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SN Points

Posted by John Kittrell 
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 09:43AM
shreveport are in now , ill get them to you john , i will call and check on west monroe ,brad need to let you know which tournaments he played in so you can check it out ,saying i played in 4 means nothing to john who is doing alot of work ,we now have someone on top of this plus you the players are getting involve , this is great ,keep it up, remember to play under the same name all the time , as soon as you notice your name not spelled right let john know , this will help alot ,thanks ,jim
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 12:13PM
Ok played in 4 means: Miss. St Doubles on July 20th, Tupelo Classic on Sept. 9th, Rumble in the Jungle(Holly Springs) on Sept. 21st and Tishimingo on Oct. 12.

Brad Webb all playing Advanced.
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 12:55PM
Sorry to be a bother, but I have to clear up a problem with my SNDG points.
I think part of this will be cleared up today with the arrival of the Tishomingo Fall Classic points and the Bud Hill Lee Naquin SN event of Nov. 2-3.

I've received points as "Russ Corey" for, I believe, the W.C. Handy Tournament in Florence, AL., in August and "Rusty Cory" for, probably, the Tupelo, MS., fall event.

For the record, we are one and the same. I'll have to make sure that SNDG tournament directors list me as "Russ Corey" for all events to make sure that problem does not come up again.

With that said, I should have 2003 points for four events: The Handy Tournament in Florence, the Tupelo and Tishomingo events in Mississippi, and the recent Bud Hill event. That should total about 24 or so points.

I will also say thanks to all the volunteers who help compile and post this information. I just ask that Rusty be stricken from the record and his points be credited to Russ. You can verify this with the TD of the Tupelo event.

Thanks for all you guys do. Russ "Rusty" Corey
John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 01:33PM
Brad - I have you in three tournaments. For the MS States doubles tournament you weren't listed. There was only two advanced teams. I got the results from []
You can also find the link under older forum messages as "tournament results" posted on 7-26-02. I hope you were the only ommission. Let me know. I can only post what's given to me - sorry.

Russ - Your dual identities will be resolved with the next update. Thanks for the input.

And for everyone - please be sure to have the same name for each event. I can't hope to know all the disc golfers so if I come across two similar names that isn't blatently obvious to be the same person I keep them seperate because it is much easier to combine then seperate. If anyone has any questions about points this is the place for it. Later...
John K
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 01:56PM
John you are doing a FANTASTIC job. Keep up the good work it is appreciated by all. Hopefully ALL tourneys will get the results turned in...
more hopefully in a timely W.Monroe and Shreveport.
Thanks again.
Tony Bass
Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 04:30PM
I just wanted to echo what Frzbman was saying! John your doing a great job with the new points system, keep up the good work. All of us here in Hattiesburg really appreciate it, as well as everyone else who is a part of S.N.D.G. This is a headache not many people would voluntarily take on, but you did, and for that "You are the MAN"!!!!!!! Later

Re: SN Points
November 04, 2002 08:53PM
Oh no!!! I just realized I've been registering in some Southern Nationals events under the name of "Wally Free"! ;-p

Just kidding John, but wanted to add to the thanks of those above. You are doing an excellent job; maybe you should get some points for that!

Joe Todd
Re: SN Points
November 05, 2002 01:26PM
John wrote:

> There was only two advanced teams. I got the results from
> []

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that listing is the entire results, just the groups who placed. I don't know if the entire results were ever posted.

John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
November 05, 2002 03:31PM
Apparently that wasn't the entire field, Brad emailed me and is attemping to get the total results. My mistake I assumed it was everybody. Once I get the entire results I will correct the points...
John K
Re: SN Points
November 06, 2002 10:10AM
John, thanks so much for straightening out my dual identities in the points standings and getting the Bud Hill/Naquin Memorial points up so quickly! You guys do a great job. If you ever need any help in North Alabama, let me know. Thanks again, Russ Corey
Re: SN Points
November 07, 2002 01:36PM
John, great job on getting the SN points together. Maybe you could keep the master list of tournament dates, too.

During the SN championships I had a real concern about ineligeble players getting into the field. There were several qualifying tournaments that had not been reported and, since a difinitive list of vetted players was not available, I was suppossed to ask players what events they had played in and take their word for it. This is an unacceptable burden on the TD in a championship event, and practically guaranteed create problems (which it did).

I think you are going to have to take a hard line on TD's who do not turn in the results=no qualifying. I believe pressure from the screwed players will remedy the procrastination. I enourage you to compile an exaustive list for the SN Championship Tournament...if your name ain't on the list, you ain't playing.

I agree with the earlier message about a form being created (or at least a sample format, order, abbreviations, etc.) for reporting. It would be simpler for you to compile and post the statistics if everyone used the same reporting format.

Re: SN Points
November 09, 2002 05:49PM

Just wanted to make sure you received the Full Results for the Mississippi State Doubles Tournament that I sent you by E-mail.

John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
November 12, 2002 08:21AM
Another points update - thanks to Brian for getting the points up so quick and updating the points with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes. Great job. Thanks to Brad - I now have the complete results for the MS State doubles and will correct the points. I also have the Shreveport results from the August tournament and the results from the Gautier Doubles Tournament these will be posted immediately and sent to Brian.
I agree with Gary - to take the pressure off of the TD running the championship I will provide a list of individuals who have competed and are eligible to play in the SN AM and PRO Championship. I talked with Jim O yesterday and a couple points I was unaware of - TD's are given 2 points in their division for running a tournament if they didn't play and past SN Championship division winner are always eligible to play in the tournament.

John K
Re: SN Points
November 12, 2002 09:14AM
good wor--k john and brian... you guys need a raise! :^p

thanks for telling us about the other rules. i, for one-- had no idea.

it might be wise to actually let the competitors know about the actual framework of the SN points system... a page explaining the ststem in the points book that jk keeps-- so folks at tourneys could be made aware of how it all works-- and maybe a web page explaining it all...

i think the new system of showing 1rst, 3nd, 3rd is an interesting addition to the results web page, too!

i've often wondered if there should be a couple of "SN supertours" that are worth double points? maybe the howler, ms states, bud hill, la open?

maybe by holding one "SN supertour" in each participating state, the SN can continue to grow!! just a thought for next year? it would give folks who only attend one or two events per season an opportunity to "jump" in the points race IF they win?

again, kudos to john and brian for stepping up and nailing down the points system... what a difference!!
Re: SN Points
November 12, 2002 04:40PM
yes it will be coming soon , double points and so forth. first we must get all the kinks worked out with what we are doing now. we will set a board up soon to take the sn to the next level. we need someone to start putting picture of each event up, many platers can not make very many tournaments and this would help them see what they have missed.we need ideals from all players on what they would like to see happen. so let us hear your ideals. we need the bag tag ideal to get started soon. jim
Re: SN Points
November 12, 2002 08:22PM
Hey Jim, I have a digital camera and will be glad to take and post pics from SNDG Events. I'm planning on touring more this coming year so count me in. I'm also working on a web site for the Shoals Frisbee Club, nothing professional mind you, but it will provide info. Target date: Jan 1, 2003. Russ C.
Re: SN Points
November 18, 2002 01:26AM

as you and i have discussed before i would be more than willing to volunteer to build a web page (for this web site) that would be a photo gallery...

i've emailed the SN webmaster about this but never got a response.

i have tons of photos from past events and also have a digital camera and will work with guys like Russ, or whoever else has pictures-- to get even more photos for a SN Photo Gallery...

let me know how you guys want to handle the web page uploads... if brian doesn't have time i can FTP them directly to this web site... (once i get with the SN webmaster)

or if he wants to upload them that is fine too...
Re: SN Points
November 18, 2002 07:36AM
I will be taking pics at the upcoming events in this part of the state and Mississippi that I hope to attend this year. Of course, my action pics might only involve final nines since I'll be playing.

I'm trying to finish the Shoals Frisbee Club's website and hope to get it up soon, at least before the first of the year. I can e-mail them and my wife will be teaching me how to FTP them to whoever. IT would be great to have pics from tournaments online, especially since I can't get to a lot of the events down there.

This would be a nice addition. Russ C
Re: SN Points
November 18, 2002 08:18AM

FTPing is easy.

you basically use software (like WS_ftp) to move local files that are on your hard drive-- to the remote host (which is where ever your web site is located online)

the software is kind of like "my computer" in that is a directory manager-- it just moves photos or web pages (html files or whatever) back and forth from your computer to a server.

there are three chunks of info you'd need to ftp to a server--

www address

(your internet provider usually gives you this data)
Re: SN Points
November 18, 2002 08:41AM
Thanks, My wife has been FTP-ing pics to a "family website" her brother set up for us. I haven't added anything to it yet. She's using Coffee Cup now and we have Cute FTP on one of our machines.

It's just something else to learn. I'm going to finish the Shoals Frisbee Club's Website then tackle the FTP stuff. From what you're saying and what she's told me, it's not too difficult. Like most everything else, once I do it a few times it won't be a problem. Thanks, Russ
Re: SN Points
November 18, 2002 09:04PM

just a web page edit FYI...
when looking thru the points results i noticed that when a search is done-- the "divisional result pages" that appear, have a header that says 2001 - 2002 season...

i also noticed the leading advanced woman has been to 6 events and has 5 first place and 1 third place wins!! go deborah b!

this is her first season of playing tourneys... wow.
Re: SN Points
November 19, 2002 07:07PM
just out of curiosity(i know i can't spell), but under the tournaments page it has that the points for the Greenwood Gobbler has be added. It says at the top that the player stats updated: Nov 19, 2002,,,,,but I don't think the Greenwood Gobbler was added to this. Just wondering.
Re: SN Points
November 19, 2002 09:11PM
I'll sorta echo TZ's comments in a friendly way: I played at the Greenwood Gobler and the Gautier doubles (Hey Kevin!) but my points tally hasn't changed since those tournaments were listed.

I know you're working hard on this, along with everything else you do. Your work's really appreciated.

Mike Taylor
Re: SN Points
November 19, 2002 09:16PM
i noticed the jk mentioned in another thread he has server access now and is going thru a learning curve about how to actually update the points himself-- and to have patience this week while he travels thru the curve...
Re: SN Points
November 19, 2002 09:20PM
Ah, right. In the flurry of messages being posted (where do I send my tourney dates, anyway? =8), I forgot that tidbit of info posted by JK.
John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
November 20, 2002 07:12AM
Just to let everyone know - 20 of 21 tournaments have been posted including the greenwood gobbler, but they haven't been posted on the web yet. I'm learning what I can update and the tournament page was no problem. I am having technical difficulty getting the points up, but the points posted 'date' has updated with my attempts. Hopefully within a couple days all the kinks will be worked out on my end and Brian's end. So you can sleep at night knowing your points are correct even if you can't see them yet. Later
John K
John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
November 21, 2002 06:11PM

I am officially the pointmaster. All the kinks have been worked out (A BIG thank to Brian M for all the hard work) I am now able to update the points directly so the points should be updated every week. As it is now 20 of 21 tournaments have been posted - the latest one being last weeks Greenwood Gobbler. If you think there are any problems with your points, let me know or any butchering of names, they will be corrected. Just a reminder to TD's the forum is the quickest way to get the points to but don't forget to send Jim O the $2 per person for the SN. Anyway no more worrying about the points - lets go play golf!!!!!!!
John k
Re: SN Points
November 21, 2002 06:49PM
JK, you are da man!! Great job, and *many* thanks!

While I'm here, and not directed at you, John, here's my contribution as a spelling cop:

Amateur, not amatuer.

It's in the pop-up menu in the Standings section, plus it then appears when you select the Intermediate divisions. The webmaster may want to correct this at some point. Not too much of a biggie, though. Southerners have never been acclaimed for their spelling achievements. =8)
Re: SN Points
December 03, 2002 09:11PM
john kittrell is "THE" man

good job points guru!!
John Kittrell
Re: SN Points
December 06, 2002 10:26AM
I'd like to thank Michael Pohlman for geting me the points for the missing West Monroe tournament. Everybody STOP harrassing him now he sent the results. As of now ALL I repeat ALL the tournaments played this season are posted and up on the web. If there are any questions feel free to ask. A future thanks to all the TD's for posting the results of each tournament in a timely manner to keep the points running smoothly. Thank you and good night...
John K
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