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Arkansas State Championship Results

Posted by Bill Trousdale 
I gotta tell ya, I live here and yet with two new courses walking around Saturday and Sunday I thought I was at an out of town tourney. I caught myself thinking, "I wish we had two courses side by side that had the challenges of play and strategy these have.". Then I'd smile and say, "We do!!!" I haven't played the Blue Course in three weeks and I haven't played the Red Course in even longer time. It's been nothing but work. I'm looking forward to it. Sitting here I think about the Red Course holes like #3, #10, and #14. The Blue Course is a definite challenge for this short arm player but I look forward to mastering holes #5, #6, #8, and #16. Personally I think #16 is a postcard hole. Anyway, let me get to the business at hand, the results of the 2003 Arkansas Disc Golf Championship:

Robbie Shaw received this years Jeff Kleminski Award. For those not familiar with this award we give an award in Jeff's name for sportsmanship and work above and beyond the call. Years ago one of our local am's broke his ankle off Meeman #18 in practice Saturday morning. Jeff despite being Tournament Director with the whole weekend about to kickoff, dropped everything and attended our injured player to the hospital. In appreciation, gratitude, and admiration we created this award given every year since in his name. Congratulations Robbie!!!

Jeff Reynolds was awarded a plaque in appreciation for all his work on the new courses, the new bulletin board, and trophies he's crafted for our tournaments for years. Congratulations Jeff!

Course Records for the new courses were officially set this weekend.
The record for the Blue Course set by John Linton...Par 57...-12...Record 45
The record for the Red Course set/tied by Robbie Shaw and Ben Mosakowski
Par 54...-8...Record 46
Considered short by some, don't underestimate the Red Course, it is a challenge!
Some did.

Ace on Red Course #4 by Will Timmons. You would have to see this hole to really appreciate this ace!! Congratulations Will!!

And the results...ranked first to last...
Red Course Par 54 Blue Course Par 57

A Tier

Blue Red Red Blue
Ben Mosakowski 56 46 46 50 198
Todd Alexander 51 49 53 50 203 Playoff tie
Doug Williams 50 50 55 48 203 Playoff tie
Will Timmons 57 49 51 49 206
Jeff Reynolds 50 56 53 54 213
Kevin Pelton 52 54 52 55 213
Jamie Callis 53 52 58 53 216
Errin Lewis 57 56 51 53 217
Jeff Davis 62 54 48 54 218
Larry Hobock 60 52 52 55 219
Byan Lowry 55 55 54 55 219
Ricky Sandner 59 55 52 60 226
Dylan Gustus 58 52 54 62 226


John Linton 45 50 51 53 199
Robbie Shaw 53 46 49 58 206
"Crawdaddy" 53 49 47 58 207
Russel Banks 50 56 54 59 219
Len Benfell 57 49 54 60 220
Tim Driskel 57 55 49 59 220
Kelly Watson 53 59 52 60 224
Butch Kirtley 61 54 53 61 229


Tommy Eddy 55 54 54 58 221
Danny Daniels 59 56 54 57 226


Lori Maxwell 68 61 58 69 256
Jenny Ables 76 69 41 73 289
Barbara Daniels 80 74 74 81 309

Advanced Men

Kenny Collums 57 53 53 54 217
Robert Crow 57 54 50 57 218
Tony Forrester 60 54 48 58 220
Aaron Hathaway 57 57 60 53 227
Dan Robertson 59 57 53 59 228
Bryan Griffin 64 55 54 58 231
Kelly McIntyre 65 65 52 59 241
John Jennings 71 56 55 64 246
Bob Lyle 67 60 55 90 272

B Tier

Advanced Master
Red Blue Blue Red
Pat Hallman 54 57 55 57 223
Todd Johnson 54 63 57 54 228
Daryl Pike 58 63 59 61 241
Randy Hogan 66 69 67 62 254
Terry McReynolds 60 58 61 DNF DNF


Alex Bubis 52 54 58 53 217 Playoff tie
Dasun Keylor 53 58 57 49 217 Playoff tie
Dan Dellorto 50 58 54 56 218
Mark Mosakowski 54 60 58 56 228
Heath Whitley 51 57 65 55 228
Kyle McClure 60 54 56 55 228
Jon Boothe 51 59 64 58 231
Rob Hecht 57 64 60 51 232
John Glenn 51 62 63 56 232
Steven James 64 61 54 54 233
Kevin Irwin 54 63 64 56 237
Don Vansandt 58 63 62 54 237
David Lillybridge58 61 62 59 240
Josh Howell 61 65 63 54 243
Jeff Haydel 60 68 60 59 247
Zack Hudson 60 64 64 59 247
Spencer Trousdale63 59 62 66 250
Randall Hearn 58 65 66 61 250
Dicky Maxwell 61 60 68 62 250
Mark Antonacci 59 65 67 60 251
Sam Menelley 57 65 68 62 252
Josh Campbell 65 65 67 62 259
Harvey Thornell 67 69 67 56 259
Chris Curtis 64 67 67 62 260
Kelly Ganzel 57 68 76 60 261
Philip Perkins 65 65 68 62 260
Doug Pierce 60 71 75 62 268
Brick Ables 60 75 78 62 275
Ed McNabb 72 73 78 64 287

Amateur Women

Judy Haydel 69 69 66 65 269
Nancy Hobock 67 75 78 67 287
Lisa Hearn 64 80 78 75 297
Brooke McDougal 72 83 83 69 307
Debi Reynolds 71 80 81 76 308
Donyale Folsom 79 89 87 76 331
Nancy Stotts 80 97 99 84 360
Frances Chapman 79 89 109 DNF DNF


Jeremy Williams 63 60 123
Cole Johnson 62 65 127
Scott Rainer 64 66 130
Braxton Ginn 63 70 133
Lloyd Davis 66 70 136
Derek Ginn 67 70 137
Brian Thomas 79 80 159
Wayne Depriest 73 DNF DNF


Kyle Irwin 65 79 144
Regan Stotts 91 96 187

A special Thanks to Tournament Directors Lori Maxwell and Len Benfell, Great Tournament!
Thanks to all the players and members of Central Arkansas Disc Golf Club who helped get these two courses in and ready.
A most appreciative thanks to the North Little Rock Parks & Recreation, Director Bob Rhoades, NLR Parks Maintenance Superintendent Willie Elizandro and his staff.
And to all the players who came to make the debut of the Burns Park Disc Golf Course one to remember, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

See ya next year......
Bill Trousale
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 20, 2003 09:42AM
The points have been posted for this tournament...
John k
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 20, 2003 11:01AM
I am really sorry that I was not there to help support Arkansas, considering I have seen alot of you guys over here. Looks like it was a couple tough courses.
See you guys soon.
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 20, 2003 03:11PM
ROBCO- just wanted to thank you and the Ark. crew for a great tourney. all of y'alls hard work definately paid off. i really liked the layout and the fact that that creek on the blue course wasnt OB! the only thing i might change if i was an Ark. dgolfer is submerging the logs on some of the teepads. i'm not complaining just an observation. i had a great time and hope to see yall in baton rouge for the finals.
Errin Lewis
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 20, 2003 10:32PM
Errin, thanks for your kind words and I would like to add that we appreciate all those players that travelled to our tourny. You will definitely see a good representation of Ark. players at the finals in Baton Rouge. Robbie Shaw #3242
greenwood...Please, I look forward to and welcome any and all comments on the two courses. They're new and until they're really played as they were this past weekend, we don't know how they really are. It's the ol' "Can't see the forest 'cause of the trees" thing. Generally most all I heard were kudos. There were some other remarks though. I'll start with your's.

The logs will be disappearing. Over the next year concrete pads are planned. Also the temporary signage will be replaced with real tee signs. :)

One of the biggest local concerns and design discussions was Hole #1. On a day to day use there isn't any problem. A few were concerned that during the tournament there would be mass back up. I sat a #1 and I didn't really note in outrageous backup. Not anymore than I've seen at any other hole here or at other courses. I can remember there being at least three maybe four groups backed up on I think it was #12 at Bud Hill. I've seen it at other holes, other courses. I walked around the course and specifically asked about it and didn't get any complaints about it. If there is a group there it affords an opportunity to get scores streight, check with other players, get something from your car, get a drink from one of the ice chests. Really though, if there was any wait it wasn't much and Red #1 and Blue #1 are nice fairways, in my ever so humble and unbiased opinion. :) One player said he liked #1 because you can throw and then decide whether you're going to play the Red Course or the Blue Course. (You would have to play it to understand the humor of his comment)

Some said they hated Red #3. Some like it. I like it more the more I play it. In tournament it can be a real equalizer. It is a really simple hole. An aggressive player can get into trouble on it.

Comments were made that the Blue Course was too long for the Am's. Hmmmmmm...Can you say Texas. Of course most SNDG'ers don't get to play the 600-1000 ft. holes of the wide open spaces of Texas. We aren't near that long. However, I did say in my ramblings at the players meeting that alternate pins are going to be put in on most all the holes over the next year. Some holes may have three or maybe even four pin placements. I would like to be able to have pin placements so even a junior type course could be set up so that the schools, community centers, and youth groups could come out and play. Having two courses like we do, these interests can schedule days/weekends to come out. One course could be set up for them and still have the other course to play.

It's funny, I really didn't hear any comments about Red Course #11, the short hole that plays to the top of the levy. I guess the operative word for that hole would be "fun". I mean it could tear you up but the challenge was Definitely a novel hole.

Blue Course hole #16 was liked by the pro's. Didn't hear anything about Blue Course #6. People seemed to really like all the elevation changes. A lot more that the old course had.

I feel rambling coming over me. I best move on. These are player designed courses. There was no one individual designing. I hope this was evident in the diversity of each course. Thanks for any comments.

Bill Trousdale

Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 21, 2003 09:26AM
Bill my wife and I both played Am and we had no problems with the length of Blue, in fact like you alluded to, it was refreshing after all of the other courses we've playing in the South.

To comment on the holes that you asked about Red #3 could probably use a tree or two being removed because, in my opinion, it's just a luck shot to whether you are setup for a 3 or not. Red 11 is probably the hardest 180 foot hole I've played, but definitely fun.

The elevation change on Blue 6 was indeed interesting and that hole is harder than you initially think. Blue 16 was labeled as the hardest hole on the blue course by the guys I played with, and while I tend to disagree with that I will agree it is a hard hole, but a fair hole.

I guess the biggest "complaint" I see is that you did not make me pull out my lefty backhand enough as I was able to throw my lefty sidearm plenty, which makes me think the courses are more RHBH friendly.

As a side on the length of both Blue5 and Blue16, I play in the Am Men division and I birdied Blue5 on Friday with witnesses and birdied Blue16 both rounds in the tournament so, while long yes, I would definitely say not too long.

Jeff Haydel
Hey guys, I think you are talking about Red 10. Red 11 is that short little lefty hole.
Hey Jeff,
Glad you enjoyed the courses. It was interesting to hear your comment about the lefty shots. I got the impression Wall Doxey was layed out by a lefty. We don't have any left handed players here to speak of I've said most all the holes are going to have alternate pin placements. Like I said at the awards presentation, next year the courses will be different. What was long may be short, what was short may be long, left will be right and right will be left. Now that we're past the fury of getting the courses in for our SNDG, we can take a breath, step back, and fine tune what we have. Some players here have "complaints" about some holes. I have to tell them they need to realize that we're just starting. We can put pins any place we want. We are not restricted in any way. We are limited only by our imagination. I'm looking forward to the on going work of designing this course.

I hope ya'll will come again. It's only going to get better!

Bill Trousdale
I am very sorry that I missed your tournament Little Rockers! But come hell, high water, tornado, or typhoon, I'll be at one later in the year.
I have heard nothing, and I mean nothing but great things about your courses. Keep up the good work!
Likewise, Fair. I really wanted to come to Little Rock, but after five tournaments in six weeks (four in a row) we had to stay home for a while. Besides, there wasn't any money left <G> Fair, please tell me you're coming to Huntsville. It will be a really good test for you. Four great, different courses all with their own unique challenges. It's gonna be great. RwC

Little Rock, we will get there eventually, honest!
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 22, 2003 02:05AM
Russ,Fair,Brother Print we missed ya and hope to see you in the near future. You don't even have to wait for a tourney just give us a call and we'll fix you right up. Hope to see you soon DICKY
Thanks Dicky, the trip is already being talked about. One weekend in the near future when no tournaments are scheduled, a few of us North MS boys are hoping to make a road trip to your neck of the woods. We are eager to play those courses and have you guys show us around.
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 22, 2003 10:21PM
Hello All

Fair you guys don't forget the Arkansas IronMan Tournament! 3 rounds of 37 holes in 2 days should be quite awesome! Aug 2 & 3

But you are welcome anytime like dicky says just call 501 450-7194

Happy Golfing!

Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 22, 2003 11:47PM

As another North MS boy who didn't make it to the tourny (wedding), let me know when y'all are planning to go up. I wouldn't mind coming along if y'all don't. I've heard lots of good things about the course(s) since the make-over. I'm itching to play them!
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 23, 2003 07:46AM
Awesome Kary, someone pulled up last night at Tombigbee in a vehicle exactly like yours. We all got excited and then this chick got out. Well anyway what I am saying is that you are welcome to all of our disc golf functions. You are a great sportsman and I dont know of any of us that dont enjoy playing golf with you. By the way whens the next time you are out at Lake Lowndes?
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 23, 2003 09:25AM

We'll probably make it out to Lake Lowndes next week one day. I *may* go out there on Sunday. I'll have to see how I feel, been sick all week =(

Jeff and I are going to try and make it next Thursday to Tombigbee for the mini. We'll see.
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 23, 2003 09:34AM
That would be awesome. We dont tee until 5:45. We will wait on you if you can make it,but we try and get done before it gets dark. We had 9 last night and we are going to make Fair throw lhfh shots next week. I got second and shot 10 down for the night and he beat me by 15 strokes. I think he shot a 12 and a 13 down. We stroke the pros by 3 each round, but that hardly seems enough LOL. I know he will read this. We aint sore at him though, he is just a little too good at Tombigbee. Maybe we make him throw the Pro tees and give him 3 strokes. I dont think that would make too much difference either though.
Re: Arkansas State Championship Results
May 23, 2003 11:13PM
I just want to say that these were two excellent courses. Some of the best in the South. Honestly, I think the South ends at Jackson, MS, but I will let you enjoy your delusions. Still, great courses, met some great people. I just hope that next year the tournament won't be on the same weekend as Bowling Green. You will probably get a much larger field of Pros if it isn't. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about Arkansas disc golf.
However, I will say this to anyone going there any time in the future:
Don't stay at the Motel 6 in North Little Rock, and for the love of God, DON'T eat at Mexico Chiquito. Unless you are in my division. In that case, DIG IN!
I would not eat mex out of my home terf. Sounds like a weak bellee, or game two. I would like to see the pay outs for all tournaments. Lets see the ASC.

For Sure, Never Never Never, Stay at the Roach Motel, I mean Motel 6 in LR.

It was crappy and the employees were idiots.

I think we would have been better off staying in that concrete bathroom that we hung out in for the funnel cloud show on friday night.

Aside from that we had a great time!

Larry and I loved the courses and Little Rock people are great.
See yall soon....
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