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Greenwood Open Tornament

Posted by Ronnie Cook 
Greenwood Open Tornament
April 06, 2003 09:06PM
Disc Golfers wanted to let you know that for the grennwood opening, the schedule will be orange/orange. After talking to Misty at BREC I'll explain at the tournament.
Ronnie- ive talked to some golfers this weekend and i think the general concensus was that we can use the old white tees instead of the red. (if BREC allows)

i want to apologize to ronnie and wanda for my part in the red tee revolution out at greenwood. those were put in thinking greenwood needed toughening up, due to lost trees and lack of distance. the people who came up with those had good intentions, i hope we didnt cause any complications for you two.
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 07, 2003 11:39PM
I second the notion of using the white tees.
what is a chain-splasher?
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 08, 2003 11:44AM
It seems to be quite obvious, to me at least. It's like if you say "pole-smoker". Without being graphic, everyone still knows what it is.
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 08, 2003 12:59PM
The tourny will be two rounds of orange for every body, with the 4 blues thrown in for Am women, nov, and jr.

The reasoning behind this will be explained, but with all of the Baton Rouge disc golfers working together, with BREC, we can really make BR disc golf something to be proud of.

Will T
The Zinger
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 08, 2003 01:26PM
Hope everyone comes out to play. Ronnie and Will will run another great tournament.
Tony Bass
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 08, 2003 03:01PM
So even the open players will play the ams both rounds?
thats right tony, it should favor tree's game. short and easy.
what? i'm passing up 2 rounds on the orange to go play in a supertour? what was i thinking??? i wonder how many pros who qualify for the SN Final this week make the trip to BR in august. it would be fun to watch BT kick climo's butt at greenwood.
short and easy? surely you jest

if i didn't have the tour starting up next month i'd be there.
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 08:23AM
Dork in the Fairway is a POLE SMOKER!
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 08:25AM
Tree on tour, I doubt it. What are you gonna do, pass out water to all the players?
wrong again. i'm not a splasher, or a pole (what was it before he changed it)

however, theremust be a better name for your club than the 2 listed above. How about Greenwood Colon Cowboys!
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 08:31AM
Way to play that one off, POLE SMOKER!
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 10:20AM
I'm a little confused here mainly cause I don't know all these names yet. But am I to understand that Kernan is finally going on tour. If so I want to be his caddy. I followed him in the finally six in Lafayette and it was highlight film material. He showed great composure and it was disc golf at its finest. He only said mother f twice. I wish I had brought a camera. Let me know bout the caddy deal. I only need 35% of winnings and a shot at some of the girl groupies that hang around.
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 10:22AM
This is hilarious! LOL. Only in America baby! I thought pole smoking was bad, but colon cowboy. That's downright SICK!
35%? even tiger's caddy only gets 10%. F !

hope you win some $$ this week since i won't be there to take any BR donations. see you at the BREC meeting dude.
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 11:01AM
what about Sphincter Spelunker or braving the baloon tie?
Re: Greenwood Open Tornament
April 09, 2003 12:11PM
That's classic! Hey Ryan, if you find any hottie groupies, give me a call. We'll recruit them for caddies for our next tournament. That will be great. We can make this happen. I already have my eye on some potential prospects.
tree, we don't have a club in baton rouge.

why do you have to compinsate poor golfing abilities by talking trash on the forum?
ryan- do you think we could start a fan club?

i do think that guy kernan is the next ken climo... all that power!

his sidearm putts are like a dream. gaaah dawg!

we can call it the Captain "F" Club, Be Like Mike, or the S.T.F.A (Shuffle, Throw and Fall Anonymous).
Hey, back to the topic, THIS WEEKEND, IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
y'all laugh it up in BR this weekend while i'm gone...don't forget to lick your fingers before you throw when you try to imitate my supertour cashing style. maybe one day you'll make a final 6 somewhere mr. wizard! d'oh!
good luck mikey!

be my HERO and bring home some cash!
i wasn't talking about disc golf tour toolbag. get out a bit more.
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