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Technique's on how to throw further

Posted by KennyG 
I am a small (skinny) guy and I neep some tips on how to throw further. I see guys small and some smaller than me out throw me a long way. On my drives I can throw somewhere around (don't laugh) 250 Feet, and that's a good drive for me. It sucks always having a long approach and some long holes. I want to learn some techniques on how to add distance to my drives. Any help will be appreciated!

Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 17, 2003 08:18AM
i did not write this. it comes from folks like climo and phenom
(phenom, jim d, can throw a country mile :^)

anyway, hope this helps...

The last three steps are the most important for the set-up and run-up. For the right-hander, it would be the right foot setting up for the left foot to go behind, then the right foot going forward and planting. You'd be amazed how far you can throw if you get these three steps in sync.

The initial step before you drag your left foot behind the other sets up the power turn. When you put the left foot behind, your hips and shoulders rotate to the left. That's when you reach back with your arm. The more you can twist and reach back, the more potential power and speed you are going to have moving forward. As you are doing your approach, you're pretty straight, but as you are coiling, lower your body a bit. You can't get much power if your legs are completely straight.

Footwork is your base power source and the uncoiling of power moves quickly upward and slightly forward: your legs power or hips, and your shoulders power your arms. It's an uncoiling of all your muscles together. That's where you get booming drives - when all the muscles explode as a unit.

A lot of players throw outside their body - they pull their arms around their body fully straightened.. If you would stop that motion halfway through when your arm is straight in front of you and attempt to pull start a lawn mower, you would have no power. Instead start the power down deep and pull across your stomach or chest as you would normally start a lawnmower.”
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 17, 2003 08:30AM
and here is some Dlinkage



i think this one is by far the best

Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 17, 2003 09:32AM
Personally I've always incorporated skills I learned during baseball. The most important was keeping my chin DOWN.

Next time you're with a group playing be sure to see who's discs are flying straight up and left (assuming you're right handed) This is caused from throwing off of your back foot (left), you'll also see they didn't keep their chin down. It's basicaly the same principal used in ball golf. The biggest mistake most people make is trying to watch the ball or disc.

You might also want to check out a few articles on disc selection as they correlate to wind and such.
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 21, 2003 10:47AM
Don't listen to this guy. He apparently can't throw a lick. Get an Equalizer. Reach waaay back. And work on the speed with which you get around on the disc. I have been working on this, and I threw one about 410 this weekend in Arkansas (I have witnesses) with a two-step run-up. Getting your body around quick seems to be the most important factor as far as I can see.
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 21, 2003 11:33AM
Handspeed and grip are the two limiting factors in throwing far. Tight grip = more power but less control- tighten your grip to throw far; loosen your grip for accuracy. Hand speed can be achieved several different ways-- run-up, reaching back as far as possidle, turning your back to the target, wrapping your arm up even more around the disc and the ultimate-the 360 spin. It takes practice to decide what will work best for you - but using a little of each will probably bring the most results. Oh yeah- the 360 is the most powerful but is by far the most difficult to master. Good luck- remember- tight grip throws farther!!!BUD
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 01:23AM
yeah, try and keep your chin down and throw an anhyzer off of your front foot.

Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 01:30AM
crow- im not sure if you are talking about hole 16 on the blue course, but i was pin high and wondered if the distance was correct. 396 ft would be my longest on moderately flat ground.
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 09:04PM
I used a laser range finder on all our holes, so the distances were correct.
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 09:09PM
laser range finder.... that sounds like a john taylor forehand :^p
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 09:37PM
... or a John Linton putt.
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 10:18PM
kenny you asked about D so i am gonna ramble some thoughts out about what is working for moi... i am like you too, not a real big guy...

one thing i have noticed is i am getting more and more D and it is not because i am throwing mondo hard or anything.

i throw hard but not out of control hard if ya know what i mean.

i attribute it to form-- and valks.

or that is what it seems like... or at least thats what i think :'p

concerning form:

three steps, one of which is the xstep...

at which point you turn your head completely around and reach back to your full arm extension with the disc just below eye level

pull the disc thru your upper body fluidly and firmly (throw pretty darn hard) and if you have good arm speed--- voila. BANG! serious D...

and buddy is correct about the tight grip, imho.

to me it almost seems like the disc is getting ripped out of my hand by the force of arm speed. i get a snap sound even.

did i mention valks go far? dzamn i am getting solid D outta those things... many different runs too... (just gotta use more hyzer release for the flippier ones and aim differently)

i can actually throw a beat to heck dx valk the farthest, but with less of a clue where it will actually land. i throw with so much hyzer release it seems like my arm is down near my feet. :^p

i am getting to where i throw rocs were i used to throw drivers on ceertian distances because i will blow by the basket (except crazy long holes of course)

my top roc distances have increased big time.

form is where it is at. xstep baby!!!
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 22, 2003 11:01PM
Victor I remember a while back you were showing me the 'X' step approach. When will you be back in Lafayette (Acadiana Park)? Mabye you can show me again in person and I can work on it. Thanks for the replys yall.
Anonymous User
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 23, 2003 11:04AM
kenny, get yourself a copy of a worlds final video, any year, and study the form of the pros, and try to copy them. that is how jeff st.romain, who weighs about 125 soaking wet, learned how to throw 400+. man it ticks me off that he can throw further than of these days i will work on my form as well, where's that resignation letter i was working on the other day? who needs a job when you can throw 400?
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 23, 2003 11:06PM
No, Aaron, I was talking about Blue 5. I was just a little out of my putting range. Just one more putt that would have given me a tie...

Kenny G, listen to Buddy, he can throw a long way.
I get a smile on my face reading the posts talking about the Burns Park Course. It sounds like we're playing roulette here. :)

There are some I'd be willing to place bets on. Blue 5, Red 10, Blue 16, Red 3, Blue 12, Red 14, Blue 6...

Bring your distance game, bring your accuracy game, place your bets...

Bill Trousdale
Re: Technique's on how to throw further
May 27, 2003 08:20AM
My introduction to the X-step was through an excellent article by Rick Bays that I found online


I don't know if that link will work ... if not run a search including the words: rick bays disc golf

The article is called Driving Form and Technique.
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