all can get together and make changes.
BREC won't send a backhoe to move 7's basket? might be easier than cutting it, but i'm no expert. think the side of the hill location would be groovy in light of the missing tree. i didn't realize this was an invitation to suggest course design changes, i'll get back to you on that though.
It is not an invitation to change the course its just a response to the ones who change it on the their own.

Ronnie Cook
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 01, 2003 07:51PM
This is Terry. If there is anything I can do to help you out before the next tournament comes, please ask as I know a few of us would be happy to help.
change can be good. i like the changes that have been made at highland at greenwood so far. except: i think 18 orange's tee box should be moved back to its original place, especially if concrete pads ever go in. and maybe get rid of the mando on 12. to me, mando's are a dinosaur-like relic of disc golf's first era (before 1990).

is will okay? i haven't heard from him since r.c. started posting...kinda like clark kent and superman, you never see them at the same time maybe?
Highland 12 mando is for the safety for those on the teepad of 11. You wouldn't try to take out the competition by throwing low and right of the mando tree, would you Mikey? =8)
i think Big Willy is in some kind of meditational state right now. ya know "wax on, wax off", he'll be back in a White Krane with Purple Socks fighting style.

well, the BR discgolf scene is in need of some improvements. alot of us have spent plenty of wonderful days at both courses. i have grown attached to the beauty and fun of discgolf here in BR. i think we all owe a great big THANK YOU to Will, Ronnie & Rhonda, Misty, and BREC Employees for the hard work envolved with tournaments in BR.

in order for us to acheive these improvements we have to work together. typing on a web site is a small begining, we need to follow up with a presentation to BREC.

this will be tough to do with a couple of people. i think we need to have an assesment posse so we can democraticly come up with some proposals for BREC.

proposed improvements:

1. concrete teepads both courses

2. tee signs both courses

3. lowering 18's basket at h-land

4. errosion control on hole 7 and 11 at h-land

5. reworking 3 and 8's tee boxes, h-land

6. moving 7's basket, h-land

im sure there is more. keeping safety and cost in mind we can make BR king of louisiana discgolf again.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 02, 2003 08:28AM
Does anyone see Bruce Raff anymore? He was involved with BR discgolf back when I was playing.

Regarding the #12 mando, I suggest that the orange tees be moved over by (or made the same as) the yellow tees. This would reduce (didn't say eliminate - you haven't seen ME throw, have you? ;-)) the safety concerns while doing away with the mando.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 02, 2003 08:53AM

every now and then bruce would show up for the wed doubles last year. he purchased a boat and spends a fair amount of his weekend leisure time fishin' these days (i think)

is Bruce the guy who was the first TD in BR?
just curious...
I'd suggest not lowering the Highland 18 basket. Putting to a different elevation represents a challenge different from "normal height" baskets. Just put a box around the cement to prettify it.
No Bruce wasn't, it was Kevin Weiss, anyway at the next tournament Will and I are open for discusssion on changes before the Nationals. Any help out there would be appeciated. Thanks Zinger we'll get with you on that, also I agree all of us and our opinions working togethers sounds great. We are working with Misty on those tee pads for approval I will post any new information I get. Later

Ronnie Cook
hey ronnie or whoever is acting as ronnie, the PDGA updated their website and it shows the Southern Nationals Championships being held in Baton Rouge now. could you please clarify if that tournament will actually be sanctioned by the PDGA or not?
another needed repair: hole 15 at geenwood.

basket lets discs fall through the bottom of the catcher.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 06, 2003 09:41PM
it will be pdga unless what they have told us at pdga that the us open has nothing to do with the pdga anymore , i will ask harold monday the 7th and ask what that was all about. we have been the last us open quilifier since the us open started back up. innova has let us sell the $25 disc to off set the cost so the s.n. for the last couple years. that way no money has been taken from the s.n. pot to send to the pdga . last year we sent over $700. to them. once again i hope to form a s.n. board to make these decision in the future. this has been a great year for the s.n. and i see nothing but growth ahead of us. now go ace one for me.
Re: what does BR discgolf need?
April 06, 2003 10:50PM
The only thing the Southern National should have ever sent the PDGA was the Fee's and cost for being a B-Tier Tournament. The freaking Southern National players should be smart enough to know they have to cough up the extra 5 bucks to get in the Tournament or they should join the PDGA. It's always been a PDGA B-Tier Tournament. Why does this keep coming up? What's the HUGE problem? Someone fill out the paperwork and send it in. This same problem came up in Memphis last year because no one knew who was filling out the paperwork. SURELY it's not brain surgery.

Whoever runs the Southern Nationals in my opinion should always fill out the forms and send the needed money...OR if they want to turn over the filling out the forms and paying the money to the site awarded...fine. Do that. I still don't GET why this is so hard?


p.s. The topic is...What does BR discgolf need? I say their own website!!!
Just kidding BR!! Heh heh I ASSUME all of you are coming to Memphis first weekend in May? Wait...or is there a BR Tournament every weekend that month?? Just kidding!!! ;) See you in Memphis
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