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Tupelo April Fool Fling

Posted by DG Guy 
LOL.. maybe by this fall. I got alot of catching up to do until then.

Then I too could be the butt of your jokes?

Also , I was thinking about Jeff. You are leading the ams points for now. You going to play the advanced for Tombigbee and spoil the 2 points that you will get for coming to play in the Am's? Hate to hear about anyone coming in DFL, but I suppose someones got to.

If you happen to read this before you run off to Kentucky, good luck. Anyone interested, I am sure that we will be playing most all weekend at Tombigbee, if the weather permits.
The Zinger
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 02:33PM
Sounds like y'all are going to have a wonderful tournament. I hope the weather is great for the weekend. I still haven't made it past the Jackson line to play a course, but sooner or later I will. Griff, don't get too many points now. Good luck to all.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 03:05PM
You know me, Zinger, I keep to those non-bionic arm courses...short and sweet to say the least(they're better for my disc golf ego, ya know).

Actually, Tupelo, albeit not a long arm course, is a bunch of fun because scores can be very low (-11), but a few ugly trees and you can easily be battlin' to keep an even.

I'm lookin' forward to gettin' to Hattiesburg this June in prep. for o'luck down there in the Rouge. lol Griff

P.S.--Look out for Fair...don't let that national champion cheerleader thing get to ya, that boy can HURL it!!
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 07:38PM
OK, here goes. . . just check my mails & the forum, this is the list as of today , let me know if there are any corrections. And also if you need me to add you to the list.

Remember, it sure helps to know if you are planning to come. . . this is the information we use to order the prizes. . .

Lowery, Brian - Open
Sandner, Ricky - Open
Shaw, Robbie - Open

Daniels, Danny - Grand Master
McCarty, Bill - Grand Master
McDonald, Robert "Mac" - Grand Master

McCarty, McKinley - Open Women

Corey, Beth - Amateur Women
Daniels, Barbara - Amateur Women
Haydel, Judy - Amateur Women
Lenox, Marla - Amateur Women
Roberson, Barbara - Amateur Women

Corey, Russ - Advanced Master
Roberson, Rick - Advanced Master

Coady, David - Advanced
Griffing, Bryan - Advanced
Haydel, Jeff - Advanced
Hays, Fair - Advanced
Kincaide, Printice - Advanced
Rogers, Kary - Advanced

Lenox, Josh - Amateur Men
Moore, P. B. - Amateur Men

Corey, Dylan - Junior
Corey, Will - Junior

Hal - ?

If I have your names spelled wrong. .PLEASE let me know!


DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 08:31PM
Please add Kenny Collums Advance to the list he'll be there.

Print are you playing advance?
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 09:54PM
Hal is Hal Plunkett. He'll be playing Intermediate Am as well.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 04, 2003 11:07PM
If I can give blood about three more times this week I think I will be there. B.S.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 05, 2003 09:20AM
Bill and I really enjoy hosting tournaments at Tombigbee State Park in Tupelo, Miss., but we think that with the growth of disc golf in the area, future tournaments should be hosted by some of the local players. I can't drive 1.5 hrs. several times to beat the bushes for sponsorship like local players can. Good sponsorship makes a good tournament great. If anybody is interested in this idea, let us know. We will assist you in any way that we can including using our leaderboard and assisting while you learn the techniques of being a T.D. See y'all next week end.
Uhh.. I dont think I will be playing advanced just yet. I got a big mouth, but not a big arm. I know its my home course, but I haven't found my rhythm yet this year, hopefully by the fall though. I dont plan on taking any breaks this year.

Thanks for the faith in me though.. LOL. I know that Fair and I would be glad to TD some tournaments in the future. We can talk about it next weekend and see what the fall has in store for Tupelo. I am sure we would have the other course ready by then as well.

I played today after the rain last night and several of the boxes had water standing in them, so we will get to work on that hopefully tomorrow. I dont want people to be pissed that we dont take care of our course.

I might be interested in making a CTP Sunday. What does that usually cost a sponsor. A disc or money?

Really glad to be back and playing with all you guys. Still hoping for good weather.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 06, 2003 07:25AM

I will correct your division. YOu guys are doing good things down there, I look forward to seeing & playing the new course. I am sure you guys can handle the TD duties, and you are at least down there to round up the sponsors.

AS far as the CPT goes, anyone wishing do donate prizes for them just needs to let us know so that we can plan for it, and also do the thank yous in the players meeting. . . a VERY important part of appreciating eveyone who takes an interest in an event.


Be thinking of what hole you would like to sponsor, I have the sign, just a matter of putting it out!

Looking forward to seeing you all at Tupelo

DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 06, 2003 08:50PM
Hey! Any hole you want is fine DG Guy. Hole 1 or 18 comes to mind first. :D


p.s. I plan on playing Advanced there and that Brian guy above is Brian Street who also plays Advanced.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 07, 2003 10:44AM
One more thing. . .

The park will be cooking those great hamburgers again on Saturday and Sunday, so you don't have to leave the park between rounds, or pack extra food.

The list is growing. . .be sure to let me know if you are planning to attend this event.


DG Guy
Please add....

Aaron Hathaway-Advanced Am


James Leacy- Intermediate AM.... hopefully staying in bunkhouse
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 07, 2003 10:26PM
It's looking like a great turnout is to be expected. A great weekend is ahead!
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 12:04AM
Yes Fair, I'm hoping everyone will have a great time. One thing I wonder about though... There was never a flyer posted at Tombigbee about it! I talked to tons of people telling them to come up Saturday and Sunday; Most of these people didn't have a clue about it. I believe Tupelo would have better turn outs if we could publicize its own tournys more.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 05:38AM
Hey Hal, you can still copy the flyer that DG Guy has available and post it at the park. I plan on being there Wed. afternoon with a couple of full-colored flyers to post at the office and the bullentin board. Better late than never. I also plan on laying out the final 6, any helpers?
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 05:58AM
Hmmm. . .

I emailed a flyer to the park on the 12th of March, along with a request to find out about the new course going in. I thought that they had posted it?

As Mac says, he will be down there tomorow and he is taking a bunch of flyers with him to leave there. Don't know what it was not posted.

Our normal procedure is to email flyers out about a month before the event, sometimes earlier to the location to be sure we have everything right. Looks like this one might have fell through the cracks!

With the word out and the weather looking as about as good as it gets. . . . I am looking forward to one of the best turnouts Tombigbee has seen. I think the most people that have been there for an event is around the mid 50's.

It's lookin good. . .

See you all there. . .

DG Guy
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 06:57AM
Hey Hal,
I think I am going to skip class friday. You want to get in some practice rounds friday morning or thursday afternoon?
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 10:54AM
PB, i'll more than likely be playing every afternoon this week. Thursday i'll be playing all day. I would skip class friday, but I have some programming compitition that morning.

As for the flyers... that is strange that they were never posted. I remember asking one of the guys if any flyers would be put out, and he said that none had come in that he knew of.

If anyone wants info on the new course in Tupelo, you can email me about it. I'm in the know.

Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 01:30PM
Well, I'll see you Thursday if you are still out there around 4pm. Who all are you playing with? Is Brandon playing the tournament? I'll be out there from about 7am-10am and 4pm-dark on friday.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 03:22PM
LOL.. sounds like there will be a great turnout. I know I will probably be there most of the day Thursday as well, but I am going to be trying to talk the park rangers into some more work on the course. Of course I am better at coordinating the work than doing it myself.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 05:35PM
Hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but around here the club members clean and work on the course, cutting limbs, raking, repairing tee pads, trimming, picking up sticks, etc. All our park does, which is appreciated, is cut the grass. I can say that our club put in several hours of hard work before the Spring Fling-It and two others, Kyle Boatwright and Jack White worked through the week to get the course into shape.

I think it's up to individual hosting club to maintain their course. This is just my opinion. RwC
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 07:04PM
I played at Tupelo today and noticed flyers had been put up; A colored one and a grayscale! All right!

As for fixing up the course: It needs some major work in some areas. That big ran flooded several of the holes. Maybe we can put our bags down for a few hours thursday and work on cleaning up the course?
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 08, 2003 07:35PM
If ya'll get to do some work on the course, let Hal know and tell him to get in touch with me. It needs a lot of work before friday, and I will be happy to do my part.
Awesome, thanks for all the suppot guys. We will get to work on it then. I noticed today that there was alot of drainage problems. I dont know that we can get it done before this weekend, but we will get to work. I have spent several hours so far, but we are just now working on a Tupelo Disc Golf Club.

I hear local people talk about how nice Wall Doxey is, I dont think they realize how much work goes into that course from the club. The rangers out here told me the other day that it is our course, so we can do really what we want. So guys while you are walking the course spend some time, picking up stuff and help clear it up a bit. I dont think clearing up the logs on the ground are going to make the course any easier.LOL If you see kids or idiots pulling limbs or trees down, ask them to stop or tell Fair, he will take care of it. hehe

I will ask that the rangers bring some more gravel, down into the pits. I am asking that anyone that you can talk into it, to meet Thursday afternoon at 4 PM to meet and help clean up. It would be so much easier if we could each take a couple of holes to clean up instead of 2 poeple having to do them all. Bring something to cut roots and maybe a shovel to get some drainage ditches done. Just bring yourself. I think 4 will be the best time, so the high school kids can get there and its not too late to get alot done.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 09, 2003 09:21AM
Back to the top.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 10, 2003 07:34AM
uhh 1 more time
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 10, 2003 08:25PM
Larry(Open) and Nancy (AM) Hobock will be there.
Re: Tupelo April Fool Fling
April 11, 2003 08:41AM
Looking forward to seeing all of you at Tupelo this weekend, going to be great weather according to all the reports I see.

Will be heading that way as soon as I can get Mikki out of school, Robert will be down there taking registrations before I arrive.

DG Guy
Looks like its going to be a great weekend. We spent a couple hours yesterday moving logs and fallen trees. Thanks to all you guys that showed up to help. I think that the course is a little easier to walk, but then again there isn't anything to stop the ROLLERS anymore. So you might spend a lot of time at the bottom of the hills catching your discs. Good luck to everyone.
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