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Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003

Posted by DG Guy 
Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 04, 2003 07:39PM
I believe all of the 174 players competing in the <b><i>2003 edition of the Memphis Dogwood Classic,</b>,/i> had a pretty darn good time.

Gary & the Memphis Disc Golf Club did another better than first rate job . . . what else would you expect? The rain and thunderstorms that were predicted earlier in the week were just plain scared! Beautiful weather, stiff competition, a killer final for the top Open players.

Congrats to Todd Alexander for the Open win. . . and especially to Matt Orum, who finished second, won the final with an amazing upshot and a thirty-five footer, downhill putt. . Matt. . . you ROCK!

Over $5,000 in payouts, Plaques to third place on all divisions. . .<b>WOW!</b> It just don't get no better than this folks. Better start making plans for the fall event the first weekend in November. . . Bud Hill is not a place you want to miss!

<i>Thanks to Jim O for his hospitality. . .he let Mikki & I stay in his cabin with Matt & Mikey P., not that being around all this talent helped my game any . . but I had had fun.</i>

Again, Hats off to Gary & the Memphis Disc Golf Club. . .another <b>GREAT</b> event.

<b><i>DG Guy</b></i>
Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 04, 2003 07:40PM
Sorry for the botched HTML. . .
When I grow up I want to be Matt Orum!!! I can't WAIT to see where you go from here, Matt! You are incredible!

I had a blast! The competion was GREAT!! Lori and Robin are AWESOME!!! Thank y'all for being so supportive of my game. I think it was anybody's game until the last hole or two. Thanks for making it so fun!!! And ESPECIALLY for the silence when my MISSED putt rolled down that hill!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

See you all at the next one!
Thanks Memphis!!

Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 04, 2003 10:19PM
Yes I must agree it was a wonderful tournament....great playing....I was one of 24 Women who played in the tournament....even though I did not do too good it was still loads of fun.....

We had 12 Am Women 8 Pro Open Women and 4 Pro Masters 24 ladies in all....

They did a wonderful job cleaning up the courses and it was great playing.....

Thanks for everything.

what a great tournament , todd that was a great win, also thank you and all the pros that played with matthew . on the way home he said that all players treated him the way pro players should treat each was nice to drive home not listing to how rude someone was or how someone was angry all the time.these new young players can do so much to help the growth of disc golf if we would let them . they know so many more people than us old guys to introduce to this great game.two weeks ago in birmingham a 16 year old name pierce from atlanta almost won the tax tournament in birmingham. he came in second place there.memphis has always shown great class in the pro field such as the time at mississippi state doubles when matt and patrick miss the cut by one and the memphis pro teams invited them to play in the skins . i hope all pro players around the s.n.tour would try to out class you memphis pro players ,danny what a great host , thank you and barbara for letting the s.n. players come to your home and play such a great course. food, camping , great course, memphis you are so lucky. gary another great td job well done. john linton the new master champ and addie the new pro women champion and karate don did not choke to win grandmasters , sorry that is all i can remember for now.we hope to see you all of you real soon , god bless you all and you memphis boys knows where bag tag #2 is , matt said come and get it , now go ace one for me, jim
Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 05, 2003 02:27PM
What kind words. Memphis did a great job and as I suspected, I am not ready for the long

I believe everyone had a great time, I know I did. I suspect if you shot well, then you were really happy. Good job to everyone that had a part in it. The courses were very interesting and made for some great golf.
We extend our thanks on behalf of the Daniels' and MDGC for everyone who made our tourney the fantastic success it was. Many thanks to our sponsors and all who worked SO hard to make it happen!!

Gary Waggoner-our flamboyant leader-- finally go to relax after the tourney...and was soo relaxed he left his laptop and bag at the Hill. Bein' the "I've got your back" type V.P., I've got his gear and will be dropping same off to him after work tonite....

Having said that....the scores and everything will be posted ASAP.

One piece of congratulatory kudos to 'lil Matt O. (who obviously ain't so little anymore)--he played one heck of a tourney--went to a playoff for the Open crown!! Then he even won several of the drawings and other prizes!! You go boy!!

To all...thanks again and we'll see you all in November!! Griff
Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 05, 2003 05:13PM
The one thing that surprised me...Griff...after the tourney...when we left....we had a blowout....on our trailer tire....guy down the street was very nice and helped us the hour we were there...NO golfers came by...they were too busy playing.....

Nice people around the neighborhood too...we also told them where we came from and what we were doing down there playing disc golf....class act in the neighborhood too.

Yeah...we played on and on...some even stayed and camped through the night!!

I hope those fellas did not get blown away (literally)--the weather got rather uppidy about 8 pm!! But even with the high winds and sky lightning, the party went on and on....Glad everything was alright with your blowout...I'd have helped ya, but I never know when to stop playing and go home!!(at least that's what my wife says!!!)

Oh well....on to the Rouge(maybe the Zinger will give me a few tips on long-armin' so I can catch the advanced crowd that keeps flyin' by!! Peace to all....out!! Griff
Addie, all I can say is WOW! You were on fire this weekend, and I am honored to have finished behind you and Lori, you two are awesome players, and it was a blast to throw with you guys. I personally would like to thank all of the pro women for showing up, 8 pro women, that rocks! Also, 12 am women and 4 pro master women, that's what I like to see, way to show up ladies! I wish I would have had a chance to meet all of the women players, I did meet a few of you, and I really enjoyed it. Jenny, good look with the baby, I hope the delivery goes well, you did great playing and it was really nice to meet you and throw with you the first round.

The weather was great, the competition was great, and the players/company were great, what more could you ask for? (First Place, LOL!)

While I'm on the "thank-you" train, thanks to Memphis Disc Golf, great job! Thanks to Danny & Barbara, Bud Hill is awesome, and so are they, what generous people to let all of us play and camp on their beautiful property!

Ronnie and I are looking forward to our next trip to Memphis.

Don't forget, Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA this weekend, hope to see you there.

Robin :)
Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 06, 2003 09:49AM
An added thanks to Gary Waggoner for running a great event as TD. He gave up playing this tournament to run it. A true sacrifice. Also, to Danny Daniels and Barbara a big thanks for also sacrificing playing to make sure everyone was happy and had a great time!!

Thanks to all of the Memphis Disc Golf Club Members who had the courses looking great!!! A special thanks to Spring Creek Disc Golf Club for letting us use a couple of their baskets as well as Rusty Berry and Chris Campbell for letting us use a couple of theirs and everyone else! Hah!
Ditto Brad!

Your tournaments always run so smoothly. Thanks Gary for giving up playing in the tourney, and thanks to anyone else who gave up that priviledge to make the tournament the success that is was. Brad, thanks for all that you did as well, and for updating the forum on a regular basis, good job!

Hope to see everyone soon,
Thanks Robin! You are a joy to be around! I sure do wish we lived closer.. See you on your home turf at Nationals!

I'm looking forward to seeing and throwing with you on Labor Day weekend at the Southern Nationals! I wish we lived closer as well. In the meantime, I'll be working on my game! :)

Take care,
Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 07, 2003 01:43PM
For those of you who attended the Tournament, I have a couple of quick questions I would love for you to answer.

1. What did you think the Tournament did well on? What did you enjoy?

2. What did you think needed improvement? What did you not enjoy or what items did you see that could use some improvement?


Re: Great event in Memphis - Dogwood Classic 2003
May 07, 2003 02:21PM
A very enjoyable tourny all the way around!!!

Griff got very creative on the bag tag prizes.

Only suggestion I have for what the tourny didn' electric carts for everyone and St. Paulies Girls as caddies!!!!!

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