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Wall Doxey Spring Open April 26 & 27,2003

I don't really want to put you down on a reserve sight. We have 64 developed sights where as Tombigbee only has 20.( No offense Tombigbee) It may be necessary though hearing the responses of the people showing up for the tourney. I got you marked down for one, but to save you a little money. If we are not full on the first come first serve sights, please just get on one of them.

We don't reserve our primitive camping, but the area is huge for tents. If you would like a reserved electric and water site, just let me know. Don't worry about the gate, you will understand when you get here. Just be sure to look before you drive.
I just had a premonition...DG Guy's prediction of nothin but open air and chains comes horribly true when he is captured by enemy forces and paraded naked through the park in shackles.
Hope you N. Miss folks have a good weekend. I hope to make it up there for the MS Doubles this summer.
(Sorry Bill, I couldn't resist)

Well. . . I was not refering to THOSE kind of chains. . . but hey. . . if it helps my putting. . . it's worth a shot!

DG Guy

Hobock, Larry

Grand Masters
McCarty, Bill

Open Women - Still need ONE MORE!
Kleminsky, Tammy
Maxwell, Lori
McCarty, McKinley

Amateur Women
Haydel, Judy
Hobock, Nancy

Griffin, Bryan
Hawkins, Jeff
Hays, Fair
Webb, Brad

Advanced Masters
Corey, Russ
Gaiser, Chip
Lawson, Larry aka Charlie Brown
Maxwell, Dicky
Roberson, Rick

Amateur Men
Hathaway, Aaron
Haydel, Jeff
Hudson, Zack
Irwin, Kevin
Kincade, Print
Middleton, Jay
Moore, P. B.
Taylor, Mike
Weatherly, Brandon
White, David

Irwin, Kyle

CC ?

27 and counting. . . tic . . toc, . .tic . . toc. . .

All have a good evening. . I'm off to bed. . I hear my pillow calling me. . .

DG Guy

I'm not playing in the tournament. I'm Kenny Collums's shawdow LOL

DG Guy, please promote me to *Advanced Masters* rather than Am Men. No wonder I was already hearing the bagger calls.... =8)
IF you didn't tell him, Goby, I was going to! Guess I'll be camping with the wife and son after all (just one this time). See in the campground late tonight.

BENNY... That will be fine. I hope the gate is open late because I won't arrive as early as I had hoped. I suppose the "first come" sites are marked. I can just pull in one, set up and pay you guys Saturday? We'll be easy to find. Thanks again. rWc
Benny, primitive camping will be fine. If they're full, I can always go find a free spot in the National Forest. =8) Thanks.
Goby. . .got you changed. . .

Hey Russ, is Beth goning to throw with us? Just thought I would ask! Give me a call at work - 760-1927 sometime today. . . need to see ifyou can do something,


DG Guy
Benny....I may not get in until 8 or so...where do I go to get the cabin key?? If it is an inconvenience, John Linton should be down there today with Laurie and Dickey from Little Rock--he is crashing in my cabin so if you want to get him the key, he'll call me and let me know(otherwise, do I go to the Ranger residence when I arrive?)

Jeff hawkins will be there and will play advanced so you can take the ? off of me thanks and im looking forward to this weekend .

Also griff griff griff i look foward to playing in the same group with you down there the last time i did i got to ace #5 and you got #8 so lets see if we can do it again.

jeff hawkins
DG Guy,

Unfortunately Aaron Hathaway won't be coming to Wall Doxey this year. You can mark me off the list above. The wife and kid switched plans on me so i can't make it.

Bill, I'll call ya later. And YES, Beth will be playing. Will maybe if there's juniors. We'll be arriving later. 9-10 p.m. and will be in the campground. Late change in plans. (that is if I can get the pop-up out of the yard<G>

Sorry to hear you cannot make it, but family comes first.


Got Beth down, and Will. There was nother Junior I believe, and I think there are some local Juniors too. . don't think it will be a problem. Not my event, but I am sure Benny and Zack will take care of it!

Put John Linton on teh list too. .. he's da man!. hero!

DG Guy
How do you get there from p-cola?
Not sure Mike, try they can give you a good route and a map to follow. rWc
you can go I-10 west to mobile then either take 45 north to tupelo then take 78 west towards memphis and get off at exit for the wall doxey state park and go west it will be down on the right a few miles .or you can take I-65 north to birmingham then take 78 west to same as above
I think the best way from p-cola would be go from Mobile to Tupelo, Ms. on Hwy 45. Go west on Hwy. 78 to Hwy. 7 to Holly Springs, Ms. Turn south on Hwy. 7 for a couple of miles to the park entrance. I think you should bring Wally with you, I owe him a few whuppin's and I hate to wait till next weekend at Memphis to start paying him back. Hey Benny, put Robert 'Mac' McDonald in as a Pro Grandmaster. See ya'll Saturday morning. mac
Mac's directions sound good. If you take 78 it crosses the road out of Holly Springs to the Park. What do you play, Mike? rWc
hey going to help me find my way to Wall Doxey????? I have never been there....what is it like ?????
where are you comming from trying to get there
I am sorry Jeff......I am just teasing is a joke.....btw...people may not know me.....I am the BETTER half of tdwriter.......the one who actually works....hard....for a living......
Ouch, that's COLD, Icewoman! Griff
You don't know the half of it Griff. And believe me, you don't want to! It's a "chilling" story. See ya tonight, sometime. rWc
griff we need to play in the same group so we can both get a ace
icewoman i understand and you sound like my other half she got me a shirt that says (the other half) and got her self one that says (the better half)
well tell me this...who is actually at work working....and who is at home...languishing in an hour long lunch...I do not get but 30 mins for lunch....
BTW tdwriter.....I talked to DG Guy on the phone do you have everything ready packed and all I have to do is put it in the van.....hmmmmmmmm.......get to work.....tdwriter....

in many ways I have this nickname for a reason.....just ask my hubby.....he knows.....
I play the field all the time. But if you are talking about disc golf I play grand-masters/pro masters. I run the course at blue angel in p-cola
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