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Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals

Posted by vl 
Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals
September 19, 2002 09:02AM
This summer while at Am Worlds I was introduced to the Z Boaz Bag Tag Challenge.

My doubles partner at Am Worlds brought some bag tags to sell as a fundraiser for concrete tboxs at the ZBoaz course in Texas.

Each tag cost ten bucks, I ended up with #45 (i was challenged by a nashville golfer at worlds for #222, but ended up keeping #45)

The way the bag tag challenge works-- you challenge other golfers for their lower #...

If players are grouped on the same card in a tourney-- the challenge is automatic. Players can challenge others in casual play or "on other cards"

The way the Texicans do it is you can turn down a challenge in casual play but "same card" challenges are automatic...

The lowest # is what you are attempting to win... but a "new" bag tag challenge could establish its own set of rules as far as how the challenges work...

Anyway, the ZBoaz Tag challenge raised about 2500$ and they have a tag finals later in the year...

I mentioned this to WillT and he seemed interested in the concept. Other disc golfers I've explained it to seemed interested in the concept as well.

I was thinking that the SN Series should start a SN BAG TAG Challenge.



Have 250 - 300 #'d SN tags printed

Sell For 10$ per tag
(recoup the printing costs to whomever puts it up & the $ balance goes to the SN Finals)

This bag tag fundraiser could be promoted for the entire year leading up to the next SN FINALS (Hattiesburg & BR)

250 tags X 10$ ea. = $2500
(less printing costs)
Re: Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals
September 19, 2002 12:32PM
other fundraising ideas for 2003 SN Finals

hole sponsors.

Hattiesburg & Baton Rouge

18 holes X 4 courses X 25$ = 1800$

if the SN folks will come up with a "form letter" or flyer of some sort that is an "official"

"SN Hole Sponsorship Request Form"

then volunteer disc golfers all over the SN region can spend this season doing outreach for the SN Finals...

in the next year-- if a buncha volunteer folks from across the south help to "land" four or five 25$ hole sponsors each-- the goal of 72 hole sponsors should be easy to achieve... and both Hattiesburg and Baton Rouge events could benefit from the volunteer effort...
Re: Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals
September 23, 2002 04:55AM
great ideals, the bag challenge , is there anyone out there that would like to take this on ,matt and i will join, also on the hole sponsor is great to ,for any $25 sponsor the player can choose a ce disc free , right now we have ce rhinos ,gazelles and areos . i would help sell the bag tags around here , i bet every area would pitch in too. maybe at the snc the top # can play for prizes . just and ideal, or at some large events too. do we just have one divison or do we have one for each of the eight divisons ,jim
Re: Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals
September 23, 2002 07:57AM
i would guess that one big bag tag challenge would be the easiest.

the texicans do it that way-- and it works pretty well.

the pros do tend to end up with the lowest numbers, but that is the way life goes; :)

the initial printing costs are the issue to first deal with-- but considering this proposed bag tag challenge could raise 2500$ the initial costs could be recouped by whomever puts up the initial $...

i like the idea of the lowest # in each division winning a prize of some sort. good idea jimo...
Re: Fundraising for 2003 SN Finals
September 26, 2002 10:24PM
i will be selling some discs at the LA Open as a way to raise funds to get bag tags printed.

perhaps the BR club would want to help with that expense from the club?

the effort would be to raise $ for the finals
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