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Posted by jim 
September 22, 2002 02:56PM
it has come to a time to remind players of their behavior . everyone should read the rule book on this and give some thought of their hehavior. ask your self these few things .
#1 after the 18th hole did the other players really mean they enjoyed playing around of golf with you. #2 how much did you whine or complain . during that round. #3 how many times did you mention you should of been somewhere else ,#4 did you talk or get in anyones way during the round. how loud were you .#5 how many cuss words did you use that rounds. were the other players using cuss words(hint). #6 did you talk about things that took the fun out of the round of golf. this has happen alot ,you are trying to have fun and someone want let it go. know when to be quite. #7 when you knew someone was mad did you add fuel to the fire . #8 mind games , not everyone enjoys this . it will ruin a good fun game of golf very quick. #9 why did i come today(to have fun ). #10 who had the most fun was it should of been you might get the wally free award for good sportmanship, like phillip raymond ,joey vanduzee , jimmy moaks and lori metzers, if you every played with any of the above it was your lucky day ,jim
September 24, 2002 09:43PM
i nominate kevin lewis for the wally free award...
September 24, 2002 10:23PM
i second that
September 25, 2002 11:18AM
I'll give it a third for Kevin "private dancer man" Lewis.
but only if he promises not to accept the award in hillbillyonics
September 25, 2002 06:12PM
I am so glad that Jim has mentioned this. Just this past weekend tournament I had to constantly ask a player to not get in front of me while I was putting........
Its not nice to try to distract players. That is very rude.
The same offender also talked and talked and talked while I was on the box. I found it very agravating and I hope I never get grouped with the individual again...........Maybe it was because I am a woman or because I was competing against his kinfolk, he felt the urge to behave this way.
I don't know but it wasn't sportsmanlike.

Nancy Hobock
September 25, 2002 07:26PM
The latest version of the rules is online at the PDGA web site for folks who might not have a copy of the latest printing...


For instance, Nancy, you might have been in a situation where you could've called a player on a Courtesy Violation 801.01 B (and I've included 801.01 F because you'd have to warn the offending player first...

RULE: 801.01

B. Players should take care not to produce any distracting noises or any potential visual distractions for other players who are throwing. Examples of discourteous actions are: shouting, cursing, freestyling, slapping course equipment, throwing out of turn, throwing or kicking golf bags, and advancing on the fairway beyond the away player. Shouting at an appropriate time to
warn someone in danger of being struck by a disc is not a violation of courtesy.

F. A player violating a courtesy rule may be
warned by any affected player, even if from
another group, or by an official, with all players of the group advised of the warning. The player shall be assessed one penalty throw for each subsequent courtesy violation of any type in the same round. Repeated violations of courtesy rules may result in disqualification in accordance with section 804.05.
September 26, 2002 10:28AM
what we need is to mention this at every players meeting. so please bring it up if the td forgets. disc golf is such a fun game ,and many players are just out to have something to do , see their freinds ,or in a competting mood , i should of brought this up at all my players meeting. during the meeting the td is trying to hurry up to get the players out playing that we forget why we have players meeting . each player should remember you came to a tournament to compete against other players and you should show respect. i hope everyone understands you do not want to call every little thing or little slips , or when another group did not see you , only call it when a players is asking for it. some of my favorite groups that i played in was in the last group of a tournament , we are all losers but we had fun . if you whine for 18 holes do not ask for forgiveness at whole # 18 . i played with blake in baton rouge one time and a player cried about everything at the end of the round he said he was sorry and blake said is was to late ,and walked away , the next time i played with that guy he was much better . think about it ,jim
September 26, 2002 11:16AM
Jim i for one am 100% behind you. We have to get the the winers out the game. This is not good for beginers to see or experence.I feel once we solve this problem we can continue to grow and have fun the way the game was started. We all have bad days but some have bad days every day but why?Thanks Danny
September 26, 2002 10:42PM
i've never really noticed too much of that kinda stuff in the Am Master & Pro Master divisions.

old farts are more laid back?
September 27, 2002 07:38PM
No, they're doing it, you're just too old to see or hear them :)
September 27, 2002 09:13PM

How's that "Old Crow" ;-)
October 03, 2002 09:52PM
Hey now Crow!!! Watch it! (Remember you'll be "here" some day. Ha! :-) )
October 13, 2002 11:27PM
Jim is right, I feel that the reason we all started playing is because it is FUN! And you DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD TO HAVE FUN. It is also about RESPECT, not only for the other players in your group, but for all of them, and even more importantly, the other people who share these parks with us. Especially the kids!

This is such a great sport, we, as individuals are only a very small part of it. But, as individuals, we can make a BIG difference!

It all starts with ONE! YOU! Every course I go to, I pick up trash, cigarette butts, etc. that litter the course. If just ONE PERSON see me and picks up somehting too. . .look at the effect it will have! Also, back to courtesy, it takes Just ONE! Lead by example, sooner or later it WILL BE NOTICED!

AS a TD, a player, and just a regular guy, I support ZERO TOLERANCE for anything that sheds a bad light on a sport that gives me, and I am sure most of you, so much joy and happiness.

Keep the faith, there are a lot of GREAT people out there. . .and it seems to me that most of them are DISC GOLFERS!

DG Guy. . .
October 21, 2002 08:01PM
your right about all the nice players , unlike many sports we all get along so well , i remember a few years ago when mike brown and worm were traveling with me and mike p. we all at nothing incommon yet disc golf brought us together. do you know how that was traveling with 3 mikes. many trips i would look back and see who came along and would just laugh and wonder what other people though when we stop somewhere. i love going to each differnt courses and seeing old freinds and meeting new ones , the howler coming up this week and ill see alot of the old timers and meet the future disc golfers . iam already thinking about bud hill west monroe , and lafayette , cant wait , ace one for me ,jim
October 23, 2002 09:42AM
On more than one tournament I have been asked why I did not play in the Open division. Sure, I could have cashed but for me the money is secondary. I play for the exercise, fellowship, competition and enjoyment of the game. That's why I play with the Pro Grand Masters.

We old guys have all been around a while and realize its only a game. We joke, rib and talk, but at the approproate times. We respect each others concentration, but may unmercifully rag a missed dinker. When its our turn to throw we have a disc in our hand. We understand the the difference between a T-box and a soapbox. We maintain the pace of play and there is not a whiner in the bunch. The last tournament 5 PGM's steadily widened the gap between ourselves and the group of 3 immediately behind. In short, its a joy in the PGM division...all players deserve no less.

Whiners, cussers, and complainers cast a pall over all who have the misfortune to be in the group with them, or even near them. Life ain't perfect and its unrealistic to demand perfection.
October 23, 2002 10:08AM
really old farts rock!
October 23, 2002 11:34AM
This has nothing to do with player behavior but would you please contact me about setting a dec. date for a tourny at blue angel. I f you don't I will get pissed and come over to mobile and kick your oh yeah I forgot good behavior. So I guess I will come over and hug ya! Besides that I am the only disc golfer in the world that can piss off Wally Free
John Kittrell
October 23, 2002 12:14PM
That's not true I can piss Wally off too... wait a minute, HE can piss me off. I love Wally but I'd almost rather give my money to a stranger than lose it to Wally, and he's my paw-in-law.
John K.
October 23, 2002 02:47PM
Please add the following to my last message: "...except for Wally."

October 24, 2002 01:48AM
Thanks for the reminder Jim. A bad day disc golfing is still better than a good day at work! I try not to complain during rounds and If I get into a bad string of holes, I keep my frustration to myself so it doesn't rub off on the other players. It's been easier to blow it off now that I'm older and have put the game into perspective. Still, it hurts to go into a final round a stroke ahead and lose by one! I'll just blame it on too much fun at the Tish bunkhouses! And thanks DG GUy for waking me up early enough to cure my hangover! RWC
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