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Home Course Advantage

Posted by Robco 
Home Course Advantage
May 23, 2003 10:32PM
Do you think the Baton Rouge players will have more or less home course advantage than the Memphis players did in the SN finals? Robbie Shaw #3242
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 23, 2003 11:45PM
I think that they will have less of an advantage as compared to when the finals were played in Memphis, but still an advantage. I have played Highland park and it is an incredible course. The reason I say that they will have less of an advantage is due to the distance of highland. I think that the shorter and more technical a course is, the more muscle memory you can develop, and in turn the more advantage a home course player will have. If the holes are longer and more open, as in the case of highland, more distance is required to reach the holes. When you are forced to open up and throw really hard, you can't rely on muscle memory as much and you must trust your instincts and form. For this reason, I believe that a really good player will have a better chance at playing equal with the Baton Rouge locals. This is not to say that Bud hill and Shelby forrest are by any means short courses, but they are much shorter and more technical than Highland. A course like Shelby forrest has so many holes that require a near perfect shot for a deuce. A local who plays there week in and week out can step up without even thinking and know the route. Out of towners may see the route, but are not nearly as comfortable with the spin, distance, disc selection etc. needed to park the hole. On the other hand, Highland's many fairly open 400, 500, and 600+ foot holes require a little less room for error on the first shot. Because most of these holes aren't guaranteed deuces for anyone, someone who can rip with accuracy doesn't necessarily need to have a lot of experience on the course to play well.
Just my opinion though!
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 01:08AM
uh uh can you be a little more specifick
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 07:34AM
I played Highland Road Park for the first time Thursday. Overall I like the course but it is too long for MY game cause I am not a long thrower (YET). Hole 15 is one of the best holes I have ever played, it's a beauty! Love the rocks and the hole placement is perfect. Is that the 'Signature Hole'? Played Greenwood Friday and to me Greenwood fits more into my game. Hole 11 kills me every time though. But Acadiana Park is my home course and if I played a tournament at all 3 courses I would play better at Acadiana Park cause I played that course 1000's of times.

Fair where are you from? Do you ever play at acadiana Park? I would like to meet you and play a few rounds together. Mabye I can get some tips on distance from you so my game can fit courses like Highland better.

Oh and if anyone who plays Highland a lot ever throws a disc in the trees on hole 14 let me know if yall find my disc I lost in there. It went in the trees and I searched high and low and never did find it. It's a off white XL with my name and number on the back. Thanks!

Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 05:33PM
Distance tips from Fair! Stop, you are killing me!
We don't let Fair come any farther South than Hattiesburg, anyway, and that's a stretch, so unless you get on your horse and go to North Mississippi sometime you are probably out of luck!
Just kidding Fair. Don't go steroidal on me. AAAAAGGGHH...
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 07:37PM
LOL....I imagine there are more than a few people from the "Deep South" that cant throw 400' so I think that any reference to North MS guys having short arms is eroneous. I spoke to Fair and we are working on a course in New Albany that will allow for longer throws, but I mean who's got the room for 1000' holes. LOL. I really enjoyed UAH today. That course could allow a person to reach out there and pull one.
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 07:53PM
greenwood and highland, i think there will be less advantage. (compared to locals to bud hill shelby when they have home course)

the "shorter arm" more technical bud hill type guys will likely do very well at greenwood, because it is a pretty easy course compared to shelby "sherwood" forest or bud hill. (i ain't that good and i've shot a -11 down at greenwood... never did that at bud hill or shelby i can tell ya. :^P)

anyway, highland, being big sky country-- there is alot of room for error. you can shank and still have a relatively clean upshot. (not all holes, of course)

if a technical golfer does well at greenwood and holds his own at highland (par golf) they should be able to hang just fine.

it seems that the locals to shelby and the hill would have more home course advantage than the br folks at greenwood and highland...

but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal...

big arms will do well at highland. technical arms will do well at greenwood. the trick is to have both games in your bag :^p

Re: Home Course Advantage
May 24, 2003 10:25PM
Yo Robco - Ya ain't scared of us down here are you? I mean you kicked MY butt in Ark, so come on down and let's find out if there is a home course advantage or not!

I can throw an over par game at Highland every now and then, and I've been playing it for @ 12 years now. It kills me! Plus there ain't too many "Pro-pro's" down here - so you had better not hide in that old man's division again.

Will T
I live in a dream world. I like to think that a pro is a pro because he knows how to play disc golf. He understands flight and the discs in his bag. He also plays tournaments on a mix of courses that throws every situation one can encounter. A good pro player will play good on any course. That's why you see those names in the top ten/fifteen national ranking. When one of these big dogs show up at a tournament, you know the fur is going to fly. When Ken Climo shows up at a course I don't think anyone wonders if he is going to have a good game. I would love to play his bad games consistantly.

There may be some course advantage one way or the other but when you reach a certain level of professional play it starts to become a pretty even playing field.

Bill Trousdale
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 25, 2003 12:28PM
alot of those "big dogs" will practice the courses before a big event.

i needed to practice that red course about 5 times before the Ark champs. i think one practice round on the blue course would have helped.

the second day, i improved my prior score by 9 strokes.

the most tecnical/crush round i have ever played was the safari tourney at rivendell, talk about chewed-up and spit-out! sorry but i wont miss that course as most people will, im not into selfmutalation!
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 25, 2003 05:12PM
Will T., since I haven't played in Baton Rouge I was just trying to get a variety of opinons about the courses. I definitely will be playing in the Master Bagger div. in the finals. Sounds like I will need to take VL's advice and do well at Greenwood, then try and hold my own at Highland. Or, maybe I'll just increase my "run up" distance and wear purple socks to get those extra ZZZZ's at Highland.
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 25, 2003 10:38PM
I'll be looking forward to seeing you then Bro'. And the run up would tire you out old man! I'll locate a ping-pong table for when you get here.

Will T
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 26, 2003 06:15AM
i think br will be the best spot yet. you will see players from all over the south win division. some players like open pro champ matto fresh off his first s.n. and b teir win in huntsville will be a dark horse. sorry had to get that in.i almost cried but a customer walk up. a -7 -11 -11-2=-31 won by one over tic tac . and won the ace pot to. and won closest to the hole a nice gibson t shirt which he gave to lavon wolf who bought 50 yickets to my 5 to win a gibson guitier, in which lavon said to me right before the drawing that bill wagmon will win like he always done with a one ticket purchase. yes bill won the $375 guitier.great tournament and please forgive my bragging on little matto. now go ace one for me ,jim
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 26, 2003 06:43AM

Brag away! Matthew is AMAZING!! Your "tears" weren't alone! We've watched Matthew grow up through the years and he is simply incredible! We're all so very proud of him!!

Bill T,

Re: Home Course Advantage
May 26, 2003 08:12AM
One more point...

After talking with Huntsville players that did not play as well as expected this weekend (myself included), I believe that we expect more from ourselves on our home courses. When we miss the line that we seem to ALWAYS hit during casual play, it gets frustrating. That's when you need to put that shot behind you and proceed with the next. Hitting trees right off the tee can still be saved! It's a little difficult to get in "the zone" when you're on your home course...(to me, anyway). For those who don't play your courses everyday,they won't be saying to themselves, "I hope I don't hit that tree I always hit...I always throw too high/low on this hole...etc." I agree with Bill who said that once you get on the professional level the playing field is pretty even. When you step up on that tee, you see the line you're going to take and you know what your discs will do...It's all ability after that!

Looking forward to your courses, Robin!
the home course advantage in baton rouge is HUGE! i wouldn't even show up if i was from out of state. be afraid! be very afraid!
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 27, 2003 09:42AM
Bill said it right...a Pro should be a Pro EVERYWHERE!!! Accuracy should be just as important as power. And speakin' of Memphis advantages....I'm from here and I've never played as well here as I do when I'm outta town!!! That's why they call it disc changes EVERY day!!

Kudos to Matt O.- to hear about his mastery of Huntsville was amazing(and a 6 stroke lead goin' into the last round with tourin' Pros in the mix!!!) GO MATT O> Griff
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 27, 2003 09:52AM
I have found that I shoot better on shorter courses away from home than at my home course in Florence.

I do not know why (maybe because I only go out to my home course only during tournaments and do not play casual) I do better on other courses...but I like shorter the ones in Mississippi....

For some people home course advantage may help but for this Amateur player it makes no difference....

Re: Home Course Advantage
May 27, 2003 10:40AM
jimo-- concerning matt0...

it ain't braggin' when it is fact. you should be proud.

you got a great kid on your hands. good job (as willybt would say) yo dad.
Re: Home Course Advantage
May 27, 2003 11:45AM
Wow! go ahead Matt O! He is now not allowed to stay at my house durring the SNDGC. I'll force him to sleep outside with the bugs and maybe the hard ground will mess his game up, but I doubt it. Seriously though, Congrats Matt, I've been afraid of your game for quite a while now!

And how can I have a home field advantage when I can even keep every round under par?

Willy BT
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