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Short Holes and Midrange shots?

Posted by Print Kincade 

As your drives get longer , do you (A) try to learn to throw your midrange discs longer for shorter holes or (B)do you hold off a bit and try and throw your drivers shorter for the holes that you can overthrow.

Seems like as my game has gotten longer and my midrange has suffered. Used to throw as hard as I could and barely get there. Now I can reach some of the holes alot easier and looking for some insight to how you throw upshots. When you gave it all you had and barely got there life was simple. When you throw it out the back door, you wonder what can I do to get the right distance.

Looking for consistancy and it seems that of course that I know my drivers better, because they were all that I could use last year to reach the holes. Now it feels akward to get up there and either take away some of the pull of the drive and feel the disc slide from my hand or pull out my midrange and throw quicker.

Whats your suggestions of great community of DISC GOLFERS?
Of course I have no depth perception either!
I generally have my best accuracy when I throw harder. I tend to lose control when I back off, so I throw drivers only for long holes. I use rocs and aviars for shorter drives. As a general rule of thumb, I throw rocs on holes up to about 300 ft, and aviars on holes up to 250 ft. This is subject to variation, depending on whether the throw is flat, or has elevation change, and whether I want it to go straight or need some hyzer at the end, etc.

Plus, you have a smaller margin of error by throwing a disc that "fits" the length of a hole. If you have a 250 ft hole, a roc or aviar has much less chance of flying way past the hole if you mess up your throw. If you make a mistake with a driver, it is more likely to fly way past the basket and get you in trouble.

This works for me. Your mileage may vary. =8)
Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 22, 2003 02:10PM
roc. :^)
Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 22, 2003 02:13PM
Throw a condor!!

It has seemed easier for me to throw my midrange discs quicker and harder (like a driver) than to try to take some off of my drivers. I would rather have the same arm and hand speed in my throw and just step down to a midrange than to try and change speed ( it seems less consistant to me to change arm speed). Also I believe the second shot is the most important in disc golf, so if you fell like you know your drivers best, you should probably learn your midrange discs better, that will help develope your midrange game. If you ask most disc golfers today especially pros what their bread and butter discs are the #1 answer is the ROC. Why? because the flight pattern is so consistant and reliable. Then your next problem will be throwing your ROCS too far, so you'll have to step it down and throw putters as drivers. I have three Big Bead Aviars in my bag that are strickly for driving shorter holes.

I don't know if this helps or even makes sense, but I guess the theme of what I'm saying is I would rather set a ROC or a BB Aviar up under the basket than run at the chains and blow by with a driver leaving myself a big putt, cuz I can't putt my way out of wet paper bag.

Snesless babblings of an advanced average disc golfer,
I should have hit refresh before I typed that last post!

Glad to see we are on the same page, even though we have never met.

One slow typing disc golfer,
I too prefer to throw midrange disc instead of drivers for shorter holes. The reason that works better in my opinion is because disc are designed to fly at certain speeds. Throwing a driver easier decreases the speed which in turn makes it harder to predict. Throwing a midranger a little harder increases the speed of the disc for a short time, but for the majority it is flying at the speed intended by the manufacturer. I know this was a little long winded, but its just my IMO.

Some other midrange possibilities...the wasp, gremlin, sniper, xd, mrx, etc.etc....but the stable mable is ROC Griff
Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 22, 2003 04:05PM
I throw my Rocs farther than my drivers most of the time.
Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 22, 2003 04:19PM
I hate Rocs. The best disc in the world is the Classic Roc for midrange. Nothing flies more straight.

I do have a question for Print. How do you make your drives go further? I still can't figure that out. Hah!

Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 22, 2003 04:34PM
Print I will add a disenting opinion just so you have two sides to an arguement.

First of all, I cannot use Rocs, my grip just does not allow for it, they hurt, so for the longest time I would use a Banshee the way other people use a Roc.

I find that drivers can be just as reliable short range as they are long range if you practice with them and understand what they are going to do, the downside I found is that drivers skip way more often than a mid-range even thinks about, and playing for a skip is VERY hard to do.

I have just started trying to throw mid-range discs and that has coupled in with my throwing back-hand more consistently and have had more success and not flying by a hole. I have found that the Champion Shark is a good mid-range disc for anything under 300ft and really do prefer it (even backhanded) to a Roc. The spider is a consistent backhand disc as well.

But there is nothing wrong with approaching with a driver, you'll see me pull out a Banshee at any point on the course. Granted I'm still playing Amateur most of the time......

Thanks for the advice guys. I am starting to throw a z-Hawk and I got a CE roc that has seen some air time too. Since I started back this year, it has been tough because I started with alot of discs that I never learned last year,(anything midrange!)

The arm speed feels the same using both discs, but at the same time I can stick my old Z-XL out there with minimum pull and it sails, but I feel like I am throwing very hard to get my midrange to the same spot. This again may be in my head and not using the same technique for my midrange discs.

I have small hands and the midrange discs really do feel like I cant sqeeze them well. I suppose thats the ticket though is to learn all your discs and keep similar form for all the shots. This allows the disc to do what it is supposed to do.
Print, one thing I had to do was to change grips when throwing midranges and putters-as-drivers. I use a regular power grip for drivers (all four finger pads on the rim), but my fingers felt crowded when using this grip on my midrange discs. Instead, I use a flip-the-bird grip on my rocs and aviars (middle finger extended, others on rim). This has worked very well for me and I don't have large hands. You may have to experiment with different grips to see if one works better with your approach discs.
Know what you throw . . . and throw what you know!

You have an ever-changing relationship with every disc in your bag, the more you throw one, the better you get to know it! Just like people, the more you hang out with someone. . the better you get to know them. Time (with people) and throws, and TREES (with discs) change that relationship. . . every second. . every throw, same thing!

And then there are the discs that JUST DON"T LIKE YOU!

Go figure. . ..

DG Guy
Jeff, You are the only other person that I have ever heard admit to approaching with a banshee! SCARY! Maybe we should start a support group. Or not

Watch out, 'ol bionic forehand man can drop a Banshee like a MONSTA from 160 ft., how they stick in the chains, I'll never know!!

Jeff, if ya like the Banshee, the Speed Demon and Beast are some sweet forehand stuff!! That Speed Demon can literally take a full, almost bomerrang turn on the end of a low skip shot(i.e. short hard left on Hole A in tish.--twice skipped off the cage--just a matter of time for the ace run!!)

Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 23, 2003 10:24AM
Griff you saw me chunk a speed demon a decent amount at Tombigbee a couple of weeks ago. All of mine are H plastic though so they seem to get beat in a tad too fast for my liking. As for the beast, if it's DX and the wind is at my back I imagine I could launch one well over 400', in other conditions, I don't like it.

Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 23, 2003 10:27AM
DG Guy,
There is no telling how many times I have heard/seen you say that, but for the longest time I tried to lie to myself about "what I knew." I threw DX plastic. Then everyone was saying, "Man, you need to throw pro plastic, it is so much better!" I listened. Wasted a lot of money on plastic I "didn't know." My game suffered. Now, I only have two pro discs in my bag, and the biggest part of my much improved game is DX. I should have listened to you in the first place. Now I am a disciple of "Know what you throw...Throw what you know!"
When I got back into playing tournaments last summer there were numerous new discs on the market. My distance was lousy so I started experimenting with a few of the new ones and went with the pro plastic, I've narrowed it down to four or five which I use in different situations. If one disc seems to be working well during a particular event, like my purple QJLS did in B'ham, I stick with it. I also began putting with my stiff Wizard, rather than soft one, when it started working well. It paid off for me.

Personally, I love Rocs for short drives, especially in the woods, and for long approach shorts (those about the length of many Mississippi holes, which is what I encountered in B'ham).

I have a Roc for every situation, understable, slightly understable, stable, and overstable. I've also been using the stiff Wizard for a lot of approach shots and short drives (like at Doxey) because they're dependable.

Just my useless opinion. RwC
I do think that I like my more stiff putters than I do the floppy Omegas. My putting tech. includes me turning my wrist up and it seems that the soft ones like to flitter when I release them too. So I am trying some more stiff discs.
On the other hand....many have witnessed the 'ol stick into or through the side of the cage w/a Softie!! It turns heads, and for me...saves a few strokes since my putts fall a bit short from further out all the time!! Griff
Re: Short Holes and Midrange shots?
April 24, 2003 12:05PM
Griff, that's enough about where you've been stickin' your softie!! Know what I mean!
OUCH!! THat'll leave a mark!! Griff
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