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Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003

No I don't want the open players to loose out on a final just add the women behind them on the same holes. You guys don't realize how many women say they wish they could see the pro women play. Most of the time we are in seprate groups. It's hard to watch and play at the same time. Please consider the pro women to play behind the open men. I will try to come up with some sponsorship prizes or something just let me know. Thanks Lori
Hey Lori!!

Congrats on your wedding!! (I know I'm late,sorry). That is a great idea about the finals. I second that!! You know we could out-throw those guys...LOL...maybe that's what they're scared of...hahaha!!

Just kiddin'. But it would be a breakthrough for the women! Please consider it.

Lori does not have a bad idea, it would be VERY interesting to see which group ends up with the largest gallery. . ..

I will be thinking of ways to have the Open Women have some kind of exibition or final 6 for the next event I TD, lets get more women, and girls, into Disc Golf

It this just the greatest sport or what?

DG Guy
Im sorry but the greatest sport is naked women gymnastics. This is the 2nd greatest sport.

Aaaaah....the 'ol point---counterpoint! I say "let 'em play!!" Griff
It would be crazy to replace the men's final with the women's. I don't think any sane person would want to do that!
Just add the women in with em or behind em.

its not really that big of a deal just include the women and quit horsing around about it.


Is naked women gymnastics on ESPN or ESPN 2 yet?....Let me know, I need to tape that!!

I agree with Lori.... Let the women play a final 6 or 9. I wouldn't be supprised if they did have a bigger gallery because its new and different!

I really glad to see it beeing considered! What ever it takes to promote the sport to both sexes!

Lori, lets consider a final 6 for the women at the Ark States!!


if thing work out there will be a hawk comming in to take your ace away and the hawk is of course me .so keep your eyes open and your bags closed because i will take what is yours .ha ha ha

jeff hawkins
Jeff---long time no see...lookin' forward to the competition....bring it on!!

Gotta ton of SWEET plastic for sale and/or trade...been doin' the e-bay free for all thing!! See ya next weekend...

Everyone have a blessed and happy Easter!!

....and go CUBBIES!! (sign of the apocalypse--my boys are in FIRST place!!)


I don't know if its possible to have a final 6 at the Arkansas State Disc Golf Championships, after 2 rounds on sunday people need to travel back home, however last year we paid cash and prizes to the lowest score on the last round of the tournament for each division. Hopefully we will get enough sponsorship money to do it again.
Well Guys,
It looks like the TD's have decided to play a final six for the pro women as long as we have four pro women or more. The men will tee off first followed by the women. The method of play will be decided by tourney time and announced at the players meeting. Lori any sponsorship you can raise for the women's final would be appreciated.
Nancy, the horsing around is over now.

Valkyrie 180g and ZackWDSP
Valk & Zack,

You can put me down for something for the Women, don't know what yet, but I will donate something!

Come on guys. . . lets hear it for the ladies. . . bring it on!

DG Guy
DG Guy,
Thanks man. You know we said at the Ice bowl that we were going to try to bring the women into the sport. Since the Ice Bowl, I have seen twice the women out praticing for the tourney here at Wall Doxey. Now, women its up to you to bring your friends that normally don't come to the tourneys. For the ones who have played at Wall Doxey, It will be up to you to develope the girlfriends game for the women. I also want to thank Kenny and Zack for hearing the women players call, and making a decision to have a final six for the women pros.
Thank You!!!!!Thank You!!!!

You discgolfers sure are great bunch of folks!

I am going to get the ball rolling. I am going to put $20.00 to the womens final six. It's not much, but I have already bought the baskets out of my pocket for the pro & am women winners even though there homemade and I am a state employee.
Benny or Valkyrie 180g

Put me down for at least $20 for the Open Women's Final, little skins never hurt nothing. . . make um play I say!

DG Guy
DG guy,
Thanks, Maybe with a good turnout of women our tourneys in September can have an advanced womens division. Man don't the north parks rock in Mississippi. We are willing to try something every tournament thats different. ( toot our on horns) sorry guys don't normally do it. I am actually excited about the womens final six the more I think about it. I kinda hate it that bucanneer is having a doubles tournament the same weekend, maybe we would see some of the southern area women players at Wall Doxey.
May see them anyway, if they hear what's happening! I know I would much rather have a shot at ALL of something than just HALF of it!

Afterall. . . Am & Pro Women 1st Place take home a basket, AND the Pro Women get to do a final for SKINS. . . Only thing to really decide is if the final will count towards the overall win. . . that REALLY makes the final HOT! It could all change hands right up to the final hole!

I don't think I have read any mention of this. . . but it's an idea!

I can't wait for next weekend. . keep a couple of bunks open for Mikki & I, too much work to haul all the camping gear and set it up. . . see you Saturday, bright & ugly!

DG Guy
there will be an early signup friday afternoon on april 25th from 5 until around 8. it will be located in cabin 3. looks like the women are going to get their chance to shine. GOOD LUCK LADIES. the ladies final is probely going to be a skins match, with their score not being effected be the final 6. the holes are going to be birdieable for the men and some of the lucky women. we are not going to play up and down the side of the road throwing 450-500 hisers. hope to see everyone there.

How many bunks are in one bunkhouse? Looks like a crowd will be there from Florence, we could all bunk together if possible.

Chip, Rick, & Larry will be there sometime Friday night, Mikki & I will arrive early Saturday, unless we can get out of town early enough, and then we will also be there Friday Night.

Looking to be another great event at Wall Doxey. . hope to see everyone there. . .

DG Guy
Since the Three Stooges are going to be there, I'll have to show up and give them some competition <G> BTW, I will likely be travelling solo and hitting the bunkhouse as well, so save me one in the non-snoring section!

BTW guys, some hotshot from Baton Rouge plans on coming to give us (Advanced Masters) a disc golf lesson! I got mine from him at B'ham. Maybe the switch from long arm course to finesse course will baffle him, but I doubt it. Goby's for real. Great playing with you at B'ham.

All this leads up to Bud Hill. I hope I have something left by then. RwC
hey you guys are great!! I am getting really excited to play at Wall Doxey . WOW a final for the pro women. Yeah!!!!

Happy Golfing to all!!!!

Called & talked to Lyle, have a bunkhouse reserved for the SFC Gang! Will see you there. . .

Benny & Zack,

I will also be donating some stuff to give away for your ring of fire, or for whatever you want to use them for, CTP's, prizes etc. Looking forward to another great time at Wall Doxey. . . just don't let me hang around the lunch table too long. . .

See you all there. . ..

DG Guy
Besides Lori and Dickie is there anyone else from Little Rock going to Wall Doxey Fri. evening? I might be able to go but I need a ride and bunk.

Aaron Hathaway
501 658 9300
DG Guy,
There are thirteen bunks in a bunkhouse. Twelve are in bunk bed set up. One bed is located in a seperate room or counselor room.
Benny, I definitely need some counseling on my game after that whoopin' I took in B'ham. Struggled to finish second. It will be good to get back into the woods! RwC
Hi Benny

I talked to the receptionist at the park. She said my name would be on the list for a bunkhouse for the Arkansas folks. Please make sure I get a bunkhouse or lots of people will be sleeping outside and it will be my fault.
I am expecting 9 or 10 folks I will let you know exactly how many so if someone needs to stay with us they can

Thanks alot


PS I told them my name was Mezger oops! Not quite used to maxwell yet
Benny and the rest of the Doxey crew,

I hope your tournament goes smoothly. My sister is coming into town with the baby so Chad and I won't be there. I know we'll miss an AWESOME tournament. Good luck to you all!


I was hoping to play in the finals with you. Hopefully that'll all work out. Good luck to you and we'll see you soon! Are you going to the Women's Nationals this year? Let me know!!
Wall Doxey TIME!!!!

Can't wait!!
Addie I am counting on you to be at Memphis in May since now you are missing Wall Doxey. ;)


p.s. I will defintely be in Doxey
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