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New Course in New Orleans Area

Posted by underparmike 
It's only taken 21 years, but Lafreniere Park has just made the transition from 9 baskets to 18 baskets. The baskets are across the street from the original 9, with a bit of elevation, a 750 foot hole, a 500 foot hole, and even one tight bogue-style hole. Might not be quite as good as Highland Road, but no longer will Lafreniere be dismissed as 'pitch and putt'...especially when the wind blows off the lagoon. I believe Tuesday night random-draw doubles will be moving from Rivendell to Lafreniere Park on May 13, 6'o'clock tee. Thursday night's mini will play the new layout starting May 15th at 6 pm. Hope everyone enjoys the new Lafreniere Park.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 12, 2003 10:26PM
I can't wait.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 12, 2003 10:34PM
So I can't call it Laughing-Air any more? Oh Well, If Mikey mike had any thing to do with the layout, I'm sure it will be really good!!

Willy BT
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 07:28AM
Mikey -Is the new nine holes similar to the temp nine hole layout from the first couple mardi gras madness tournaments. That was an awesome course. So when are you going to schedule a tournament? Mikey? Will?
they're exactly the same, only different.

actually, most of the area is the same as the MGM temp course, except that there is only one hole close to the lagoon...the park director didn't want people swimming for discs on a regular basis. there are 3 tee boxes that are elevated approximately 25 feet over the rest of the terrain, and another that is elevated about 6-7 feet. one basket is on the side of a large hill, the others are all not elevated, but with cypress, cedar, or pine trees nearby.

the baskets and tee boxes have been installed, but the holes have not been measured with the tape yet...will probably be measured tuesday night. approximate distances are 350, 280, 270, 330, 260, 520, 230, 750, 360 =3350. we are still deciding what 9 holes on the other side(out of 36 existing possibilities) will be used to make the 'standard' 18 at Lafreniere, but i am guessing that the final design will bring the course in around 6,000 feet total. I'm certain that soon Lafreniere Park will be recognized as one of the best courses in the south...
i cant wait to get down there and try the new course but im also sad to here that rivendell is gone.but on a positive note,im positive ill figure out how to lose strokes there just like i did at rivendell.good luck with the new layout,and let us know what the best score is after a week or so.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 10:03AM
Rivendell is gone? When did this happen???
John k
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 10:19AM
What happened to Rivendell? Someone please tell me that Link has been misinformed! Please!!!!! I love that course. Since after all, it is the only course that has produced me a basket. Thanks again Mike. If you are ever in Hattiesburg I might show you a thing or two on it. LOL!!
Rivendell is still there...although it has been altered. 9 baskets remain presently, and i am in the process of setting up 9 new tee boxes for the new layout, which will be a safari course with the shortest hole being 458 feet(the original white 18). this course should be around until at least June 2, possibly sticking around a few weeks after that. the old tee boxes are still in the ground, in case we decide to run a farewell tournament with 9 portables.

the safari course will be as follows:

#1 near 18's basket to hole 10 (about 700')
#2 9 white to hole 1.......... (about 720')
#3 2 white to hole 3.......... (about 720')
#4 11 white to hole 11........ (528')
#5 15's basket to hole 12..... (about 500')
#6 near 14's basket to hole 6. (about 640')
#7 7 white to hole 8.......... (about 550')
#8 16 white to hole 17........ (about 560')
#9 18 white to hole 18........ (458')

9 holes, about 5400 feet. I am going to run a southern national qualifier tournament over this course on memorial day weekend, haven't decided on saturday the 24th or monday the 26th yet.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 11:27AM
OH OH OH tell me more about this SNQ over Memorial day weekend. I'll be in town because of LSU's graduation so this sounds sweet!

well, when is best for you jeff? you and i might be the only players with the guts to tackle the farm in safari mode. i don't have any other details right now, but i am leaning towards monday for the tourney.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 11:55AM
>you and i might be the only players with the guts to tackle the
>farm in safari mode

That sounds like you just threw down the gauntlet! I'll be there with my pit helmut on! Either day is OK for me.....

We ain't scared of no 720 foot hole!!! :) Ronnie and I would like to come, but Ronnie might have to work on Memorial Day, I vote for the 24th, and Ronnie votes for the 24th (he just dont't know it yet!).

i am so glad to hear that you have 18 at lafrenier park. the last tournament you had there was so enjoyable. i think that course is a great course , you are very lucky to have it, watch out here comes team n.o. now go ace one for me , jim
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 12:58PM
I'll go with the 24th. I THINK my sister's graduation party is on Sunday so that works out fine for my wife and I.

Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 01:29PM
I've never played Rivendell or any course in LA for that matter. I am looking for something to do on Memorial Day (Monday the 26th). I will drive down and play if it ends up happening on Memorial Day.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the decision.

When are you guys going to have a tourney at Lafreniere Park ? We need an excuse to play it.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 13, 2003 10:29PM
Who'd a thunk it! We've dreamed of putting baskets across the road for about 20 years and now it is finally a reality. Thanks to Mike and Phil and any one else who helped to make this happen.

I walked the proposed holes with Mike last Sunday and they are indeed fun and quite challenging. We were not able to use the same layout as in past tournaments but given the space provided they are pretty tasty.

I for one am looking forward to tournaments back at LaFreniere Park.

DG just keeps on getting better and better!

i personally will not be running any tournaments at Lafreniere for a few months. if anyone else is interested, have at it! i think it would be best if we waited until the fall, it will give us some time to get the kinks worked out of the layout, and let the other park users gradually get used to the new holes. we threw through a soccer match, an ultimate game, and a baseball practice yesterday, but the park director told us he wanted to run those activities off to other places in the park anyways...and as a matter of fact, there were empty soccer fields and empty baseball fields yesterday that those teams should have used. we are considering moving 2 of the holes so that we will only infringe on about half of the wide-open meadow area, and can just tell these casual other sports people to move over a little bit rather than completely uprooting them--but if the park director really wants that activity out of that area we will keep those holes where they are.
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 17, 2003 01:21PM
If I tried to go out and play this course right now would I be able to figure out the back 9? Is it marked or anything? I have played the original 9 once.

hmmm...probably not. we're still in the "testing" phase of the new 9.

Have you decided on a date for the tourney at Rivendell yet, Saturday or Monday? Let us know, please.

Anonymous User
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 19, 2003 11:56AM
well, here it is the monday before the proposed tournament(s) at Rivendell and i still haven't made up my mind...i probably ought to just call 'em off, i doubt we'd get more than 20 players since no one knows about it! but, if anyone reading this is interested speak up and if it seems like we'll get 20-30 players i'll have the separate safari tournaments on both Saturday, and then on Monday. John it too late to get us on the schedule if we do?
Ronnie and I are in for Saturday, and we can probably talk a few others in to it as well!

Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 19, 2003 12:41PM
Mikey - No problem. When you quit being wishy-washy and decide just post the info here or email me at and I will be happy to post it for ya.

23rd out of 78 players at the BellSouth Classic!!!

Cashing on the National Tour!!!

I think heck is in the process of thawing out!!!

John k
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 19, 2003 01:04PM
Mikey, Nice finish at the Bellsouth! Too bad that doesn't open up another spot at Rock Hill.

As for the safari - "if you build it, they will come".

Just build it soon!

Anonymous User
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 19, 2003 01:45PM
but chernobyl, you are mistaken. although i finished 23rd, 18 people in front of me had already qualified so i did get the invite to rock hill. that means that even when, er, if, i beat you at SNC's in august, it won't matter because i'm already in, so you have a good shot. don't forget that you can earn the Louisiana spot next month at the Cajun Classic(see other thread about that).
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 19, 2003 04:56PM
Mike, I guess I wasn't clear. I think your 23rd place against that feild is dammned respectible! You have no doubt improved your shot making skills and overall consistency.

I am not, er, competing against you in August, I am challenging BR's fine disc golf courses! Thanks Jim O for rotating the venue for the SN Finals!

As for the extra spot at the USDGC, I thought that the State Coordinator was pre-qualified with one extra invitee? But since you have qualified by your skill we could play a ctp for the right to be the new coordintor! lol.

Finally, I would love to beat the group of players that are eligible for the last spot, but let me remind you that if I have ever beat you in a tournament (and I know you won't admit it) you are in deep doo doo at the USDGC anyway.

"If it ain't fun - run!


talk about some valid points! yes i am in deep doo at the USDGC, i have never played the course and i'm certain there is a learning curve...maybe i'll try to play the course when guthrie, blessed letuce the salad tosser,and i hit augusta in 2 weeks. that would be a real long drive though.

state coordinators no longer get an invite. i think the first year was the only year they did that, maybe the second too. but, i do get to pick one louisiana resident to go to rock hill and that's why it's up for grabs at the cajun classic, that way i could have appointed myself, but it turns out i won't need to! boo-yah! so, no ctp for my spot. got to earn it june 7 at the cajun classic...i'm glad USDGC gives out 50 state invitations like that. gonna be an exciting tournament in BR.

chernobyl you have the skills to earn that spot to USDGC. and it's only a one day event so them old bones of yours can hold up! it ain't tom bass in the middle of august is it?
Re: New Course in New Orleans Area
May 21, 2003 12:31AM
Mikey, don't forget this old guy, dangerous don. On a given day I can beat all of the guys you listed on the other thread. Technique, Technique, Technique, age and old bones have little to do with it. Look at that little @#$%& Wally F. All technique, and what better person is there to learn from. I hope to be pain free on June 7th and am looking for a nice, non-humid, overcast day (probably won't get that) to take on my fellow Louisiana disc golfers. I plan on going to the USDGC as a spectator, but as a player would be much better. As soon as my life schedule gets lighter I need to come check out the Safari Nine and the new baskets at Lafreniere. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to attend the USDGC, you are da man. Congrats on the Bellsouth and why is it that some people have changed your name from underparmike to underpantsmikey.....what's up with that??????

Thanks again

dangerous don
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