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developing our own complexes

Posted by jim 
developing our own complexes
March 13, 2001 03:57PM
this is something we are looking into right now,the thought is ,if we are ever going to have nice 3-5 courses complexes we will have to do it our self.just think if 100 players bought one share a month ,with in 2 -3 years you would have enough money to buy the land and get started on the first compexe,if you get more than 100 we will get there that much faster. where would they be . one in a area between mobile,hattiesburg and baton rouge , another one between memphis west monroe and jackson ,also one between birmingham ,atlanta and huntsville. ,this would set disc golfers up with the best facilties in this area. please give your thoughts on this. the land is out there ,no your not going to get rich ,but you will be part of something great for disc golfers,jim
RE: developing our own complexes
March 14, 2001 06:23PM
sounds somewhat like a co-operative. (co-op)

it would likely be in the best interest of the participants of this idea to create a non-profit corporation, elect directors, open an account, etc...

i would imagine it would be easier for a "corporation" to be taken seriously when attemting to purchase land-- as opposed to a group of potentially hundreds of individual discizens.

i am just typing out thoughts & ideas... i have a mental picture of a disc golfer sitting with a real estate agent and a banker saying... "No really, there are hundreds of us"


in similar scenarios (non profit sports organizations that establish some type of facility) it is not unheard of for non-profit public benefit organizations to obtain grants (bricks & mortar, land acquisition, etc)

a disc golf co-op -- is the other side of genius. a dic golf complex... brilliant idea.

where does someone sign up?

i estimate these complexes could eventually become a city, themselves.


putt like ya' didn't mean to lay up,


Just throwing out ideas here, so bear with me. The whole idea sounds great, just a few things are fuzzy to me.

Jim , I'm not sure I follow you on the buying shares idea. Could you elaborate?

How about trying to raise money indirectly through tournaments? You could have a donation box at the registraton table, add 5-10 dollars to entrance fees, raffle misc. equipment packages, ( you know how golfers jones over new plastic ! ).

I've no idea what the costs involved are, but what about newletters (montly, bimonthly,quarterly). You could probably turn a profit by selling subscriptions.

Hang on for this one.
How about setting up some sort of membership plan? No restrictions on tournaments or anything, just a little something that would denote membership to SNDG, LDGA, etc. (Mini, Card, maybe newsletter subscription included)

Anyway, just had time on my hands, so I thought I'd give my 2 cents.

Kory Kyzar
RE: developing our own complexes
March 17, 2001 04:50AM
as i said we are checking into a lot of facts right now, your right ,the sky is the limit on this ,a co-op is so far the best ideal,we would have a board,we would try pay everything up front so nothing is owed out.the $20 share would be worth one share of the co-0p.once the land is bought onlpy share holders would keep putting up on that compexe ,if you wish to sell your shares ,you would first offer them to someone who is a share holder of that compexe first.,then we start on the second one and so on.thank you for the interest.
RE: developing our own complexes
April 08, 2001 09:12AM
Jim ,
Kick ass idea however even with 100 golfers paying $20 per thats only $2000
how much land could that buy????? Maybe an acre or two. When a world class course would take 30 mor 40 acres. What about equipment??? Baskets, t's
and signs. Benches trashcans and the ability to maintain the 'Property".
Alot of the cost would depend on the sites chosen.Cheap land today does not equal cheap land later. So 3-5 couses is roughly 60 -80 acres of land needed
I would think that to do 1 course now and expand later would be cost prohibitive
not knowing who the NEW neighbors would be in between building and expansion. property costs could soar. And to purchase the 60 -80 acres now
is also difficult because of the lack of up front funding. Besides would you really expect someone from West Monroe to pitch in for something way over in Alabama?? Maybe a few but not the majority. And the same goes for the Bama
Boys to pitch in on something in La. Most would likely not pitch in their $20/ mth
My concern is to getting into something so large and costly with peoples names on the line. If this plan starts and the property is "purchased" then the plan falls thru
who chooses to sell or dig alittle deeper to keep it going. AN awful lot of
Attorney talk . I for one agree if we want something good for discgolfers we WILL have to do it on our own However the costs of this proposal are in my opinion
MORE than $20 a head a month Even with 100 golfers involved.
Keep up the good work see you on the course
Doug Williams
RE: developing our own complexes
April 13, 2001 03:30PM
that is 2000 per month x 12 =24,000 ayear ,plus the money will be making money also. there are nice land buys out there,i really think we can get more than 100 players involed. the triangle from mobile to west monroe to birmingham could all be work out within a few years.this would be a co-op .i really think it will work. it will also gives us the players a head up on what we want to do with disc golf,jim
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