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Rocket City Blast Results!

Posted by Matt Ambrose 
Hi Folks,

Here are the results:

First Last Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Total Payout
Pro Open:
Matthew Orum 47 43 43 52 185 $705.00
Tim Owston 46 46 47 47 186 $415.00
Sonny Ashby 51 47 44 46 188 $270.00
Wayne-O Brown 55 44 43 48 190 $195.00
Mark Taylor 49 48 47 48 192 $155.00
Harold Wegert 53 47 47 49 196 $110.00
Peter Wyngaard 47 50 48 51 196 $110.00
Chad Smith 54 46 45 52 197
H. Hakanson 52 46 47 52 197
Todd Rowell 52 48 50 48 198
R. Fortenberrry 50 53 46 49 198
Joe Thacker 54 48 47 49 198
BufordWilliams 50 49 48 54 201
Bob Satter 52 47 50 57 206
Jake McGuire 55 50 48 55 208
Rodney Goad 54 55 48 52 209
Tim Williams 54 52 50 54 210
James Long 61 51 54 60 226
Paul Gray 59 50 60 64 233

Pro Master
Tom Monroe 47 46 49 47 189 $350.00
Dean Tannock 50 48 45 49 192 $200.00
Lavone Wolfe 50 49 44 51 194 $125.00
Tim Keith 53 50 52 49 204 $90.00
HB Clark 50 51 53 52 206 $70.00
Steven Simpson 52 48 50 57 207
Mike Thompson 53 51 48 58 210
Chris Lasonde 55 53 53 52 213
Bob Webster 56 59 55 60 230
Ron Klein 54 44 57 999 DNF

Pro Ladies
Maggie Cody 61 58 54 59 232 $155.00
Addie Isbell 63 56 56 59 234 $85.00
Christa Webster 72 69 64 73 278

Advanced AM
David Harless 46 50 58 43 197 $100.00
Michael Robbins 49 54 53 44 200 $65.00
Jake Nye 50 51 57 47 205 $55.00
P. Wimberely 50 54 56 47 207 $45.00
Ben Sublett 51 51 59 50 211 $40.00
D. Moore 50 57 53 53 213 $30.00
Robert Crow 52 58 55 49 214 $25.00
Dan Kleis 51 60 57 50 218 $25.00
Steven Harless 53 61 54 50 218 $25.00
David Coady 57 54 57 51 219 $15.00
Gerard Thorpe 51 57 58 53 219 $15.00
Jeff Jordan 53 57 56 54 220
M. Christie 54 54 60 53 221
Arnette Jones 53 55 63 51 222
Brent Miller 55 57 57 53 222
Chris Metheny 53 56 59 54 222
Bryan Griffin 55 56 57 56 224
Michael Jamison 50 60 57 57 224
Bill Jones 60 60 55 55 230
Steven Buckner 52 61 64 57 234
Matt Contreras 62 58 59 57 236
Tom Niemann 58 61 999 999 DNF

Advanced Masters
Danny Lane 53 56 52 48 209 $75.00
Scott Lewis 50 55 55 51 211 $55.00
Steve Nash 51 57 53 51 212 $40.00
Dan Holder 50 58 56 54 218 $30.00
Russ Corey 51 56 59 54 220 $25.00
Howard Williams 56 58 62 47 223 $20.00
John Stewart 52 61 61 49 223 $20.00
Bill Bee 51 61 59 54 225
Mike Pearman 54 56 59 56 225
Steve Sloan 57 59 53 56 225
Dennis Packard 57 61 58 54 230
Jeff Jansky 52 58 65 58 233
Earl Johnson 61 66 64 57 248

Intermediate AM
Justin Romito 58 55 62 49 224 $25.00
Print Kinkade 56 59 60 54 229 $20.00
Shane Knox 57 64 60 49 230 $20.00
Dana Lanahan 59 61 63 56 239 $15.00
Sandy Robinson 65 62 61 58 246 $15.00
Kevin Harper 59 61 71 58 249 $10.00
Randy Crawford 59 62 70 58 249 $10.00
Josh Lenox 66 62 63 58 249 $10.00
Harold Wegert 62 67 62 59 250
George Goff 68 61 62 60 251
Phillip Hovis 64 64 68 59 255
Dana Roeber 61 69 69 57 256
Kevin Wesley 67 66 72 62 267
John Baccus 50 61 999 999 DNF
Paul Watts 999 999 999 999 DNF

Intermediate AM Ladies
Marla Lennox 74 73 71 65 283 $30.00
Beth Corey 73 83 76 70 302 $20.00
Betsy Miller 83 87 90 76 336

Will Corey 79 80 159
Brenton Jones 81 84 165

Dale Brown 71 75 146

Pro sequence was: UAH, Mastin Lake, Brahan Spring, Redstone.
AM sequence was: Mastin Lake, UAH, Redstone, Brahan Spring.

Thanks to all the sponsors and the great folks in the Rocket City Chain Gang who helped pull this off. It never would have happened without a ton of help. Bill Wagnon and June Duffey deserve special thanks for keeping me straight before and during the tournament. The players had great attitudes and I will be back as the TD next year if the Army doesn't move me.

Matt Ambrose
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 06:21PM
I am new and slow. So bear with me. I have questions on the payouts. How do you come up with $25 for the AM men? Was that a typo?

How does a division of 3 winner get $155 (pro women) and a division of 22 winner get $100 (adv. am.). The entry fees dont seem to add up to this.

I have never had this explained to me. I am aware of the cash v prizes, am v pro stuff. But the #s just dont seem to jive.

keep these things in mind. $2 to s.n. $2 pdga i think everyone in ams got a tshirt and a disc. you must take all that out and what left is divided out. the pros play for cash and most the money added will go to the pros. also there were other give aways thru out the weekend. please keep these things in mind.i would rather players ask about these things , because i have made mistakes before, iam just quessing about this weekend because i was not involve. i can tell you this matt is a stand up guy and all the chain gang also.each td handles things differnt. but when you get a tshirt and disc that takes alot of your prize money, but all ams go home a is also alot of work to keep up and hand it out. now go ace one for me ,jim
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 08:06PM
matt orum ROCKS! congadulations little "O"
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 08:37PM
Matt does rock. Thank you Jim for your response. I did not say or would i say anyone involved was not "stand up". Just want to know how the numbers are added amd distibuted.

Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 08:46PM
As advertised the tournament had $1500 added cash to the Pro purse.

Jim is essentially right. Every AM including recreational and junior players got a player's pack worth $15. $4 for every player went to the PDGA/SN. In intermediate AM I collected $20 per player so that left $1 per player for prizes in that division. Fortunately I had a lot of sponsors step up and I was able to get my player's pack merchandise wholesale. I was able to give out prizes despite what looks like a bad financial equation. I tried, and believe I succeeded in giving every division back at least the value of their entry fees in player's packs and prizes. The intermediate players got $225 in player's packs and $125 in prizes for $285 gross in entry fees received. I could have eliminated the player's packs but I wanted the AMs to go home with something to remember the tournament by. I didn't give the pros much other than a program because I thought they would rather have the cash.

The financial aspects of runnning a PDGA and SNDG tournament were eye opening. This was my first real tournament as a TD so I can understand why it looks a little strange at first glance. Pros pay more in entry fees and they play for cash. Most of the added cash goes to those divisions.

My personal opinion is that AMs should be charged next to nothing and compete for trophies but that is not how it works in disc golf. An amateur expecting a good payout is kind of an oxymoron. You are supposed to play for the love of the game and competition. As an example I used to wrestle competitively. What I have to show for 2 state championships is 2 small medals and 2 cardboard brackets showing who I beat to win. I didn't expect a pair of shoes and a gym bag for my accomplishment. Don't get me started on "professional" wrestling.

I will now step down off of my soap box. A tournament that didn't have decent AM prizes probably wouldn't attract many AMs in this sport. Chances are we will go on giving out prizes. It adds to the fun and more fun is good.

I'll be happy to answer any specific questions that you have.

Bang those chains!

Matt Ambrose
A quick correction,

That should have been $20 x 15 = $300 in entry fees from intermediate am.


If my math is right we actually added $1565 to the pro purse and covered SNDG and PDGA fees on top of that.

Thanks agian fro that completely cool disc. I wan to find a window to hang it in!

Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 09:46PM
good job matt. sounds like a first rate event!

i think jimo is right, they all go home winners...

players packs for AMs rocks! imho. when i was in the AM ranks, i was always quite pleased when events had players packages... it made it seem really fair and everybody got something. PROS don't need players packs IMHO.

also, darn am i glad matt o is nowhere near master age, i tellya :^p

good shooting little0, that looks like one mighty tough open field...
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 09:46PM
Thank you. I appreciate the work you and others do for the sport. I am in the learning mode. Having volunteered for my sons sports. I know it is hard to keep the uninformed happy.

Keep the #s the way they are. For I will be playing for the sponsor money soon.
Until then, a shirt and disc will be just fine.


I played intermediate am this weekend and just wanted to add that Matt paid out to the three players that finished tied for sixth even though originally he was only going to pay 7 places. Add to that the players packs, the CTP's, the ring of fire, and the chance to play redstone and you can see that the am's really got their money's worth.

I also wanted thank Matt, all the sponsers, and the Chain Gang for putting on a great tournament.
A great job indeed by Matt, Bill Wagnon and all the Chain Gang in front of and behind the scenes. It's always good to have a Lavone Wolfe in town to help out.
No incidents, accidents, shootings or stabbings. All rounds started on time and the last round was over by 3:00.! Awards finished a little after 4:00.
I agree with Matt, Am's should play for low entry and trophies. Why else would you play in a tourney, if not to have fun and test yourself? If you are playing to see how much you can win, you are playing for the wrong reasons. And you are in the wrong sport.!
Matt and Jim forgot to mention the allowed PDGA "commission" for TD's. Basically it is %15 of what ever you can bring in. If you get 100 discs for free, the TD is allowed to keep 15 for his fund raising. The same with cash.
This is an incentive that the PDGA helps will get and keep TD's. It works for some TD's around the country, Matt declined on this and ate his own expenses.
Let's hope there is enough incentive in a job well done, to keep him involved and run more events.
If you missed it this year, try to make it next year. It will be bigger. Maybe we will have to rotate on 3 courses instead of two.!
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 26, 2003 11:15PM
Crap, I would have paid $10 to play Redstone when it was under lock down.

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings in the game. Pros get all their cash back and then some usually. Ams at my events often (not always) get more than they put in as well as I will try and get some stuff donated. They will always at least get what they paid for. In fact, I gave out a players pack that was worth more (retail $15, entry was $10) than the Recreational entry fee in Dec. The guy that won was ticked that he only got two discs for winning.

It took me a while to figure out how to make the money work at an event. I went in the hole at a couple before I got it. I had attempted as best I could to pass that on to Matt earlier this year. I hope my words were comprehendable and helped make this weekend good. Sorry I could not be there.
well iam glad we are not like other sports. disc golf has things other sports dont have , and that is cash and prizes. it is not because i sell now. but when i first started playing i won prizes. i think ams and pros deserve to win something and be treated fairly. i like the players packages when done like huntsville did.some tournaments charge so much to play and give you alot of extra that you are really buying.i think we should not give first place so much that they do not want to move up.give all places something to remember, you make a lot of players happy . but when i was a am i did like winning special items the most, such as stamped disc, trophy like huntsville had(matto was suprise to see how great they looked), special items that were only won and could not be bought.players spend alot of money traveling to this sport and a nice awards is great. and most td do not take the %15 anymore. i do not know of any td taking anything anymore. i wishes they would because any mistake is paid by them.when i run a tournament what i sell is plenty without taking please ask when you wonder how things work and you will be surprise what you find out . DISC GOLFERS ARE THE BEST, now go ace one for me, jim
ps jg you did right by asking and i thank you for that.
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 27, 2003 07:17AM
Honest, I was dissapointed with the prizes, but that has nothing to do with one of the best weekends of golf I have had in a long time. Everyone had the best attitudes and the courses were top notch. I completely understand the situation with the prizes and it was just a small thing. I would recommend anyone that can to get over there and play the courses. I live about 2.5 hours away and I would drive over there to play them again any day of the week. Thanks to all the locals and everyone that had a part in it. I will be expecting some of you to make it over here for some of the North MS tournaments.

Thanks again for a great tournament. You guys done very well for first TD's. I am sure that it was tough to not get to play.
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 27, 2003 07:26AM
Jims got the idea. I really enjoy the trophys, the special ones the most. My first was a wooden plaque that I got at the April Fools Fling last year. Bill McCarty has some cool plaques. I was a novice and it is the coolest. It is wood with a flyer type image lacquered over front. I am sure that if I hadn't choked I would like another Am trophy, but thats the way it goes. lol
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 27, 2003 08:48AM
The prizes were fine. I think that Will and Jim spoil us a little here in the deep south. Of course, any time I come away with another Z-Wildcat I am happy. I guess that my main incentive at tournaments has been to improve my game to where I can play for cash, and nothing else really matters all that much. I think that is the thinking in a lot of PDGA tournaments as well. The Ams incentive should be to get to the next level, not to win more plastic. Now it's time for me to move up and take my lumps. Matt, I will definitely be there next year! See you guys at the SNC's.
Anonymous User
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 27, 2003 03:01PM
Congradulations Matt O! i think you passed me on the career PDGA earnings list with your win.
bob satter
Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 27, 2003 04:06PM
Not Much to add except my thanks to the whole Chain Gang for a good job!! Matt thanks for giving your time and enjoyed it!! Good to see everyone as always.Matt O great to play with you and who knows maybe next year my shoulder will be 100% again and I wont fade away so fast fromtied from 3rd to a non cashing spot sucks. Still had an awesome time. Peace Bob

I think I owe you a Coke. B'ham was well represented at the Blast. Next year lets make it a six pack. Thanks for coming to the Blast and the sponsorship!

Re: Rocket City Blast Results!
May 29, 2003 08:59AM
Hey Matt, can you sign me up for your club email. I would be interested in keeping up with what you guys are doing over there. My email is You have weekly tourneys over there?

We currently do $3 Pro-AM random draw doubles on Thursday evening at 5:15 and Sunday afternoon at 1:30. We also do quarter skins at 8:00 on Saturday mornings. All of theses events are done in a BUMR rotation. Last weekend was Brahan Spring, tonight and this weekend is UAH, next weekend will be Mastin Lake and so on.

I'll put you on the email list which goes out usually on Wednesday evenings.

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