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the land of corporate sponsorship

Posted by vl 
the land of corporate sponsorship
August 23, 2002 09:53AM

CHICAGO, IL (August 15, 2002) – The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and SportsLoop announced a partnership in which SportsLoop will handle the marketing and publicity of the PDGA’s inaugural National Pro Tour in 2003. The National Tour will consist of 11 events starting in February and ending in July and will feature the top touring professional players in the world. Cities on the National Tour include: Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Melbourne, FL; Gaithersburg, MD; Bowling Green, KY; Augusta, GA; Ann Arbor, MI; Columbus, OH; Madison, WI; Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN and Kansas City, MO.

“It’s an exciting time for the sport of disc golf,” said Pat Govang, PDGA Commissioner. “The solid steady growth of our sport in recent years has enabled us to create this National Tour. Through our partnership with SportsLoop, and in conjunction with Disctv, disc golf’s national television show, we believe the National Tour will be a great vehicle in providing value to national sponsors and spectators while allowing the top players in disc golf to showcase their talents. We believe this will help bring the excitement and joy of the game to a whole new audience.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the PDGA. With more than 1,200 courses in the United States and hundreds more in Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries, disc golf is a sport on the rise,” said Ron Slucker, Vice President of SportsLoop. “It offers both professionals and amateurs an opportunity to challenge themselves, compete with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. SportsLoop believes that each National Tour stop will be a huge success for the players, spectators and sponsors. We believe that disc golf will become a sport of choice on all levels in the near future.”

About PDGA
Founded in 1976, the PDGA is a non-profit organization run by its members, dedicated to the promotion of the sport of disc golf worldwide. Its 21,000 plus members live and play in more than twenty countries on five continents. Since 1997, participation has doubled and in 2001 alone, the PDGA sanctioned over 390 competitions for professional and amateur players. In addition to being the governing body of the sport, the PDGA also provides its members with a full-color magazine called Disc Golf World News. For more information about the PDGA, please visit their website at

About SportsLoop
SportsLoop is a Chicago based, full service sports and entertainment firm focused on integrity and client commitment. SportsLoop provides innovative and sound approaches to meeting its client’s objectives. SportsLoop’s diversified enterprise encompasses professional representation for athletes and entertainers, event management, sports marketing, corporate consulting and hospitality services for premier events. For more detailed information about our services, please visit our website at

About Disctv
Disctv is a national disc golf sports television program airing 31 episodes. Disctv can been seen nationally on Empire Sports via satellite on both Dish Network and Direct TV Sundays 7 PM ET and Mondays 3 PM ET. Disctv also can be viewed through Fox Sports Net’s Digital Networks: Fox Sports Digital Pacific, Fox Sports Digital Central and Fox Sports Digital Atlantic, check local listings for dates and times
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
August 30, 2002 12:27AM
Is there any way to catch disc tv on cox digital cable? I think hat's what most of the people in my aresa have.
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
August 30, 2002 07:01AM
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
September 05, 2002 09:35PM
Production companies and marketing firms spend their time working to produce events and obtain budgets. they do so via corporate sponsors and advertisers as well as "title sponsorships"

Festivals, sporting events and other public gatherings have many different ways to go about getting budgets, but the ones mentioned here seem the most applicable... imo

These event management "type" firms use the budget they obtain to promote and produce the endevour.

The SN is really not much different, if ya think about it.

The difference is it is grassroots, quasi organized and understaffed-- and the budget comes from the entry fees, for the most part.

Another difference is marketing materials, or the lack thereof...

Brochures, event guides, magazines are what i have seen production companies and marketing firms utilize to obtain a sponsorship and/or advertising contract.

The SN Series has nothing like this from what i have seen. The PDGA is just now getting around to that school of thought and took the big dive by hiring a sports marketing firm. they dove in head first... so to speak.

The firms i mention-- the ones i've worked for anyway, spent about nine months lead time in promoting and marketing an event. (now of course a music festival is a damnsight easier to "market" than a "frisbee throwing tournament")

Presentation is where it is at, when attempting to land a real sponsor.

An array of sponsorship options is where it is at too...

The SN Series is a poster child for sponsorship, from my perspective. heck if bowling can get sponsors-- SURELY dg can...

Another thing that is lacking is a "staff" that persues the sponsorships. Most folks that market events to potential sponsors work on a commish basis. (not all-- as on the bigger scale of bidniz-- but the grassroots level it is very common to have such a scenario where a "part time" staff works on promotion and sales)

Jim0 is one of the nicest guys it has ever been my pleasure to meet, but he has said himself that gettin' sponsors is not his strong suit...

He has enough on his hands anyway...

I agree with his statement that "we" have to step up and make the SN Series grow...

I have experience laying out magazines, brochures, and other professional marketing materials for production companies that produce pubic events as well as utilizing the internet to promote public events.

I am willing to help design a brochure for the SN Series. I can't foot the printing bill, but the QUARK software i have and the skills i can offer will save beaucoup $ up to the point of printing. (you get a better deal when you print in volume... by the way... and that way, jim0 could distribute marketing materials for a whole season-- all across the south-- leading up to hattiesburg and BR hext year)

With "real" marketing materials, the SN Series would be two steps closer to landing "real" sponsors in my opinion...

I am not talking about something that is printed out on a home computer and all centered down the middle, poorly layed out and misspelled.

Real documentation is very important, in my opinion. anything shy of that-- does not leave an impression on a business that the SN Series deserves.

These presentation materials should include info like-- economic impact on a city that hosts a SN Finals event as well as one day events... also demographic info about the dg community, etc, etc...

(the PDGA demographic info paints a pretty darn nice picture of the average dg'er-- homeowner, credit cards, college, etc.. in other words an attractive consumer to businesses)

Until the SN gets real about presentation materials it will be real hard to get beyond were it "is" when it comes to sponsors.

Merely my opinion...

on a smaller level, 25$ per hole sponsorships (not CTP's but small sponsorships that go into "event budget") are an easy way to get $

25 X 18 = 450
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
September 06, 2002 09:22PM
While wwwaiting for some uploads to finish I figured I'd churn out some more ideas concerning obtaining $ponsors...

Another aspect to consider when attempting to "land a big fi$h" is where will you put it.

Consider this... two or three volunteers or salefolks take the time to do outreach for sponsors...

Suppose they are successful... and a business agrees to write a check for X000.00$

Who do they make the check out to? It would be very bad to say "make it out to some guy that throws frisbees" :^)>

It would be mo' betta to be able to respond to that question with an answer that had "business account" in the sentence... (SkySouth?)

In the past when i helped obtain sponsors for a Jazz Festival in Austin-- we were successful in obtaining contracts for major sponsors and media sponsors.

It was fairly easy to land large figure $ponsors due to really nice presentation materials-- and the potential sponsors we approached felt comfortable with cutting a check to an established non profit group with a bank account. We also obtained many 5000.$ sponsors as well as larger amounts.

In other instances-- in the windurfing regattas i helped organize back in the eighties in Florida-- we utilized the Leukemia Society as a partner in fundraising. That was very successful as well... big time...

Magazines and/or event guides... I've worked for three diferent mag projects in the past. (one of them i was the publisher) The reason I mention this is that type endevour is a sure fire way to land a big fi$h. ADVERTI$ING is a tangible that a business can hold in their hands and "see" around town at distribution points and consumers pick em' up too!!!

Magazines and/or Event Guides are also a great way to show what happened "last season" as far as sponsors and annual events... as well as being a cash cow.

Pro Worlds had a VERY nice event guide that was FULL of sponsors and advertisers...

These are merly thoughts and personal experiences about fundraising. IF you folks want help with raising real sponsors, ya need to think in similar terms... imo...

Until the SN gets more organized concerning "how" it approaches businesses it is unrealistic to think that MAJOR sponsors can be obtained, in my opinion-- or more correctly from past experience.

On the other hand, being organized and having a game plan-- and not walking up to a business with your hands in your pockets is important... Your hands should have documentation in them that will help you to convince a business that they are dealing with a professional organization...

Tie dye shirts and hey dude I can putt will not cut it in a sales environent...

As far as host clubs, i was fortunate enough to be included in the Houston staff for Pro Worlds.

WOW! What a wonderfully organized buncha folks.

Very democratic. It wasn't one guy making decisions for the crowd without their consent...

They elected leaders and the leaders were good managers and delved out responsibilities to staff without micromanaging. Very professional!!

Many of the top pros(KC, JK, etc) said it was the most organized worlds ever-- if that is not a good indicator, what is :)

The TEX 10 Series is exploding too. There last event in Waco had 259 dg'ers show up. and that Waco event isn't even the TEX 10 Finals...

My point here is there is much to be learn't from them there Texicans... they have a SERIOUS fundraising track record.

back to wwwork.
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
September 26, 2002 10:06PM

i am working on a brochure for fundraising for dg events.. especially the SN series that occurs in BR each year,,,

is it cool if i use the SN logo?
Re: the land of corporate sponsorship
September 26, 2002 10:47PM
oh, i forgot to ask;;;

if someone wants to sponsor events-- can we have them cut a check to SKYSOUTH or SN??
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