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think b-4 you type

Posted by SkySouthWest 
think b-4 you type
May 24, 2003 11:52PM
I have to do this constantly! I write something and then end up erasing it. No need to attack people on line. No fun
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 11:48AM
SSW, you're so cute when you get all sensitive. i love you, man!

take any post with a grain of salt. it's the nature of the internet that words typed on-line are not always interpreted as the typist intended. actions still speak louder than words, words will never hurt me etc.

also remember, when someone is trashing you they are leaving everyone else alone for a while! and if they didn't care, they wouldn't bother to speak up.

the world is as one perceives it in one's own mind. heck, i'm just a stumbling mumbling bozo who can't win a singles tournament outside louisiana, but in my head i'm the greatest thing since the pole hole! have confidence in yourself and you won't care about your critics.

a message from your favorite disc golf soap opera star
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 12:06PM
This seems like a good spot to trash Will Timmons- now is our chance guys!!!!! HA HA--- Sorry if the verbal jousting made you uncomfortable but people should say what they feel and its better in the open than behind backs!!!!!!! Hiding behind an alias while trying to tear down someone or something is wrong and brought the correct reaction from several people who I think set the record straight. Forums are for interaction which is not always pretty or pleasant but this is the USA and thats how the process works-- I'll avoid any sparring in the future its hard to not respond when yuou feel it is unjust - I have done many things for our local disc golf sceene and am tired of having people tell you how you should have done it when they do nothing themselves!!!!!!! BUD
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 12:32PM
that's too intelligent for buddy to have typed! oops, i forgot to think again. hit that backspace!!! too late captian, the dilithium crystals don't have enough power for that huge head of mikey's!!! no, don't move that mouse over the "post" ! no, don't left click
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 03:44PM
Hey mikey you must really stay up late thinking up some of those really deep thougts. keep em coming i'm writing this down.hey will mikey's right on you are what you think you are and not what someone else thinks.hell you know what they say about opions.
derrick bilbo
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 07:55PM
Will I love you man.
Re: think b-4 you type
May 25, 2003 10:18PM
My goodness, this is why I started this - to hear the ultimate wisdon of Mikey-Mike!! Do you think a guy that wears purple socks during tournaments thinks about what other people say? Bring it on, I can take it - but if I never come back it's because Mikey-mike is our only touring pro from La that can cash in a National tour event!!!

Oh the horror!!

I'm going to go cry now-

Re: think b-4 you type
May 26, 2003 08:58AM
you could have just e-mailed me then. don't worry, blessed lettuce the salad tosser is going to cash on the NT at Augusta's Hall of Fame Classic this weekend! represent !
Underpants, it's Frisbee tosser! Blessed Lettuce the frisbee tosser! and your darn right we'll represent. As far as think b 4 you type sure thats cool too. later guys

Re: think b-4 you type
May 27, 2003 09:16PM
whatever man. pass the syrup!
Re: think b-4 you type
May 28, 2003 11:39PM
C'mon Mikey,
You know you got that thick skin from coming to Idaho street and listening to our abuse for so long, plus losing money on video games. I liked your fortune cookie philosophy though. I hope cashing at a Nat'l wasn't a flash in the pan and you do well this weekend. Perceive the birdie and the birdie will happen.
Re: think b-4 you type
May 28, 2003 11:52PM
As for you Will, isn't cybersmack preferable to certain opinionated TD's and vocal veteran players coming to odds during tournaments? If you read the Hobbit park criticism thread from start to finish, you forget what the argument was about. I think discussion defuses situations that might otherwise come to a head in less constructive ways. All parties concerned, plus nosy bystanders, get to throw their two cents in the pile. Somewhere in the midst of the stilted prose shuffle lies a compromise. Hopefully the debate stays in the chatroom and the golf stays pleasant. By the way, I shot 2 under at the Springhill Plastic Hobbithole yesterday. I will catch up to you guys again by the time we're 71!
Good luck this weekend if I'm sleeping. I wish they had Am divisions.
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