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sheeeyt'may'n (in a boomhower voice)

Posted by vl 
sheeeyt'may'n (in a boomhower voice)
May 24, 2003 12:04PM
tejas... what a place. they have their own language. quite the lexicon.

i met my first boomhower. i could barely understand a word the dude said.

so i am posting a guide to texican jargon for those who may come this way...

for instance in pronunciation, you'll need to know...

apply diphthongs to vowels: example: vowel becomes "vaowl"

shorten words: help becomes "hep"

other words you must lengthen: great becomes gr-a-a-aayt

you must drop the "g" from words containing "ing": hankering becomes "hankerin'"

utilize the short "A" sound when the long "i" might seem in order: might becomes "maght"

move "oo" sounds toward the front of words: "you" would be pronounce "hyue"

keep in mind the "R" sound is actually pronounced here and not swallowed like in other areas of the south.


common words - expressions:
genuine: gin-yew-wine
sure: shore
thing: thang
whip: whup
hyfalutin: not quite sure.

a fur piece: driving anywhere in tejas
agitated as a june bug
a good time was had by all
ah surely do: texican for yes
bet your boots: a sure thing.
booger: an affectionate term for a buddy (hmmm)
buffalo chip, cow pattie: do not step here
darn tootin: see above; ah surely do
give a holler: call me
gussy up: all dressed up
hankerin: strong desire
hotter'n a two dollar pistol: summers here
that'll make your spurs jingle: hmmmm. not sure
kin ahh hep you: texans are the nicest folks
muled up: pisssed off
no flies on her: look at the attractive woman
over yonder: not where you presently are
rayght neighborly: you hear that alot here
rustle up: gather, collect
rid hard and put up wet: my dg bag
sumbeetch: son of a beatch
tail chasing: long she ain't got no flies on her
tallywacker: i ain't going there
tump: to spill something over. (turn & dump?)
ugly: rude; has nothing to do with appearance. example: "that yankee was ugly to me"
weather: any conditions: looks lak we gonna have us some weather.
well i swar: well look at that
y'all come back now, hear: friendly folks


for instance, a conversation might include a sentence such as...

sheeet, i been more agitated than a june bug'n i ben hankerin' to get all gussied up'n get out.

gimme a holler'n wheeeyl git ourselves downta gilleys n cut a rug. thars a gal thar that tain't got no flies on'r'n darn toot'n i'mmo git me some'o that.

(disclaimer: this is all in good fun. no "dis" intended whatsoever)


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