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Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003

hey my name is jay middleton and wall doxey will be my first tourney. I will be playing ams because all of my friends are, so i dont expect to do very well but as long as i have fun it will be ok. We will be there friday and i am so pumped about it. I hope to meet you all and fellow ams please take it easy on me because i am not that good. (i would be good if those darn trees didnt jump in the way).
Hey Jay,

Welcome to the fray. . . congrats on doing Ams Vs Novice. . .You get to PLAY more! And you are very right. . . it is about having fun, not just winning, all in due time.

See you at the "Doxey"

DG Guy

You are gonna have a blast!! Everyone at ANY tournament has been in your shoes!! And trust me even the Pros hit trees!! You'll see. Have fun and good luck!!
Hello everyone!

I am planning to go to the Women's U.S. Championships. I was hoping to get a carpool started from Memphis. I would love for more sn women to go. All women players are welcome. It is the best tournament I have ever attended! Peoria Frisbee Club did an excellent job. We had score keepers for each group. The players were all very frindly. Oldman and mom went out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed. It was an experience I will never forget.

Happy Golfing!

Addie and Chad,
Sorry, to hear youwon't be able to make the Doxet tourney. I feel that you will have just as much fun withyour family.

Don't worry guy, I am still in your shoes in Am play and this is my home course.

We have you down for a group camp hut.

I am glad to hear that your going to be able to make it. We have missed you.

I am sorry SNDG community. My power button is stuck on my personal computer. So I'm on and off every 10 seconds. LOL. We at Wall Doxey thank each and every one of you for your patronage here.

Hey Zack if you read this give me a call at home, I seem to have lost your phone #.

There will be a group at Wall Doxey Thursday. If anyone wants to come out and join us that would be great.
Yep, Doxey on Thursday. Practice, Practice, Practice makes perf..., well makes better anyway. If anyone wants to quit their job, or just take the day off, or works nights like some of us, come join us Thursday.

I am not sure what a group camp hut means. Is that the same as a bunk house? I asked for a bunk house. Please respond!
Lori, think of one of those South Seas movies. It's a hut, complete with a grass roof and dirt floor. happy camping! <G> RwC

Can you feel it yet.You know what im talking about the chill running down your back .Dont worry your not sick your just scared.And i dont blame you i would be also if i was comming after me .Your going down faster than my golf score will be this weekend.ha ha ha ha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

jeff hawkins
Did someone hear a Squawk?? Oh, that was Hawk!!

Bring it on!! I gotta cabin if any homies need a crash spot with a Kithcen, etc.

Can't wait 'til this Weekend!!

Hey Benny....

can I get the cabin for Sunday nite too?? My wife and daughter may come up for the Sunday stuff and we may hang in the park and cook out, etc....
(If it's taken already that's OK, this is a "throw'in together" type of plan)

Just checkin' Griff

Is that sweat on your forehead i see there .And it is a good thing wife and daughter are comming sunday because it would not be good for them to see what is going to happen to you .

It is not a grass hut. It is the same building that you stayed in one time before. Remember to bring your own linen.

The cabin is available for Sunday. I have already marked you down for that day.

Hey guys is there any way we can have Sunday T off at 9:30 or 10? It would a great if we could. It is a short course and its not like 1 round is going to take all day, for those that have to drive couple of hours. Anyone have an idea of the time?
Thanks Benny!! You da MAN!! Griff
Some of us are planning about a 6 hr drive. I'd prefer the 9am tee time, if at all possible.
I understand your concern about your drive. I am sorry, but we will have to continue with the 10 AM tee off due to all the promotion done for this tourney. I hope this will make you feel better. On Sunday, we are usually done around 1 to 2 PM. When you and your crew get here please introduce yourself to me, it will be good to put a face behind the name.
Doxey this weekend gonna have lots of fun.
Benny, I've just been informed of some changes in my wife and son's weekend plans. Apparently my son will not be competing in a band event (a kid had a death in her family) and so now the original plan is back on, which means no solo trip for me!

Since I had a bad experience in Tupelo with camping, I want to know if it's possible to reserve a campsite for Friday and Saturday night. We'd be leaving after the event Sunday. Tupelo was filled up friday night and really screwed up our plans because I didn't reserve a spot. I don't know what the situation is up there, but we'd like a site with power for our pop-up camper. I can reserve it with a card if needed. We'll likely arrive about 9 p.m. on Friday.

Thanks, Russ C. (PS. Only kidding Lori about the grass hut comment!)
Just wondering how many have actually commited to this event. Remember, it sure helps out the TD's to know who is planning on coming, AND what divisions they will be playing.

This lets them get a lot of the paperwork out of the way and more time for all that last minute stuff that ALWAYS happens.

Scrolling down the posts, I only see the following people talking about coming, most with nicks or initials, and no divisions.


McCarty, Bill - Grand Master
McCarty, McKinley - Open Women
Roberson, Rick - Advanced Master
Maxwell, Lori - Open Women
Maxwell, Dicky - Advanced Master
Lawson, Larry aka Charlie Brown - Advanced Master
Corey, Russ - Advanced Master
JG - ?
Griffin, Bryan - Advanced
Kincade, Print - Advanced?
Haydel, Jeff - Amateur Men
Haydel, Judy - Amateur Women
Webb, Brad - Advanced
Hobock, Nancy - Amateur Women
Hobock, Larry - Open
Gaiser, Chip - Advanced Master
Hudson, Zack - Amateur Men
Kleminsky, Tammy - Open Women
Hathaway, Aaron - ?
Middleton, Jay - Amateur Men - First Tournament
Hays, Fair - Advanced
Hawkins, Jeff - Advanced ?
Goby? & "crew" - ?
CC - ?

This post is the 80th one in this thread. . .and ONLY 21 +/- entries?

Lets hear from the rest of you. . . .and remember, we need ONE MORE Open Woman for a final!!!!

DG Guy
I am not moving up any time soon.. I got lots left to learn. You can count me in for the Amateur roster.
Goby (Mike Taylor), no crew, Adv. Master.
Thanks Print (seems I am always moving you up lol) & Mike every little bit helps.

Benny & Lyle, I am setting up the excel file for you! Got all the entry fees, and above people entered!

It's going ot be a GOOD time. . .of that I have no doubt!

DG Guy
Here are the people coming with me:

Kevin Irwin-amateur men
PB Moore-amateur men
David White-amateur men (first tourney)
Brandon Weatherly-amateur men
Kyle Irwin-Juniors i think
Thats awesome... Look at the Tupelo crowd making it out to some tournaments! Good luck guys, of course to those of you that aren't competing against me!
Thanks Jay,

5 more on the list. . .

DG Guy
Benny, can you reserve a tent site for Mike Taylor? I'll be arriving *late* Friday. I hope there are no gates at the park entrance. =8)
Thanks Bill,
Yeah I hope to be ready to move up this fall, but thats going to take some serious time with the putter and some idea of where my drives are going to come out of my hand in front of me. I think the idea is for them to come out straight, but thats not whats happening, lol

Know what you mean! In a little over four years of playing, I HAVE learned NOT to throw them behind the tee box. . . .MOST of the time! And I don't EVEN want to talk about my putting. .. but THIS weekend. . . I am going to be "in the zone" nothin but open air & chains!

Have been beating up the basket in the front yard, using ALL my putters ( I only have about six kinds) I have narrowed the selection down to three. . . teh CE Aviar, Z putter & my old trusty Dead Head Super Puppy! The Puppies have been sweet all week, just have to decide on the white one or the purple one. . . . too many choices. . . what's a guy to do!

Looking forward to the weekend. . . wanting to come on over Friday night, but Mikki is dragging her feet. . .but we will see you all one way or the other by Saturday Morning. . . bright and UGLY!!!

DG Guy
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