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Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)

Posted by Anonymous User 
mike good luck this weekend . i know how you must feel right now. when koa closed down after all the work i and other disc golfers did on it . i still have good thoughts about it and was glad it was there for the time we had it. the camping was great at rivendell , the players playing the course, most of all being with good freinds. my favorite hole was the mound hole and the hole that ended on a small mound. i thought they were great disc golf holes.let not forget monkey nation band, was that drummer good. i think that was there name. all the good food(free too). it also had the cleanest pot-a-let , at night that was a scary walk.(MOST OF THE TIME I WENT BEFORE I GOT TO IT#1 OF COURSE). I WILL BE THINKING OF YOU, LIKE I SAID IF WE WERE NOT OUT DOING WHAT WE LOVE TO DO , THAN WE WOULD OF BEEN DOING NOTHING AND THAT IS NOT IN EITHER OF US. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME AND MY FREINDS THOSE GREAT MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST FOREVER.MAYBE WE CAN GET SOME PICTURE PUT ON THE NET FROM SOME OF THE TOURNAMENTS. NOW GO ACE ONE FOR ME , AND MIKE THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, GOD BLESS YOU. YOUR FREIND ALWAYS JIM
It's OK Mike, I know exactly where Goby's coming from. As a matter of fact, I think it was me who mentioned being a "bridesmaid" four times straight (that's four second place finishes in a row, once to Goby himself) while we were in Memphis. I remembered that as soon as I read it.

Huntsville could be the toughest Adv. Master field I've played. Some good players coming from Nashville and Atlanta and elsewhere. They have a dozen now I hear, 90 total on Thursday. The competition will be tough and I would love to be the bride this weekend. A five-time bridesmaid would be alright too. Again, good luck at your event this weekend.

I see this event as another chance for me to test myself against some new players, like I did with you and most everyone in our division in B'Ham. I'll be looking for those results! RwC
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 23, 2003 07:51AM
Goby - Glad to hear the putting is coming around .... a disc golfer can learn a lot from watching the putting techinque and form of either Adams ...
thanks for the kind words jim. although i will miss the farm as much as anyone, it's not as heartbreaking as it could be, thank goodness the new park director at Lafreniere let us move 9 baskets over if i had to go back to playing the original Lafreniere course every day, i would probably blow a gasket like someone had just dissed the pdga again...:) jim, we all owe you a lot of gratitude, i don't know how you can put up with the likes of people like me sometimes, but i'm glad you do.

i will miss the peace & quiet of rivendell, the hawks, bald eagles, rabbits, owls, snakes, and flowers, and of course, the tight and shady fairways that helped me learn how to throw straight. i won't miss the mosquitos, the nasty rough, and all the course's really nice to go to Lafreniere Park and not have to spray down with deet, not have to beg someone to cut the grass, or dig drainage ditches.

there are too many people to thank for helping me out at rivendell over the last 4 years, but you know who you are! thank you all.

hey new orleans disc golfers! we have 9 primo baskets just waiting to be donated to a park. i will be trying to get in to City Park, and the Lakefront, when my touring schedule slows down a bit, but if anyone has a lead on anywhere else, let me know.
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 23, 2003 10:22AM
city park! dzamn THAT would be VERY extra primo cool!

mikey, keep being you dude!!! :^)

i think rivendell was one of the best courses around (just my opinion) and have always respected the work and sweat (and blood donated to the mosquito community) that Mr NT Tour put into rivendell.

big chief madness... u be da man!

goby & i saw a bald eagle out there at a recent dg tourny. i will never forget that. very cool.

i still have dark stains on discs from the blackjack at rivendell :^p
attention disc golfers...

jack rockwell, the nice guy who let us put a course on the land he leased from the Tank Farm, is also having to move off the land. he is having a garage sale the same day as the tournament, so drop by the front of the property and see if anything he has for sale would look good at your home.

also, if you would like to help jack tear down his barns or fences he would sure appreciate it. hopefully a few of us disc golfers will show our appreciation for the no-fee, FREE, private course that jack enabled us to have and lend him a hand when he needs it! jack will be moving from now until july so if you can spare a few hours between now and then please help!

Is the offer still on the table for me to stay with you, or am I too late? Also I noticed you said you have an extra bed and a couch. So would you mind if a friend came with me? Let me know soon, for I will be coming that way about 6 or 7 o'clock. Thanks Mike, I sure appreciate it, that sounds much better than the hard ground. My back had all it could take of that up in Wall Doxey last weekend. Anways..... back to work......
who's the friend and does she have a single friend for the host? heh heh heh. if it's that Jonas boy with the cute hairdo, i don't know if i'll be able to sleep knowing he's in the next room! he's such a stud!

seriously, bring all your funky friends, call my house maybe i can meet you at the farm, or whatever. 504-456-1815, leave a message if i ain't there. i'll definitely be home by 8:30.
Sounds good Mike! I'll give you a call later, and if you live near the Farm then I guess I'll meet you out there. Or wherever you can give me directions to. Oh yeah, I am not totally sure how to get to the farm so would you please post some directions coming from I-59. I would sure hate to get lost in New Orleans! Thanks again Mike, you da man! C-ya tonight.
Wow was that fun! And for all you wusses out there that thought about coming and changed your mind, you missed some awful good times.

Where else can you play a 600 foot hard hyzer shot, over water and onto an island, man that's fun.

For all that interested I think there were about 15 of us out there and it was good company and good times.

Well, that was one of the more interesting tournaments that I've played in. Thanks for making them all par 4's. That helped my spirits a little. I lost my Battlefield Open Aviar on the Gilligan's island hole, though. I went in to find it, found five discs, and none of them were mine. I found Mikeys beast, though, which was greatly appreciated. You were right, Mike. It is pretty good.
Mike- I think I know a plce for the new 9 holes. I 've played ultimate with the NO guys at the intersection of Marconi and ( I think) Canal on the edge of city park and thought how a course would fit in there- open fields surrounded by big oaks- a slough of water bordered also an area on the side of a levey for up and down shots - I would be willing to come show you if you can't spot it. Call me and I'll try and give better directions. BUD
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 24, 2003 09:53PM
I think I know the are Bud is talking about. If I'm not mistaken it's Levee Board property (if not City Park). I had an object course there once many years ago and it is a nice area.
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 24, 2003 10:02PM
Hey Jeff,

You are sooo right! thanks for coming and letting us see your amazing forehand game. I couldn't have even dreamed of the shots you made. You got the power stroke!

Peace , Chernobyl.
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 25, 2003 01:50AM
The area that Buddy is referring to is the area bordering the canal which is right by that kickass snowball stand.
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 25, 2003 08:45AM
I too used to play object golf in that area of City Park. There are some killer shots around the old fountain and back behind Scout Island adjacent to the West golf course. We just realized a dream come true at LaFreniere, maybe we should carry our enthusiasm over and make a bid to the powers at be. I think it has been since Wolfman that anyone has proposed disc golf at City Park. If anybody has been talking to the Park recently please post.

Jim O if you have a ready made proposal that we could use showing revenue and other DG benefits give me or Mikey a call. I seem to remember you saying you had one.

Thanx Chernobyl
Joe Sherrod has an excellent packet with letters from park and city officials telling of benefits of installing disc golf courses- I used some to get Springhill put in and they were a great asset!!!! JOE=251 343-0490-- he would be glad to help!! NO golf is on a roll!@ keep it up-BUD
Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 25, 2003 05:17PM
Bud, thanks for the info. I'll call Joe ASAP and ask if we can use his proposal. It has been great watching DG go through another growth spurt (kinda like watching your children grow). If we all continue to put aside our petty differences and act on common goals, we will have top pros touring throughout the southeast (hopefully many home grown). You, are making our sport better and I would like to say thanks.

Lots of water under the bridge,

Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 25, 2003 07:32PM

Check your email. I sent you some information this morning.

Re: Tank Farm Takeover at Rivendell Farm Tournament (Saturday,May 24)
May 25, 2003 10:14PM
Hey Shane,

Thanks for the help. I downloaded your proposal (no small task for a technophobe like me ) and it looks great. I'll get with Mike and start the ball rolling. I am optimistic that we can get something done at City Park.

Also I got a phone call from Shawn last week concerning the course near Gulfport. He is going to contact me as soon as he gets setelled in, and I will let you know what the plan is.

How is the logging going at PRCC by thr way?

Peace bro

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