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2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec

Posted by WillyBT 
Re: 2005 LA States Dec 3-4 BR, LA
November 23, 2005 02:38PM
Well it's nice to hear half the stuff you say about most of your biggest supporters. Get off of your ego trip and help--stop threatening Will by not giving this or that if he will be sanctioned by this or that. I'm sure everyone is tired of all that egotistic rants you have. Keep ranting about the SN funds if you want, but for god's sake, stop @#$%& about a tournament WE (as in the rest of Louisiana) let N.O. team have a year before yall were supposed to. Let's not forget you asked to have this tournament as a favor to help get a new course at City Park. We all were behind you and it would be respectable for you to totally be behind Will as well. Yes I know you are helping in some ways, but your "blackmailing" is really disrespectfull.

Terry Zeringue

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Re: 2005 LA States Dec 3-4 BR, LA
November 23, 2005 02:47PM
Anonymous User
Re: 2005 LA States Dec 3-4 BR, LA
November 23, 2005 03:09PM
good one willie! LOL

things change terry. maybe if will and kev hadn't been so impatient after the storm demanding we make a decision on the states while the armed forces were still uncovering bodies in our flooded city, i might have even ran the states after i got back on my feet.

i told will that i wouldn't send him a dime if he let psychofish have anything to do with the tournament, but will went ahead and made a deal with those devils anyway, yet i still gave will the CFRs that were left over and let him out of his $570 debt and gave him some other merch as well. if you wanna call that blackmailing and disrespectful, look in the mirror and see who's been disrespectful to us. you wanna do business with crooks, that's very disrespectful to people who donate a lot of time and money to the sport. you wanna forget what the homeless disc golfers from NO team went through, that's pretty disrespectful too.

you wanna keep doing things the same old way, be my guest. you saw where that got the SN. and the thing about hosting the states a year early is horse hockey. monroe said they were fine waiting until 2006. now go remember on thanksgiving all those NO teamers who lost it all and be thankful it wasn't you, mike
Anonymous User
Re: 2005 LA States Dec 3-4 BR, LA
November 25, 2005 10:59AM
is this really a PDGA event or is Will making that up? I don't see it listed on the PDGA website.
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 08:13AM
will, I will be arriving late Friday ... where do you want the basket Saturday morning ... I have no idea where the Scottlandville course is ... directions? or can I just drop it off at Greenwood?

Also you mention ed the possibility of two pools on Saturday ... what's the plan for Sunday if we get, say 110?
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 10:29AM
Just to let everyone know I just bid for two-star hotels in Baton Rouge at $60/night and was accepted at Holiday Inn Express in Port Allen. That hotel is also listing available rooms through ravelocity at $70 a night if you don't want to go through the bidding process on Priceline.

There are other hotels available but that was the cheapest I found. I was surprised to get a successful bid. Port Allen is west of Baton Rouge about 10-12 miles from the Greenwood and Scottlandville courses and about 10-12 miles from Highland.
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 03:52PM
well its looking like i might not be able to come because my parents looked all day for rooms in baton rouge and dehnam springs and there wasnt any rooms open
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 04:19PM


Only one I found so for.

Terry Zeringue
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 04:25PM
i just found out they ended up getting one at d springs but its like 85 a night
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 28, 2005 05:40PM
I am still showing there are rooms available through at the Holiday Inn Express in Port Allen at $70
Anonymous User
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 10:14AM
Dear Psychofish and Lafayette,

Won't you please help Will out? Won't you use just a few dollars of your ill-gotten profits from the SN Am Championship and buy Will the 3 baskets he needs for the States? I know where you can get 3 baskets real cheap. Sure, the boxes are moldy from hurricane damage, but the baskets inside are barely used Sports.

Just think, you could demonstrate that you're not just in this for the money, and make me look bad all at the same time with your generosity. It's a total win-win for everyone and it will do a lot to repair your tarnished image.

Email me at and let's help out Will, shall we?

Mike Kernan
former disc golfer
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 12:28PM

We have a history of helping and donating to every tournament that we attend and many that we do not, (I realize that you may not be aware of this.)

The reality is that after katrina we offered to buy your discs from you, and we were willing to pay what you asked for them in order to help out.

If I remember correctly you refused to sell the discs to us and said that you would rather give them away, because you were done with us.

Well here we are and as I see it -YOU- have the baskets and only You can prevent them from getting to the tournament.

I do need your address though because we have a free birdie bag for you to improve your grip on reality.


Playing the turkey shoot in west monroe this past weekend proved to me that the SN series is alive and well outside of this forum. What goes on here is not even remotely represented in real life.
I talked to many people who love both Lafayette's courses and people, so for those reading this forum with a raised eyebrow, you can rest assured that this forum is more of a dark comedy than the truth!

Russell Bourg
former PDGA member # 26070
Anonymous User
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 01:00PM
hmmm, i see you're still having trouble with reality Russell. let's review your latest half-truth, "If I remember correctly you refused to sell the discs to us and said that you would rather give them away, because you were done with us."

This is how it really went down Russell:

"Re: Why does Lafayette seem to condone the theft of the SNAC funds?
Posted by: FISHMAN (207.69.139.---)
Date: September 16, 2005 11:30PM

If you have not figured it out yet Don and I could care less who you sell your discs to because we are no longer interested at any price.

Russell Bourg
PDGA # 26070
Psycho-Fish Disc Golf"

If you or your life partner, i mean business partner, Don, would have come clean about the finances of the SNAC, i'd have probably just given the discs to you. You tried to pin the heist of the SNAC funds on Pat Daniels though, and now you say you donate to all these tournaments you attend. I guess it's easy to donate stuff when you've stolen it.
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 04:29PM
if the baskets were fore the states then send them to the states. if not how much do they cost. Leo otto will buy one for the states.getting at the rest of the LA discers is just plain wrong. Im sure some of them ams that were at the SNAC will be the ones getting these baskets so be a man and do right .this messege is for eveyone whom thinks it is directed at them

Leo Otto

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Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 06:55PM
I don't give a S**t about the baskets. But I do want the cash that people have given you for their entry fees or for sponsorship. Including the discs that ET gave you for the discs that he sold.
I'd hate to have to tell the Faircloths that they don't have a sponsor sign because Mike kept their money. Also - Rouster, Mike has your entry fee so you are not in yet - sorry.

Boy this is horrible - Thanks Mike.

Even with all this crap, this is going to be a WONDERFUL TOURNAMENT. If you are having trouble finding a place to stay call me: 225-975-1533 and we'll find something!

I do know of free camping available extremely close to Greenwood in a private 3/4 acre back yard in Baker. It is lit, and has room for campers and tents.

All is coming together really good!

If you can bring a basket, and you will be there on Friday, I want to store them at this place as well so that they will be close to the course, and if we need to be in two pools I can have the course set up for the first round with out having to be worrying about if I have all of the baskets.

Thanks to all who are trying to make this a tournament to remember.

Willy BT
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 07:26PM
Hey this is MattO not JimO. First this is the situation with the fundraiser discs. ET sold all the disc on the road ect. and owed the money to mike. Then a week before hurricane katrina hit, i personally saw ET hand over $600+ in discs for mike to put on ebay to make up for it. So it seems that Mike needs to hand over some money to help this tourney. MattO
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 07:43PM
If anyone in Lafayette can pick up my basket before Friday and can bring it to Will on Friday, call me and I'll get it to you. 261-0367.

If not, I'll bring it to Scotlandville Saturday morning by 8:00 me a spot if you need it Will.

Also if anyone needs a ride from Lafayette to B.R. on Saturday or Sunday, call me.

Joe T
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 08:45PM
Hey Matto are you going to be there?
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 10:18PM
West Monroe is bringing 8 players so far. I can see if a few of them can bring their baskets. Don't sweat it Will.....I think you will have enough baskets for Scotlanville. See yall Sat. Later,

Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 10:50PM
Ship - if you find jason B s game can you please return it. he may need it this weekend.

Psycho Don (Donald Tomasko)
SN board member
*previous owner of the Gnome*
Owner Psycho-Fish Disc Golf
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 11:40PM
Yes you are right about somthing Mike, I did say I was no longer interested.
Only because I did not feel you were treating us fairly and were not interested in dealing with us either.

We did want to buy these discs from you and were willing to do so at a premium in order to help out you and the tournament.

What I find weird is you want people to pay you for baskets that are already paid for??? why not just give them to Will and let the entry fee's pay for them, or let him raffle them off.

I don't know why you are specifically dragging Pat Daniels name into this because I know for certain without a doubt that I never implicated him. If he was guilty of anything it was simply not being prepared for the event.

Russell Bourg
former PDGA member # 26070
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 29, 2005 11:56PM
Here's what I have so far
Anything that I'm missing?

2005 LA State Information

Friday December 2nd: Greenwood Park
Early Registration and Bring Your Partner Doubles From 12:00pm
Come early and make sure you receive a Players Pack.
-Tournament Mini – Tournament Shirt – Quarter K Disc – Cards and more!

Saturday December 3rd: Greenwood and Scottlandville Parkway Parks
8:00 – 9:25 am: Tournament Registration at Greenwood Park Hole 8
9:30 am SHARP: Players Meeting to find out all the important info
If you miss it you might find yourself clueless!
10:00am SHARP: First Round Tee Off (If needed we will split into 2 pools)
If we do split – the Int. Men and possibly another division will go to S-Ville
(depending on the numbers of players in each division)

Greenwood Tee Assignments:
Open, Masters, Advanced – Yellow Tees
Int. Men, Int. Masters, Grand Masters, Pro Women - Orange Tees
Int. Women, Novice, Junior – Blue Tees (6 / 9 / 11 / 14)
Scottlandville Parkway Park Tee Assignments:
Open, Maters, Advanced, Grand Masters – Gold Tees
Int. Men, Int. Masters, Pro Women - Orange Tees
Int. Women, Novice, Junior – Blue Tees

Between Rounds At Greenwood: 700 Wings from Hooters! - Basket toss for $1 a throw ( 5 closest from Sat and 5 closest from Sun get one throw to take the basket home!) - Putting competition - Raffel tickets for Discs!
Lunch will be one hour only to make sure there is light to play by!
2nd Round: If two pools - switch courses, if not, all will play Scottlandville.
(If only one pool – the Wings, toss, and putting will be at S-Ville)
Players Party – and SEC Championship Game Viewing to be announced!

Remember Novice and Juniors only play Saturday!!!

Sunday December 4th: Highland Road Park
8:45am – Players Meeting
9:00am – Third Round
Highland Road Tee Assignments:
Open Pro, Masters, Advanced, Grand Masters – Yellow Tees
Int. Men, Int. Masters, Pro Women – Orange Tees
Intermediate Women – Blue Tees
After the round we will give the top 4 Pro Scores 20 Min. then start the
Final 6 Holes for Skins.
-The Basket Toss will be set up again, and final throw off – Ace Pot CTP if Ace Pot not hit – CTP Awards – BRDGA End Of The Year Awards – and LA State Awards After the Final 6.

Ace Pot will be a Vegas Style Ace Pot. Players put $1 - $5 in Ace Pot, All Aces Split money from all rounds. If no aces – Players get as many throws as dollars they put in. Closest gets 75% - 2nd closest gets 25%.

Basket Toss is $1 a throw to a basket, each player marks their closest throw. The 5 closest from Saturday, and the 5 closest from Sunday will get one throw to take the basket home. (each gets one throw – closest gets it!!!)

Thanks To:
BREC – BRDGA - Disc Wing – SSW - Twin City Chain Gang – Shreveport Disc Golf – Psycho Fish – Corey Austin – NO Team - Hooters – Joe Todd – Steve Timm – Peanut and Sandy Faircloth – Eddie Daigle – Sky South – Zephyr Man – Rouster – Casino Rouge – Bob Satter – Crown Trophy – Jose Ossa – Chris Lackett – Willy BT and Naked Bird Disc Golf

And all the players that make Disc Golf in Baton Rouge Roc!!!
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 07:07AM
Sounds like we have it all!!

see ya there,

Russell Bourg
former PDGA member # 26070
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 07:31AM
Will, if there is a players party to watch the game I'll be glad to buy 2 cases of beer to kick in or pitch in some cash. Just let me know.
This should be a blast, hope everyone is planning on coming.
I plan on cutting down to a beer a hole for this one, so it's nuttin but business.
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 09:36AM
Ya'll have a blast.....

Rouster, I'll be watchin' yer score....remember--1 beer ONLY per hole might lead to dehydration for ya!....better pack the chips and nuts!!

Unfortunately I have had to call a mandatory work day for my crew on Saturday....(I guess all the crap catches up eventually)... : (

I will be gettin' back to the Rouge asap....

Kudos to always.......YOU DA MAN!!


Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 09:48AM
Rouster, i thought you said you where cutting back:} You want to bet a case on the game? Your choice up to $30 so, that may even get you 2:O}
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 09:53AM
Man I wish I could play, but my son should be born no later than Sat so I don't think there is any possibility for me to play.

Terry Zeringue
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 09:59AM
Ok, just because you said it Griff, i'll bring a few extra. If not, I can always bum one from zephyr he drinks like an old lady anyway.
And this ain't no Dead Man Walkin (no offense), won't be no dehydration on this boy, I'm a flabby tuned athlete. Regardless, like the gambler said "There's time enough for eatin, when the drinkin's done."

And for Casey, seeing as I've decided to be a front runner this week, I'll have to play with you Fri. because I don't plan on looking backwards this weekend.

If I do suck this week, which is a distinct possiblity, then I'll start a new thread for suckiest performance of the week. Then I'll have to end JB's one week rain judging by his WM performance. Hang in there JB, you can make your charge at Highland on Sun. The manz got skillz out there.

BR will rule the weekend and the Tigersssssss are going to whip some puppies.
So come on out and have some fun.

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Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 10:06AM
so CHICKEN, do we have a bet???? Have fun boys and enjoy the New Quarter K's:}
A big kudos to Imarc and Mikey for passing his sponsor on to the states. 100 discs is AWESOME. Way to go JP! I look forward to the other discs! Boba
Anonymous User
Re: 2005 LA States - 3-4 Dec
November 30, 2005 10:10AM

Hey, nice of you to finally attempt to communicate with the former TD of the States. I've been waiting since Sunday night for you to return my call Will. Sure would have been nice for the disc golf public to know more than 4 days ahead of the tournament what the heck was going on! Just think, if you'd have got off your butt sometime in the last 3 months and came to pick up the baskets, you'd have a lot more to give away, and I might have even got the impression that you cared enough about your old friends in devastated New Orleans to take 2 hours out of your busy life for us. But, i guess you and ET are only friends with people when they're fronting hundreds of dollars of merch to you.

I'm afraid I'm keeping whatever ET gave me to cover his debt. A few collectable discs aren't quite the same as the cash I had to give Innova so that ET could go on his mooching tour across the country. Putting that crap up on E-bay takes a lot of time that I don't have right now since I'm busy repairing my old home and working construction jobs at night to pay for my mortgage on my new place. If ET thinks he's getting a bad deal, you tell him to come see me, and I'll sell him back those discs cheap.

Yeah, Will, I probably do sound like a baby, but, if you lent someone you thought was a good friend about 600 bucks and then that friend ignored you for months even after he knew your house was toast, you'd probably be a little upset too. And to top it off, you went and got in bed with the guys from Psychofish who aren't the least bit repentant or grateful to the disc golf community that let them pocket thousands of dollars at the SNAC. It makes me sick. So, if you want to say F Mike and the baskets, you go right ahead. But if you want to make things right Will, you'll come get them yourself. Bring Zinger along with you and we'll go take a little drive around town and you two can see what hell looks like---houses in pieces or shifted off their foundations and blocking streets, rubble piled 4 stories high on medians and the disc golf course where i used to play and release my frustrations, cars and trucks still propped on fences or overturned from where the floods stranded them. I'll take you by Blessed Lettuce's old place where the water was over ten feet high, maybe down into Chalmette where Dixie once lived if we can get past the armed guards, where there's not even an open gas station for miles now, where people who've lost it all sleep in tents on their dead brown lawns. Maybe then you'll begin to grasp why I might be upset that you've totally taken me for granted.

Yeah, I know it's short notice, but then, it looks like you don't mind doing things at the last minute. If you don't show up, it won't be hard for me to track down and send back money to the nice folks who sent me the sponsorship money you crave, and I'll just hang on to these baskets to donate to NO Team when they get their course back and hold another great tournament. It's a shame that Lafayette's ADGA who pocketed over one thousand bucks at the SNAC or Psychofish who pocketed at least another grand are so greedy that they can't cough up a little bit to help you out Will, and people like Leo want to call me out when I lost my home...but if y'all came to New Orleans to see what NO Team's dealing with you'd change your tune real quick i bet.

So, I ask again, Will, Terry, Lafayette, Don, Russell, do what's right. Don't be greedy selfish pigs, think about your disc golf friends in New Orleans.

Mike Kernan,
Has-been pro disc golfer
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