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Posted by worldswatcher 
August 05, 2002 08:10PM
I have had a lot of trouble finding a 2002 worlds schedule and/or results. Does anyone know where I can find them. The usual sites:,, etc. are not helpful.
Re: worlds2002
August 06, 2002 07:21AM
The Am World results are posted on the PDGA website. On the right side of the homepage is the Am World logo. Click it and it will bring you to the World's homepage. Scroll down for results.
Re: worlds2002
August 06, 2002 12:08PM
I am looking for pro worlds. Nowhere on the site is there a schedule or list of pools.
Re: worlds2002
August 06, 2002 08:52PM
that's because Victor L is in charge of it
The Zinger
Re: worlds2002
August 06, 2002 09:19PM
overstable, u being sarcastic? cause i don't think he is.
Re: worlds2002
August 07, 2002 03:14PM
Okay, after much effort, I have finally found it. It's at under tournament results. Ron Russel is winning after two rounds with a total of 94. Eric Tracy is tied for third, two strokes back, and Mike Young is 14th, seven strokes out of the lead. The posting of the results issue has been getting a lot of hard comments on People are very ticked off, especially because disclife has been promising "up to the minute" results on their site. I hope Victor isn't in charge of this, because if he is, he 'aint never gonna be again.
Re: worlds2002
August 08, 2002 10:28PM

there is a dogfight going on in houston...
Re: worlds2002
August 09, 2002 09:15AM
I see that there is a semi-final round in this tournament. Does anyone know how many people will make that cut (top ten, top twenty)?
Re: worlds2002
August 09, 2002 01:35PM
Tracy has lost ground. Wormie is gone. Cam Todd is practically gone (tee-hee). And the King is making his move. This reminds me of the 2000 worlds when Schultz and Klimo went almost down to the wire, except this year Russell is also challenging. Eric still has a chance to make the finals but it depends on how the semi-final round work. Does anyone know?
Re: worlds2002
August 10, 2002 12:16AM
semi finals info is @


Ken Climo 4297 1 1 51 47 44 52 48 45 43 46 376
Ron Russell 9999 2 1 46 48 47 49 50 46 45 50 381
Brian Schweberger NC 12989 T3 1 47 48 46 49 53 46 51 45 385
Barry Schultz WI 6840 T3 1 49 46 47 48 52 48 47 48 385
Steve Rico CA 4666 5 2 50 46 47 51 51 46 46 49 386
Joshua Anthon CA 17946 6 2 51 45 50 47 49 48 49 48 387
David Feldberg MI 12626 7 2 53 46 48 50 49 48 48 46 388
Eric Tracy LA 12642 8 2 48 48 53 50 50 45 50 50 394
Kevin McCoy OK 9453 T9 3 49 51 48 48 52 51 50 47 396
David Greenwell KY 962 T9 3 49 47 49 46 52 51 50 52 396
Harold Hampton CA 5936 11 3 48 51 53 48 49 50 48 50 397
Shawn Sinclair IA 10819 12 3 51 51 52 47 52 49 48 48 398

watching the lead card today at the lakeside course was amazing.

these guys are good...

there is a hole by hole write up @
Re: worlds2002
August 12, 2002 09:25AM
How about 11. My heart goes out to Barry Schultz, though. I wonder how many championships he would have if he didn't play in the Climo era. I was also glad to see Ron Russell prove that '99 was no fluke. Another good showing by E.T., though I'm sure he's a little bitter anyway. What about the Shocker in the women's division? Didn't see that coming.
Re: worlds2002
August 12, 2002 05:37PM
i rode with ET to houston and had a long conversation on the return trip... he wasn't bitter at all.

he was proud of finishing where he did in SUCH a tough field of competitors. he should be...

as far as the juliana upset...

a bunch of us staffers were pulling for des.

her and yeti are the nicest folks you'll ever meet.... real class act...

as to the above reference to the www results, we were going to upload stuff to disclife... we even had the FTP info... but Nez said to focus on marty's site-- with the results...

zinger, i was a scorekeeper, main tent computer volunteer, card checker at the end of rounds, etc... (we also printed all score cards on site with names, player ratings, accumulative scores, etc)

having worked at both am worlds and pro worlds was a once(twice) in a lifetime opportunity that i hope to do again ...
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 12:50PM
Hey VL I wanna thank you for taking a week out of your busy life to donate
your time, efforts, travel, and $$$ to STAFF the worlds . There not many who would do such unless they live in the city the tourney is in. And even then not many
would do it. Most people JUST WANNA PLAY not WORK. As a nonplayer in this years worlds I'm Thankful for people like you, wish there were more
helpers. It would make the world a better place. Good job. Thanks again.
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 02:01PM
Why did they want you to concentrate on the other site when they had been advertising that they would have results on the disclife site? For some interesting comments on the topic, by the way, check out Chris (Hyzer) Hysell's posts on disclife (under "world's discussion"). He, like many, have pointed out that when you say that you are going to do something, do it. Too true.

Disclife is where the scores were last year, and where they were supposed to be this year. Also, there was this 2002 Pro-Worlds site that never had any info, but that had the only link to Why? It also had a link for results, which is where the link to was. Thanks for that, at least. It was the only way for me to find the scores.

And if you start talking about all of the work, etc., and how dedicated and wonderful you all are for volunteering, I'm going to jump through this screen and strangle you. I understand that it was difficult and time consuming, but when the results are not there or are amateurish at best, it wasn't worth it. If you guys were Japanese, you would all have to kill yourselves now.

By no means do I put the blame on any one person, but come on! There are people all over the world who wanted to be able to see scores as advertised. You had to get lucky with a search engine or run into the link on another page to get them.

Whoever made these decisions or messed up in any way, bringing about this internet clusterf**k, whether they are lovable disc golf legends or not, they need to be gang-wedgied until they bleed to death, or maybe just fired.

I don't mean to be so harsh. I didn't intend to write a treatise on responsibility and efficiency. But to quote Hyzer again, if it makes things improve, it was worth it. I hope that disclife and have curse word filters on their post pages.
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 04:29PM
worldswatchin couchpotato,

if you were not so misinformed, you might know the facts.

i cannot speak for the houstonians, but i NEVER said i was going to upload anything to disclife.

the disclife people probably announced it but i never saw ANYTHING from the houston club that agreed to upload scores to brian sullivans web site.

ithe powers that be wanted to use the website WHICH IS A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER and that is what i did. get over it.

the data at is searchable and interactive by division, etc... just wanted a free ride to wwwtrafficville with a flat noninteractive web page THAT THEY WERE NOT EVEN WILLING TO CODE THEMSELVES.

the truth is in the traffic. disclife doesn't get chitlins for traffic.

disclife is a privately owned for profit endevour and they wanted us to do all the wwwork. THEY were the ones hoping to have scores put in their website WITHOUT doing any of the wwwork. is a DONATED website for discgolfers that makes no profit and was built as a "freeware" for all to use AND the creator marty, SPENT HOURS HELPING us get the scores online.

btw, there was real time info posted in the PDGA discussion board. if you were not so obviously uninformed maybe you'd of known this LIKE THOUSANDS of other disc golfers.

if you do not like what occured this year, quit whining, get off your couch and do it something about it next year.

am worlds will be in kansas city and pro worlds in arizona next year. i'll be expecting real time data uploads like we did this year, oh uninformed watcher....

do you have the www skills?

all it takes is a working knowledge of html and a server to ftp the data to... and a laptop will come in handy as well as a remote modem.

btw, put the stuff on the web too with no help from us

if disclife wanted it bad enough they should've written the code and uploaded it.

the data was available.

ps. i stayed with the winnikrewe. they had no problem where we uploaded the data. IN FACT THEY LIKED IT MO BETTA
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 05:28PM
paranoid ragemachine,

I don't consider myself a couch potato because I was unable to get off of work to go to worlds. Lots of people couldn't make it. Worlds has never been closer to home and missing it was very disappointing. I, like many others, copuldn't take off for a week and leave home to go see worlds.

Now, let me take you down the road of "information" that I and equally "thousands" of others relied upon to get our worlds updates. There is a website maintained by the PDGA. The PDGA is the governing body of the sport. It is also what thousands of people worldwide were typing into their search engines to get information about worlds. When we all logged on to the PDGA website last week, there was a link to This has been changed. Now there's a link to the site with the picture of Lesli Herndon putting which gives you the link to the proper page.

Apparently, the PDGA realized the problem and changed the link. Regardless, is where we were all originally directed to. As to your information concerning disclife's practices and motivations, I believe you. As amatter of fact, Hyzer touches on this notion in one of his posts. I have nothing against making money but you should work for it.

My main beef is with the PDGA for telling people to go to the disclife site. You even said yourself in an earlier post that you "were supposed to" upload to disclife. Indeed, this seems to have been the original plan. So don't worry, no one is blaming you. This whole ordeal just smacks of the angry, bickering attitude that has plagued the sport time and time again, and that you seem to so completely embody. Chill.
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 06:14PM
the pdga web site is built by volunteers and if someone originally linked to disclife, so be it. you are the first person i have heard complaints from.

the volunteer pdga webmaster probably assumed that the uploads would occur again to that site...

that is only a guess, though...

FYI: it is not so much that we were supposed to upload to disclife as a priority but that we had that choice.

considering the wwworkload it would have piled on top of what we were already doing (to hard code the data for disclife) we chose to use because it is much more efficient.

btw, nearly thirty texans took the week off from work to staff, haul water, be spotters, etc, etc...

i found it interesting that many tenured big dog pros said it was the best run worlds ever.

sorry to hear you could not attend....
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 06:35PM
Worldswatcher is right. I logged onto the PDGA site and got a link to disclife. I didn't question this because they posted the results last year. I had to search for the right link. Frankly, I don't care who posts the results. I just wanted to see how my friends were doing. Sounds like there may have been a feud among the higher-ups.

On a different note, if you do go to the PDGA site, you will see that "Steady" Ed has died. It happened yesterday. I don't know about anyone else, but this game has given me a lot: fun, friends, etc. I'm not a religious person, but if there's a good place that you go to when you die, I can't think of anyone who deserves to go there more.
Re: worlds2002
August 13, 2002 07:26PM
steady ed had a stroke while in miami. he remained in the hospital there, and was then transported back to the left coast... and never really recovered...

during pro worlds, the texas folks had everyone / anyone, sign one of the posters and sent it to him by fed ex...

ed's son phoned back with his thanks saying ed had recieved the poster.

not too long of a time later he passed away.

at the awards ceremony at pro worlds there was a moment of silence for ed.

many of the pros that gave acceptance speahes mentioned the impact ed had on their lives...

i was fortunate enough to meet steady ed last year at am worlds in nashville. what a cool guy...

truly a loss to the disc golf community.
Re: worlds2002
August 17, 2002 10:40PM

Facts are in order here! The PDGA2002ProWorlds website was graciously hosted by Brian Sullivan on the DiscLife.Com website for us. He basically gave us space after we had acquired the domain name for it.

Fact: I was the primary person in charge of getting scores and stats posted to the Internet faster than they had ever been done before for any tournament. This gave me the latitude to choose how/where I posted them as long as the PDGA Discussion Board contained links to where they'd be posted at.

Fact: After Victor and I reviewed what DiscLife.Com had provided us, and their restrictions/limitations we decided that using that website during the week and between rounds would be too cumbersome.

Fact: Theo Pozzy, the new PDGA website director had gone on record as stating that he would cut-over to the new PDGA Message Board "sometime after Am Worlds." No mention was made about waiting until after Pro Worlds. I'd checked out both possibilities and found that the new PDGA Message Board was unusable for the purpose of posting tournament results in a cleanly formatted way. Therefore, I had to make alternative plans with which to post scores - not knowing if the existing PDGA board will still be active during Pro Worlds.

Fact: Marty Hapner offered to help us out by allowing us to use his Score Keeper program to post results. Further, he offered to do all of the data entry for us via telephone.

Fact: There is no inexpensive or easy way to get Internet access while sitting at a scoring table in the middle of a county park. We even tried using a cell phone modem (loaned to me by the Winnie Crew) but it wouldn't hold a connection. Telephoning in the scores to someone via my personal cell phone was the only alternative.

Fact: Marty entered the scores into his Score Keeper program at the same exact time that I entered the scores into the master scoring spreadsheet at the scorer's table. The World Wide Web had the scores sooner than any player out there, and even before the tournament's own score-keeper had them, because I still had to perform manual sorts in my spreadsheet and Marty's program handled that automatically.

Fact: Although Theo Pozzy wasn't there, most of the rest of the PDGA Board of Directors were onsite and present in Houston during the Pro Worlds. Most of those guys don't have access to the Internet while they are away from their homes...they probably had no idea that there was a SNAFU on their website someplace.

I find it hard to believe that you would whine about it being someone else's fault that you weren't competent enough to follow the discussion board threads and see the multiple references to DiscGolf.Com after almost every round.

There wasn't any feud among any "higher ups" as BlueBoy speculated...hell, there wasn't even a feud amongst us "lower downs" I just did what I had to do to ensure that the rest of the world could get up to the minute scoring information after every round. If you followed the PDGA Discussion Board on Friday and Saturday, you would've been able to see that I was phoning in play-by-play accounts to people to have them post it on the PDGA site.

I don't know why the PDGA website listed the scores would be available on DiscLife...I think that Nez would've prefered that we post them there, but it just required too much manual formatting to work to get them on that site, and we explored every other alternative. At any rate, I was charged with posting the stuff and no one ever contacted me to find out where I'd be posting it at. My guess is that they will make a better effort to find that out the next time!

ET has nothing to be disappointed about. He played pretty solid golf against the strongest field he probably has ever played against. He's a great guy and will no doubt assume his place on the top of the ladder one of these days!

Wwworker: Thanks for all of the help! It wouldn't have run nearly as smoothly as it did without your help to me at the scoring table! It rocked!

Ching Lizard
Re: worlds2002
August 29, 2002 03:11PM
I never said that anyone was at fault. I don't know where you got that. I just agreed that the PDGA website had a link to disclife. No, I'm not incompetent. It took me all of five minutes to find the site. I had no idea why the scores were not on disclife, nor did I care, but thqanks to your long-winded explaination, I feel like I was there.

Fact: You need to start drinkng decaf.
Re: worlds2002
August 29, 2002 10:41PM
Thanks for all your hard work, Ching Lizard. I never had a problem finding the scores and checked them every day. TransAM
Re: worlds2002
August 30, 2002 05:46AM
BlueBoy: Please accept my apologies. You didn't cast any stones of blame except for the fact that DiscLife had advertised that they would have the scores posted there. I don't know whether that was because they intended to post them there, or if they were expecting us to...

We didn't decide that the site was unusable for us until the very last minute, and I guess that didn't leave anyone enough time to correct info on their websites. Same thing happened with the PDGA main page too. I think that the Pro Worlds logo on the main PDGA site only took you to the PW2002 site for information...

I guess from the perspective you guys had, it probably did seem a little confusing...from our perspective, it was organized chaos. If I ever do something as big as that again, I will try to do a better job of getting the word out to everyone about where to expect to find the results. There was no conspiracy involved...I just did what I had to do in order to get the scores on the web faster than it had ever been done before. I'll have to see if Marty wants to use his program to track our Texas States results too.

TransAM: Thanks for your kudos! Appreciation like yours is the best reward volunteers get for doing this kind of thing! The second best reward is getting to meet so many players and fans!

Re: worlds2002
September 02, 2002 06:42PM
Thanks for the apology. I realize how hard y'all worked on this, and I can't tell you how much it is appreciated. Volunteers keep this sport going, and it is a tremendous sacrifice to dedicate one's time and effort to volunteer work. You are right when you say that disclife expected to get the results, and the reason that people like me assumed that they would have them is that they did for 2001. I apologize if you were offended by my or anyone else's comments. You seem to be a class act. Keep up the good work.
SN Pro Finals
September 02, 2002 07:18PM
ching lizard is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet... that is a fact!

does anyone have the results from memphis?
Re: worlds2002
September 06, 2002 07:45PM
it is still in the first draft phase but i thought some of you folks would like to see the photo archive that is coming together for pro worlds... it is a slideshow so be patient if ya have a slower connection to the www...


i still have to finish coding stuff but here is what the intro page will look like...


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