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Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003

well im at work and belive it or not working as for griff we all know what his job is so we wont go there
Yup, I'm hope packing twice as much stuff as I would have if I was going ALONE <G> And no, I'll spare Griff the grisly details right now. BRRRRRRR!
nope we do not have to go there....know what he does in his spare time.....or what he does not do.....

but tdwriter is another story.........oh well...I will not comment on that....oh how I wish I were off work right now...dreaming of getting off in about 2 1/2 hours....and...going home...tooo................

(pack to go to Wall Doxey).....oh well more work when I get off from here....alas that is the life I lead.....
Thanks Mike. I've "seen" you around the board. For some reason I thought you played advanced masters. But I guess I have as much competition as I can handly right now. Hope you can make it. rWc work closing loans...won't get out until around 7-7:30 (if I'm lucky)--hope to be at the Dox by 9

I've got a cabin (I think 5b or 5a), as you'll likely HEAR me before ya SEE me!! AAAIIIEEEE!!

I'm at work as well, Griff, despite what my wife might say<G> I'll come by tonight and knock on your door. rWc
Work, Work. Work... anyone have a hobby that pays well, besides me?

Dont get me wrong, I pay the bills, but you got to prioritize and know that disc golf comes first. LOL

Looks like its drying up here and I dont think Wall Doxey got as much rain as we did, so it should be a very good weekend. Let us hope the wind dies down too. Good luck to you guys.
Wind? What's this about wind, Print? That's a dirty word with me. I totally fall apart when it's windy. See what you can do about this <G> rWc
Good thing you only really got 4 holes beside the road that wind comes into play. Rest of the time you are picking chiggers and ticks off you!
The course has grown some trees and the limbs are full of leaves, so if you thought it was tight in the ice bowl, you better get ready.
Oh boy.....sounds fun...ticks and chiggers...guess I will need to bring my....stool to sit on...instead of the ground....hmmm....wind...bring it on....

td youjust gotta know how to use the wind to your advantage
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Wall Doxey Wall Doxey Wall Doxey
cant wait to see you all there!!

Larro and Nancy
Well I just got done making myself a new golf cart and Wall Doxey gets to be the testing grounds! Built it while I was washing my bag and packing up the van. . . didn't notice how late it was until I came back upstairs. . . so it's off to bed for about four hours of rest before I get up and hit the road. . . .Don't know how Mikki slept through all the drilling and grinding going on in the basement!

See you all in a few. . . .

DG Guy
hey everyone.... first of all i want to thank Lyle & Benny then Zack & Kenny for doing such a GREAT job on running the tournament. I had a blast. And to Lori, Tammy, and Stacey it was fun shooting with ya'll. Looking forward to the next tournament held. Once again thanks to all of you who donated money to the women's final 6.

SWEET Tourney!! Wonderful weather, great food and friendly folks!! Liked it so much we stayed until this a.m. Now, back in the real world...I think of fond memories of BLOWING UP IN THE THIRD ROUND!! OUCHEEE!! Well, third place was a "proud" long as I ignore my final round's score!! Peace and Love to all!! Griff
Re: Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003
April 28, 2003 12:41PM
NICE 61 in the third round. Get that chokeectomy now because BUD HILL is this weekend. You ARE going to the tournament this weekend - Right...
John k
Wouldn't miss it for the world....well, alright, if the WHOLE world was up then I might...nah!! Let's just say...I'll be there (fodder for the cannon-arms!!)...after all, I've got to be able to do better than 65th outta 66!!

Plenty of good times, bag tag war prizes for SNDG AND Memphis tags, multiple rings of fire, long-arm contest(both distance AND accuracy), etc. etc. etc.

Hope to see EVERYONE this weekend!! Don't FEAR the Forest...we have alternates to complete the second course and they are LOOOOOOOOONNGGG with ceilings as well, OUCHEE!!!! Bring it on disc golfers....THIS TOURNEY WILL "ROC"!! Griff
Re: Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003
April 28, 2003 02:36PM
I feel like a little kid before christmas. The memories of those two courses make wanna go throw as hard as I can in a field and then throw just as hard again. This hoping to get me close to the baskets!

Hopefully, I got some more distance, but its hard to tell playing Tombigbee, Tishomingo, and Wall Doxey and even if I do; can I sustain it for three long rounds? Going to be a great weekend!

This tournament is a great way to tell just how much your game has improved over the last year.

Hope everyone will be able to make it. It is well worth it.

Dont think I am knocking our courses though. They are great courses to learn on. They just dont have the length that Memphis does.
You are right Print! It is a very welcome change to play in Memphis. The tournaments are well run, the courses are awesome, the people are cool...well except for those traveling advanced guys from memphis... and everyone has an amazing time. I just hope the weather treats us all better than it did last fall.
Hey Fair, Brad said room and board just went up $50!!
My bad guys! I meant those traveling advanced master guys from Memphis. Truly honest mistake I can assure you!
Hello all

Hey Mikki Nice to see you shoot so well that second round a 59! Great Golfing girl! See you at the hill

Thanks to everyone again for making Wall Doxey such a great tournament.

I really enjoyed the final 6 even though I gakked the first two holes. Nervous jitters I guess. Thanks to all

Happy Golfing!
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