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advanced pay out

Posted by stuckin2nd 
advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 02:33AM
I think that the advanced divison should get cash pay out to. They are close to be in the pro divison and i think a hole lot more players would show up. I already have enough disc and have way to many sky bucks. SO WHAT DO YALL THINK. Just an idea for the up coming pros. I also think that the 1st 2nd and 3rd place should get some kind of plague or somthing showing that they placed.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 04:17AM
For this reason, I moved up to Pro. It made me play better golf as well. I was playing with more serious competion and I learned a lot about my game. Amatuer divisions shouldn't receive cash, in my opinion. It's one of the benefits of playing Pro. And as a pro, I say you can NEVER have too much plastic. Trust me!!
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 04:20AM
...Should read "COMPETITION"...It's early...can't sleep ...going through B'ham course in my head too much trying to get ready for this weekend!! LOL
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 07:18AM
But If you pay the advanced cash, you'll have to watch out for those bottom feeding pros who will slide back into your division. And somebody, most likely the players (unless there's a lot of added cash) will have to pay for those second and third-place plaques.

You're right Addie, let's go back to bed! RwC
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 07:23AM
tdwriter is absolutely correct. I see a lot of pros around here who rarely or never cash. If you want money, move up. And if you have way too many skybucks, I will take some. Oh, tdwriter, you misread the last sentence of his post. I don't know what you have against the top three advanced players, stuckin2nd, but giving them the plague is just wrong.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 07:42AM
Thanks Crow. I'll take the Skybucks for second or third and pass on the plague. Addie's right, it's too early! Coming to B'Ham, Crow? RwC
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 07:48AM
Want cash? Go Pro. . .

Cash Vs Prizes, THAT is the difference between the Amateur and Pro Divisions, as we all know there are many pro caliber players hanging out in the advanced divisions, but that is their choice. I personnal find it hard to "force" someone to move up.

I have a 15 year old daughter who went Pro last year! A little early you think? Well I feel it is the individuals choice to move up, after all only YOU can decide if you are truely ready or not!

DG Guy
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 07:53AM
Can't make B'Ham. The folks from my work are having a big paintball war this weekend, and how often do you get the chance to shoot your coworkers without going to jail for it? Besides, my travel budget is really limited right now, since I am going to the Arkansas States and the Rocket City Blast next month. Good luck to all, and tell the pros to watch out for my boy Shane. He don't look like much, but he can throw!
The Zinger
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 12:47PM

this is exactly why they don't pay adv cash. Do you think an advanced player would ever move up to pro if he was winning cash? If you already have enough plastic, then move up.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 01:04PM
I've been told through a reputable source that some TD's pay less of a percentage to ADV. players to encourage them to turn pro. Makes sense to me.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 01:28PM
Don't like the sound of that last entry...I'd hope that if we don't have a universal method of payouts for SNDG tourneys, we should develop one....

THE ONLY payout differences IMO should occur if there is additional money in the pot from sponsors...those funds could be divied in different ways(ctp's, rings of fire, loading the Pro purse, etc.) NO MONEY SHOULD GO FROM ONE DIVISION's ENTRY TO AWARD ANOTHER DIVISION...that makes NO SENSE!!!

Any thoughts on this "those in the know"?? Griff
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 01:32PM
Whoever your "reputable" source is may want some of his buddies to move up!!! I have never heard that and don't know of ANY TD that doesn't pay what they are supposed to. Bill McCarty, Can you clarify this??
John Kittrell
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 01:52PM
As someone who has run a tournament. I made myself a payout schedule for each division. It's easier than working out a payout each time and is definitely more consistent. And yes, percentage-wise I pay out more am players than advanced players. It's still 100% of entry fee payout within the division, but the percentage of players who gets prizes differs. The advanced payout is @37% of the field (i.e. if there are 100 advanced players 37 get stuff) as oppossed to the am division which averages @42%. If it makes you feel better the open men payout is @33%. Hope the info helps and anybody that wants a copy of my payout schedule can email me at Later...
John k
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 02:08PM
You forget the second part of the divsion name...advanced AMATUER! If you want pro.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 02:17PM
There should be a really great Advanced and Advanced Master payout in B'ham this weekend with a $44 entry fee! I can only assume that if the actual purse and payout schedule aren't the same, the difference went to the cost of that division's first place plaques. RwC

Hey John, Go ahead and e-mail me a copy of that payout schedule. Thanks.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 02:37PM
I Love this sport!!! Cash to an advanced player? LOL If you have too much plastic take some to a tournament and donate it to the junior division or womens division or CTP, ring of fire!!!

I agree with you on the 3 place prizes. If a tournament requires 3 people for a division then 3 prizes should be awarded. Almost anything can be used as a prize a disc, towel, coupon. Little Flyers make a great 3rd place trophy and their inexpensive.
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 03:00PM
Want cash? Just sell your plastic on eBay and you got cash. RwC
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 03:35PM
No cash for would not be a AM!!
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 06:06PM
Payout is the resonsibility of the TD. Most follow the guidlines of the published PDGA payout tables. As for the others. . well I just can't say. I am not sure if this was ever intended to be a get rich scheme, but if you do it right, you should come out pretty close to even. . .but when you add in the shear enjoyment received. . . well, life is good!

I personally use an Excel file Gary put together which works very nicely. You enter the entry fees per division, any added cash and/or prices, enter the price of your plaques, then once you have all the players entered. . you have everything you need to stuff the envelopes and fill out the vouchers. I had all the bookwork done during the break on Saturday at the April Fool fling, stuffed the envelopes & filled out the vouchers. The only thing to be adjusted were for the inevitable ties!

The percentages paid out to each division are pretty much set at 33% for the Pros, 50% for the Amateurs. I do pay out a little less to the top spot in advanced (.5% Vs. .6%) This does help a little with the sandbagging in that particular division. With a good advanced field. . .it is still a very good payout to the top guy. How many "cash", if I can use the term for an "amateur" field is still the 50% of that field.

Running a smooth event depends VERY MUCH on YOU, the PLAYERS! Let us know you are coming, or planning on it anyway. This allows us to have adequate prizes on hand, and, in short, lets us get a lot of the tedious work out of the way before we even go to the course. If I were to run an event the size of the Dogwood Classic coming up the first weekend in May with a pencil and a piece of paper. . . I would never get to play. . .not that I play well, but I love to PLAY. . love the game. . the people, that is where it is at fo me.

Anything I can do to help out you future TD's, or existing ones for that matter, just ask. I will help out in any way that I can. It's not all that hard, but you can all make it so much easier with a little pre-planning.

The BEST thing about the Southern Nationals is we ALL work VERY HARD to keep the FUN in it. .from ALL points of view.

Hope this sheds a little light on the subject.

DG Guy
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 08:45PM
Hello eveyone,
Want to jump in on this topic. As a am player trying to make the decision to move to advanced division. I don't want to win cash right now, I would rather have the gauges of the system ( division to decide whether to move up) when I play against Fair, Kenny, Zack and Griff, I use them as a measuring tools to my abilities. I play even with them to a certain degree on a course, but then I start seeing the holes in my game. Sometimes it's fatigue, bad play, or being to aggresive ( like going after a birdie put at 160 ft). As a TD, I use the Pdga payout out scale. With a 33% payout in pro's and 50% payout in am fields. The draw to the pros are competion and the money to my understanding in my young career. The real Question about cash prizes to Advanced is one day the advanced wanting the money will have to hunt with the Killer whales ( Pro). Instead of the seals ( advanced) eating the oysters (amatuers). The thought of shorting one division over another to me is absolutely posterious, ridicoulase, and undeterminely wrong. I may have misspelled every big word there but i think every one gets my feelings about that comment.
Valkyrie 180g
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 08:47PM
advanced players should donate their winnings to the masters division.

Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 09:47PM

I might be reading you statement wrong, but I don't get what you are saying. Could you please restate it for me?
Re: advanced pay out
April 18, 2003 10:18PM
Hey Zinger,
I don't know what statement your referring to, but I will try. Jonas earlier entry about a reputable source informed him. I think it would be a shame to cheat one division of their prizes to make them go to another division. I refer to the divisions of play in tourneys as animals. When tourney time comes around, I think of most the players competion levels as to how aggressive they become. I refer to the pro division as killer whales, because they play in packs together to get stronger and better. Where as some not all advance players are like seals, they test the waters every now and then to feed, but if the pros are in full force they want go in the deep water. They stay in the shallow water and eat the oysters. The am division, I refer to as oysters. When the pros are not in full force, most ams will produce pearls or victories because the better adv players have moved up and it builds up a little confidence in the am.
Re: advanced pay out
April 19, 2003 12:24AM
Valkyrie, you need to move south so you can get some fresher seafood. You have fish on the brain, man.
As for this topic, sorry, stuckin2nd, but apparently you lose, everybody to 1.
Re: advanced pay out
April 19, 2003 01:46AM
Enough said!
Re: advanced pay out
April 19, 2003 08:19AM
Boy this thread got off track and turned into Benny's ocean adventure.
Re: advanced pay out
April 19, 2003 08:52PM
ams want money? move up sandbagger!!!!
thats all.
Re: advanced pay out
April 19, 2003 10:00PM
Hey Fair,
Set a bearing of 1100211002, increase speed to 40 knots and dive, dive, dive. We are after the infamous gaint Octopus. As we head in the deep blue.LOL.................

Its crawfish season in the bayou, and man this year I want have time to come south to eat about five pounds.

Re: advanced pay out
April 20, 2003 09:19AM
Hey Valk, you going to be at the Arkansas States Championships? I might be able to hook you up.
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