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Buccaneer PRO Tees

Posted by Zplasticmaster 
Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 11, 2003 11:33AM
Will you be at the Buc this weekend?
This is Stephen Heaps and I was wondering if you needed any help with setting up some pro tees at the Buc for the upcoming doubles?
I'm not sure what time I'll be out there this weekend but probably around noon.
My number is 601-818-4718 (cell) and my house # is 228-466-5662.
Give me a call and let me know what you think.

I am planning on playing the Wildcat Trace on the way home today if anyone want to meet me there.

Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 12, 2003 10:27PM
Thinking of how to use the "pro"tees, They should probaby be played the first round, on the best lie round, and then use the regular ones for the 666 round.
Just think about it, the worst shot holes are 13 - 18, the hardest most bad boys out there. Pro tee 666 golf would be suicide!

E-mailing a flier to any one who wants it for their course, use, please help get the word out.

Willy BT
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 15, 2003 08:23PM

I coudn't agree more. That's the way we did it in Baton Rouge(pro tees best lie) and it was great. 666 sure exposes our weaknesses doesn't it!

If any one is interested, "Dangerous Don" and I are planning to lay out the pro tees this saturday afternoon. All are welcome to help.


Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 15, 2003 10:02PM
What time, Paul? I might drive over from Biloxi.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 16, 2003 02:29AM
Were are going to Hobbit Saturday morning and then back over to Bucaneer afterward. We should be there around 2 or 3 pm. Hope to see you there.

Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 20, 2003 09:38PM
The pro tees are in. Kudos out to "Dangerous Don" and "The malicious Crow " for their help in design and execution of these great tees. If ya'll don't like any of these holes, talk to them! Just kidding.

Most of the Pro tees are straight back from the original tees (there is only so much you can do with these holes), but we found some creativity here and there. The total layout is @ 5350 but don't let the footage fool you it is quite challenging! The front plays 2875 and the back 2471 with an average hole length of 297' While the length is not daunting the bugs may well add difficulty.

After finishing the work today, I played the new tees at plus five (ouch!) but with a 28 mph wind that might not be too bad! The back hurts and the brain is mush now, so I'll fade. There are a few pro wrinkles we plan to spring on ya'll tournament day, so stay tuned!


PS: WBT are you still considering camping?
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 20, 2003 11:47PM
Should I, or will the bugs carry me away?
I'll let you know as the week progresses.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 07:46AM
Why does it always seem that length of a hole makes a PRO Tee from an AM Tee? In a game played thru lots of tree' would seem that accuracy would rule the game. I suppose it depends on what part of the country you are in or the course?

Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 09:05AM
Brad, it is harder to be accurate from 300' than 230'. If you have never played Buccaneer, it is one of the harder short courses around as it is. Really low scores are possible, but really high scores are also common.

Paul, if you are going back to the Bug any time this week, I need a favor. I think I left a white Z-Wildcat just off the right side of the trail on hole 18. Windy Hills Open stamp. It will probably be easy to see, and it is probably already gone, but please check for me. Thanks.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 10:14AM
Crow having played Bucaneer (ok the first 14 holes of it b/c the bugs were so bad) I have to disagree with you. If you want a HARD short course come up here and play Wall Doxey or Shelby Forest in Memphis. While The Buc was fun. Shelby and Wall Doxey knock the socks off of it in terms of being a difficult short course.

Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 01:23PM
There's a difference in a hard short course and a stupidly hard short course. I am not saying that any one of these is stupidly hard. Just stating a comment.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 10:38PM

Comparing Bucaneer to Shelby Forest is not really fair. The old growth pine forest at Shelby, along with elevation changes etc., allows for far more diversity than anything Bucaneer could dream about! It's kind of like comparing Colorado to South Carolina as a skiing destination. I've never played Wall Doxey but I am looking forward to it. If most people knew how difficult it was to design this course to appeal to golfers and at the same time fall within the parameters of the park guidelines, they would be appreciative of the lay out. Our options are few. If memory serves the course record is only @ -8 or -9 (maybe Jon Fox)(somebody update me), but with so many birdie holes how can that be? One of the main reasons is mandatories (#14 and #17). Because of the heavy foot traffic we were forced to implement mandos for the safety of all the patrons of the park.

As far as pro tees being defined by length, that is not the case at Bucaneer. A few of the holes are shorter - the average under 300', however I bet the best score from the pro tees will only be @ -5 or -6!

Crow, Don and I are going back Tuesday after work so I'll look for your Wildcat.

P.S. The length of a hole has absolutely nothing to do with how stupid it is. What is the differnce between a stupidly hard short course and a stupidly hard long course? They are both stupid right?

Peace Ya'll,

Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 21, 2003 10:49PM
Never mind, Paul. I went to look today, and it is gone. Oh, and I don't know about Fox, but I saw Eric Tracy shoot -9 a couple years ago. Will, I hope you will have some Z-Wildcats this weekend. I neeeeed one before I have to throw another 400+ hole somewhere.

Actually, Jeff, I have never played Shelby or WD, but the Bug is tougher than Lafayette, Mobile's short courses, Gautier, and Jackson. I generally try to avoid short courses, since they don't really play to my strength, which is outwalking my beer-swilling, black-lunged opponents :)
I hope to play Wall Doxey for the MS State Doubles this year, though. If they will adopt the 6-6-6 format, that is.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 22, 2003 10:24AM
the bug is actually a good, somewhat underappreciated course, with 16 holes that have a fairway. holes 12&14 have 6' and 3' wide fairways at their skinniest that give the course a bad reputation, coupled with the bugs that will kill you if you let them. i actually like the bug, but then, i like rivendell which is a bit buggy sometimes. the scenery is pretty, where else can you go o.b. into the gulf of mexico? i think the course record is in the double digits...either e.t. or worm or rivers shot a 43 maybe a 42 once.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 22, 2003 09:40PM
Are you thinking of rolling into the Gulf, Mikey, 'cuz I know you can't throw that far. Maybe you were thinking a headwind on 16 could catch you and blow you backward into the water...
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 22, 2003 10:18PM
As crazy as it seems, I once saw a guy, who shall remain nameless (Ross Hebert) who after teeing off on pro #16, was amazed as his drive disapeared into the GOLF OF MEXICO!

OK, so I mentioned his name but I won't post his phone number (right now). The story is true! In fact the disc went so far out into the water that we passed a little water of our own (mostly me).

Mike, thanks for the update on the course record. I think those scores will not be broken for some time.

The course looks great! The bugs are moderate. The Gods are smiling!


Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 23, 2003 08:58AM
yeah, them scores wont git broke fer a while cuz there aint never no singles terneyments in waveland no more...
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 23, 2003 10:05AM
Wear a hat because the gnats are bad and they will get in your hair, If you have any. ;-)
Bug spray is mandatory. If you don't have it you will surely quit and leave early.
Re: Buccaneer PRO Tees
April 23, 2003 10:24AM
Just like... nah, too easy. Never mind.
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