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Fall Fling Results!!!!

Posted by The Zinger 
The Zinger
Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 21, 2002 06:59PM
John, here are the results for the Fall Fling tourneyment held at the Greenwood course in Baton Rouge, LA on Sept 21, 2002.

Mike Kernan 46 54=100 $100
Todd Traylor 51 55=106 $35
Matt Aymond 52 58=110
Will Timmons 51 65=116

Robin Adams 56 65=121 $30

Ronnie Adams 46 58=104 $100
Kerry Brouillette 51 55=106 $30
Victor LeBlanc 53 55=108
Barry Callihan 52 57=109
Jet Towns 50 62=112

Terry Zeringue 51 51=102 $50
Gary Thronson 53 52=105 $13
Chris Hayes 53 55=108

Pat Daniels 57 50=107 $60
Greg Guidry 53 54=107 $30
Pat Latiolais 55 55=110 $15
Mike Taylor 57 55=112 CTP winner of $14
Clyde Hawk 57 59=116

Chris Pierce 56 52=108 $45
Ben Marks 57 56=113 $20
Bobby Bibenadetto 60 57=117
Brandon Bourque 62 63=125 Ace Pot Winner

Debrah Brouillette 63 61=124 $35
Jill Triplett 68 78=146 $15
Betty Watts 75 76=151 1 disc

Justin Nunez 54 53=107 1 disc
Chris Marsh 59 54=113
Don Wallis 63 62=125
Jason Redd 68 62=130
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 21, 2002 11:41PM
Good Job wipper snapper
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 22, 2002 02:01PM
thank you for the quick results, i will give this to john to post on the points. when you see what john has done with the points this year everyone will be pleased ,well nearly everyone.
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 23, 2002 04:44AM
way to go mike , on your open win
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 23, 2002 12:34PM
@#$%& Zinger, you didn't have to post my red tee round on the internet for every one to see!!! Thanks go out to Bobby "zepherman" for getting the course looking soo great before the tourney, and to the Zinger for helping out when I needed it the most. Congrats to Mikey Mike on his first Open Pro win (i wish I wasn't there to be part of your first victory, but...)

Remember the La open this weekend. Ask Todd T if there is anything needed if you want to help.
later, WillT
Tony Bass
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 23, 2002 01:18PM
Wow, it looks as though the red tees at Greenwood have been changed quite a bit, judging from these scores. Or was it just a bad second round WILL? The last time I played Greenwood was for the Louisianna Doubles. Have they been changed very much since then? Are they just further back, or are they in totally different places? It didn't seem like they were all that tough the last time I played there. Any info. someone could give me regarding this matter would be much appreciated! Thanks
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 23, 2002 01:38PM
the red tees have not really been changed, tony...

willt adjusted some of the red tboxs quite awhile back to accomodate himself (major runup) but i guess that didn't have the desired effect.

i think he was just not having his best golf day.

maybe being a TD and playing too is not that easy...
The Zinger
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 23, 2002 01:40PM
A few of the red tees have been changed, but just by a matter of feet. The reason why some were changed was to give more room in tee boxes and to get the ones on roots off of the roots. Course record from the red tees i think was a 5 under. I think that was shot by Eric Tracey. But Will T did have a horrible round. For me personally, I would be happy with a 2 to 5 over.
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 24, 2002 03:22PM
For Tony (a redneck), Louisiana has 1 "n"!
Tony Bass
Re: Fall Fling Results!!!!
September 24, 2002 04:10PM
Oh, excuse me Mr. Grammaticaperfect!
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