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Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003

Hello everyone,
It is that time of year again for the Wall Doxey Spring Open scheduled April 26 & 27, 2003. We must apoligize to Memphis Disc Golf Club for having it so close to theirs, but we figured this would be a good warm - up for their tourney and Easter is a booger for a tourney.
Registration 8:30 to 9:30 Am April 26,2003
Players meeting 9:30 AM
Tee Off 10:00 AM
2 rounds Saturday, April 26,2003
1 round Sunday, April 27,2003
A final six holes for pros will be discussed a later posting. We are thinking out loud on it right now.

Pro Open (Men) $42.00
Pro Open Women $37.00
Pro Masters $37.00
Grand Masters $37.00
Am Masters $27.00
Advanced $32.00
Am Men $27.00
Am Women $27.00
Novice and Junior $15.00

Novice & Junior will receive 2 disc & a Mini. They will play two rounds on Saturday, April 26th, 2003. They will not play on Sunday.

Payouts will be 33% of pro field, and 50% of Am Fields.
Now that all the formalities are out of the way. We plan on having some CTP'S for the tourney. A ring of fire will be played Saturday Evening after the rounds are completed. $2.00 will be taken out in SNDG FEES. $1.00 will be taken out for Club fees. Bunkhouse wil be $7.50 per night per person. A lunch will be served for $5.00 (TBA). A home made basket will be given to the Pro & Am Women winner. No tie for the basket, we will have a playoff for first place for the basket. The first twenty women to sign up will receive a free what not bag filled with a few little things. First place only will receive a plaque.
Are you excited so far. Bring the wife to play, and vice verser. We hope everyone has fun. Oh and as a funny ha ha. The plaques have already been ordered and picked up.
Sounds like fun. You can count on me and the better half to be there. Everything we have heard about Wall Doxey was positive.

Oh, by the way, is there any good Crappie fishing in the area? Should we bring Jigs and the Fry Daddy?

The crappie are biting mainly pan fry size. If you like to fly fish this the perfect lake to do it in. The lake is 55 acres with a lot of cypress trees. They are catching also on the Tallahactie(this is mispelled)river and Sardis. I am glad that you have heard positive things about Wall Doxey.
Some prizes of note that have been donated for the Wall Doxey open. Two recliners, some fishing gear donated by Wal - Mart, 2 Memphis Redbird Baseball tickets, Red Bird bumper stickers, and some redbirds mini bats.
Go REDBBIRDS!! I'm In!! Griff
We have just received a couple of Memphis Xplorers (Arena Football) tickets. The prizes are getting interesting aren't they.
Hello everyone,
I am online for the next little while. If anyone has any questions.
Can't let this post get to close to the bottom.
We will make sure that we bring up the tournament tomorrow at Tupelo. I am sure that all of the regulars will be there. I know that I will.
Wall Doxey sucks! No one ever wants play there because benny is such a mean Ranger. Lol
now, Fair if you keep saying that I might have to let you beat me one day. lol. HAAAAAAHAHHAHHHAHHHA.
I suppose all is fair in love and war. uhh Sorry, no pun intended.
Hey Fair,
you know what I meant don't you. That means you racing your v-4 against my v-8 with blue lights. Oh and please don't spin your tires. You never know where I may come from. I hate seeing a grown man cry. lol
Hey Benny, Just wanted to thank you for the sweet Mississippi/Wall Doxey Roc plaque for winning advanced master in the Ice Bowl. It was well worth the wait. I expect to be playing there (yes, in advanced master again) in a couple of weeks. There are allegedly three other SFC members from Florence coming as well. I suppose by then y'all will have the course sprayed with insecticide to knock down those chiggers, right? <G> RwC
Good call Benny! That was quite a laugh. And Russ, the chiggers have to eat too.
Now, Russ. You know State Parks are wildlife refuges. We can't kill the natural wildlife on the park. So try and stay in what little fairways we have and the chiggers want be so bad. LOL. I am glad you like the plaque. I am sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy what prizes we have in store for your division this time.
wildlife...I guess that's why ya can't shoot at me either!!!! Griff
Stay on the fairway? I can do that! I'll just coat myself with Deep Woods Off for extra protection.

No problem on the wait for the disc. I'm not going to be throwing it anyway!

And I hope I can shoot good enough to get some of those prizes you're referring to. I got a lot of use out of that Ice Bowl sweatshirt I won. It came in really handy during those cold rounds! Let's hope I can now put it away until November! See ya in a couple weeks. RwC
I said a wildlife refuge not a wildlife refugee. So open season on Griff

I had forgotten about the sweatshirt you had one. I am glad that you had a chance to wear it.
Ouch...that'll leave a mark!! Griff
Goodie Goodie Goodie. I have a new Speed Demon that I wanted to try out on some fresh meat. Here Griffie griffie!!!!!!

<in Elmer Fudd voice> Ssshhhhhhh I'm hunting lawwer's!! :)

Jeff the Primitive Hunter!
don't you just love it. All the smack talking is about to begin about who has who number at the Wall Doxey Spring Open and right now me and you are the main targets. I hope everyone in Memphis is doing okay. Fair came out today and shot a casual 12 down the first round. I don't know what he did the second round.
Go long as he keeps those -12's in CASUAL play!! Then we MIGHT have a snowball's chance in hades of catch'n that hot rod!!

As for Jeff...hope to shoot with you again...this time, let's make it in a bit more competitive position in terms of our standings...oh, what the heck, I'll play the final round with Kenny, Fair, Jeff and long as we leave those trouble-makers Kary and David C. far behind in the 'ol rear view mirrors.

Poor me, I was hangin' around in the advanced division and an honest to gosh COMPETITION broke out!!!!

Good luck to all....but more to me, I hope!!! Griff
Hello everyone,
If you are able to view Jackson Television, be sure to watch WLBT NEWS Channel 3 NBC. Our Northern District Manager is going to do a Two Minute special on the Wall Doxey Spring Open tournament on their noon or midday show.
Sounds like a really good tournament. Dicky and I will be there. I would like to make a suggestion. I think you should do a final six for the pro women also. I think the am women would enjoy watching the pro women play. Just an Idea !
The idea has been tossed around. I am leaving the ultimate decision on Kenny and Zack the Td's. We have talked about just having a women's final six or both. Easter has me a little tied up for the week. It is hard to keep up with it all. You know let's get a poll from the SNDG community. What does everyone think let me hear your input on a womens final six instead of the men. It will be different for a change to watch the Pro Women show their abilities.
Sounds like a winner to me or maybe three apiece.
I wouldn't want the women to get a final 6 in place of the men. However, you could give the Top 4 Open Pro's a final 6 and include in it, the Top 2 women. That would be a group of 6 but have the women playing each other but do it all at the same time.

I have never been a huge fan of the Final 6 anyway because they typically screw things up by putting all the holes at 500 ft making everything a long drive, upshot, par putt. I will give Wall Doxey credit though, because they have had some variety in their Final 6...with the hole on top of the shed!! People like to see accuracy on drives and the chance at aces!

It would be nice to see something for the Women, I have always made it a point of promoting women in disc golf!

I would not like to see the Open men lose out though, I know there may be time constraints to deal with! But if they could do both it would be great. I would not think it a good idea to "split" the galleries if they were both going at the same time, I believe that everyone would like to see each final six and not have to choose one over the other.

Given enough time, I personnaly would like to see two final 6's, one for the Women and one for the Men.

Thanks for asking

DG Guy

P.S. I will help out any way I can if you need it!

Also, do you have the distances for holes 19 & 20.. . need them for the scorecards.

If I am not mistaken, A hole is 225 feet. B hole is 140 feet. Kenny and Zack are both here playing today. I think Cindy will be e-mailing you the information tommorrow. Except to check the computer, we have been running around getting ready for our Easter Activities. I will send you an e-mail Monday with the distances.

Brad and Bill,
Thank you for the replies on the final six.
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