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Tupelo April Fool Fling

Posted by DG Guy 
Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 07:41AM
The 2003 edition of the April Fool Fling will be held at Tombigbee State Park, in Tupelo MS, on teh 12th & 13th of April.

Open - $45.00
Pro Women, Masters & Grand Masters - $40.00
Advanced & Advanced Masters - $35.00
Amateurs - $30.00
Novice & Juniors - $15.00

Format - 3 - 18 holes rounds ( 2 Saturday & 1 Sunday) with a Final 6 for the top four OPEN players.

Novice & Juniors play 2 rounds Saturday ONLY!

Bunkhouse available for $7.00 per night per person, lots of camping, and I believe there are still some cabins left. . but don't wait! Call the park at 662-842-7669 to reserve them.

Registration Friday from 6:00 to 9:00, Saturday from 7:20 to 9:30.

Players meeting will be at 9:30, other times to be announced.

Filed limited to 90 players.

If you would like a flyer emailed to you, send your requests to:

Or simply add your post to this thread and I will get it.

Remember, it REALLY helps the TD's to know you will be there, or at least planning to be. We order prizes according to how may people will show, to assure lots of good stuff. . let us know you are planning on coming.

See you there. . . .

DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 08:00AM
Giddeyap - I'm in.

-Kary Rogers (Adv men)
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 08:34AM
I have every intention of making the road trip. It is a long and arduous 5 minute drive. If anyone wants to maybe carpool to save about 10 cents worth of gas let me know ;p
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 10:48AM
Griff is in!! Adv. Division

....comin' to kick Fair's butt on his home course with another miracle "two-tree into the basket.... I meant to do that" putt on a playoff hole!!! Nothing like bringin' the top fuzz down on his home course!!! AAAIIEEEE!!

lol Griff
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 10:59AM
Count Jeff and Judy in but I'm gonna have to put Sebastian to work to pay for those fees.

BTW Jeff is playing Advanced in this tourney, so all ya'll advanced players watch out I got the line on DFL!!!!

Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 11:28AM
Russ, Beth, Will and Dylan Corey all plan to make this one. Don't know how I'm going to afford the entry fees. $35 for Advanced? $30 for Am? Must be some really nice prizes waiting, Hmmmm? ;^)
We'll be camping at the course, of course.

All you advanced master come and get some!

Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 03:02PM
I'll be there.
The Zinger
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 03:23PM
tdwriter, most of the 2 day events have a higher entry fee. Or at least most of the 2 day tournaments I've been too. Well hope you can try to make a run at Dr Goby. Do good.
Printice Kincade
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 07:05PM
Why does it cost more for a two day tournament? Do the TD's get more or .. matter of fact, how do they get paid? Is it a volunteer spot? I am just being nosey, since I "plan" to stay involved with disc golf, I may be interested at some point in putting on more tournaments here in North MS. I understand that the tournaments have gone up, have the discs become more expensive?
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 07:13PM
I'm in for Intermediate.

-P.B. Moore
Robbie Shaw SN # 3
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 08:14PM
Count Robbie Shaw and Brian Lowery in, open div. we will stay at the bunkhouse.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 09:53PM
Print I can only talk for the tournaments I run but I don't come out ahead any money in those tournaments. In fact in the Ice Bowl I came out about 100 dollars in the hole because I miss computed payouts (forgot the SNDG fee.)

In your average tournament there is money to be made, and I found it very interesting, it's all made off of the Amateur divisions off of said vouchers being discussed in another forum. When an Amateur gives in a voucher for an $8 disc the TD (from what I can tell) is taking in as much as $3 on that disc. You can see how that will add up quickly.

All of that being said there are ALOT of small things that the TD has to pay for and invest time in to get ready for the tournament, therefore the TD NEEDS some of that "profit" to atleast break even. That's how my tourney worked, I had computed the ideal disc price for the prizes that would have me break even, if I hadn't forgotten the $2 SNDG fees.

Can money be made off of running tournaments? Yes. Do I think most TD's make a significant amount of money compared to the time and effort most put in? No.

Usually two day tourneys cost more due to some tourneys have extra events or just trying to improve some prizes. Sometimes td's think with a bigger entry fee a bigger field will show. Sometimes it bites us in the booty, this is speaking of course only of the Wall Doxey tournaments. We try to maintain the same fee throughout the year here at Wall Doxey maybe increase the spring and fall just a little for better prizes and easier figures with the dollar amounts. Most TD's are on the volunteer side of the tourneys, but if the TD's make money. It is usually through the sale of their disc (retail). If a tourney is hosted by a specific club they may charge a fee for up keep through the year. Lord, I hope this doesn't start another fight like two months ago or so on the forum. Usually the club is the main sponsor along with Sky South (for without them their would be no SNDG) which enables them to get help to get alternate prizes other than disc. We have realized if a corparate sponsor sees your on money going into the tourney. They are willing to pitch in also. I hope this has helped in answering your questions.
Benny or Valkyrie180g
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 10:04PM
You know I'm in. Gonna have to pawn my wedding band to pay the entry fee though.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 02, 2003 10:08PM
Oh yea, sorry Griff, but that tree was struck by lightning and is no longer standing. Guess this time you'll just have to skip it off the flag pole and into the basket. But it's all the end result right? Take it easy,
Thanks for the info. That is what I thought was the verdict. Jeff, where do you get your discs, did you set up an account to purchase them directly or has someone let you purchase through them? I emailed and got the information to be able to purchase direct last year, when I was in the advertising business to see how hard it would be to get discs with personalized stamp? When you are TD'ing, do you try to offer several manufactures or is it whatever you got?

As far as sponsors go, what is your sales pitch to them? What kind of incentive do they have to sponsor a hole during a tournament?

Just keeping this at the top, and trying to become educated.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 07:42AM
If could get rich running tournaments. . I would quit my day job.

The way it works. . if you do it right, is ALL of the entry fee money, except the sactioning fees (SNDG or PDGA), go into the payout. If you have a large AM field, you make a few dollars from what you have to give for the prizes and what they "retail" for. Any of you who have run the tournament circuit, you have seen the prices charged.

I have been to many events where a $7 disc cost you $8. We make a point to actually charge out the prized at BELOW suggested retail. That CE stuff you usually give $14 and up for, we try to price at around $12. After all we have to cover the shipping, trophies, and all related expenses.

Like I said. . If you do it right, and have a little luck. . .you break even. But hey, what better way to spend a weekend that out on the course with such a great group of people. Disc Golfers, in my humble opinion, are just about the best on the planet!

See you all at Tupelo. . .

DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 09:02AM
The Memphis Disc Golf Club would like to Sponsor the Tupelo Tournament. Who do we need to send the money to?

Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 09:39AM
Send it to Fair...I'd hate to hear he had to pawn his wedding ring to play...even I have to show some compassion sometimes...Griff
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 10:17AM

We appreciate the Sponsorship. You can either have one of your members bring it with them to the event, or you can send it to:

Chickasaw Disc Golf
161 County Road 226
Iuka, MS 38852

Make Checks payable to Chickasaw Disc Golf

Entry fees for pre-registering can be sent to the same address

Remeber, all teh rest of you, and especially the clubs, sponsorship is onw of the keys to a great event, any of you involved in running an event know this!


Thanks Brad. . And the Memphis Disc Golf Club

BTW, I was going to get my MSGC Bag Tag from Griff. . but missed him before he left Florence, I will be sure to pick one up in Tupelo. . .I am sure someone will be bringing some to sell

DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 11:51AM
I will have 'em (Memphis DGC tags) in Tupelo and in Wall Doxey...

I am puttin' together prizes and such for the Dogwwod Classic in Memphis (Bud Hill--May tourney)....details to follow. Griff
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 12:50PM
I'll be there, though I gotta find someway to make some money by then. I don't have a wedding band yet.
Robbie Shaw SN # 3
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 09:44PM
Add Ricky Sandner,open div., to the list of players. He also will stay at the bunkhouse.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 03, 2003 11:18PM
I am planning on being in Tupelo as well--and just to keep up the whining about the fees, I will point out that the A-tier Bowling Green Open is only $40 for advanced players--approximately 132 in the adv division last year. But, whatever the cost, it will be worth spanking Griff (again) and Fair on his home course.

David Coady
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 09:49AM
Boy...ya let a guy, USUALLY called a friend, beat ya once and it goes directly to his head....tsk,tsk,tsk...David 'ol buddy, 'ol sights are set on you....@#$%& the torpedoes...full steam ahead!!! Griff
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 09:55AM
You two should really stop talking about "spanking" each other and "my sights are set on you" and..."torpedoes". It's really wigging me out. :O

Guys, I got them to put down some gravel in the really wet spot on number 2 yesterday. I think all we have to do is ask for some things and also voluteer to do some of the work ourselves. They were glad to help.

I also enjoyed our 7 rounds out there yesterday. Anyone else feeling a little sluggish today? Yeah I know it was alot of golf.

Brandon got an ace on the last round on #8. Sorry you missed it Fair. We had so many close ones all day.

I Think we will get some more work done for all you guys coming into town. We are hoping you have a great time.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 10:35AM
What did someone hear something...I coulda sworn I heard someone sayin' something....but he was too far back in the pack to hear ' that you, Brad??

Nah...certainly the king of self-destruction would not be callin' me out!! Bring it on!!! lol Griff
Sounds like a lot of smack coming in... we in Bagdad? Keep it up guys, I would like to see the outcome of all the mental warfare.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 12:03PM
All in fun for us crazed advanced players...don't worry , Print, if you play in our division the smack can be yours too....obviously at a very LOW price!!! lol Griff
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